Niantic promised us some new Special Research here in September, and man if they aren’t just squeaking by at the finish live. “A Feeling of Victory” just went live in the game, following a long tradition of making mythical Pokemon from Pokemon GO Fest available for special research a little while later. And while Pokemon GO Fest was a little different this year, the tradition holds.

For those that haven’t been keeping up with things, the research will reward Victini when you complete it. A lot of players already have it, but it never hurts to have a second one. Datminers have confirmed that there are 6 steps, but it’s a longish one and so it will take a second to confirm all of those. Here’s what I’ve seen so far:

So while there may well be some other interesting rewards along the way—and we’ll check back once I’ve had a chance to make it through some of these more arduous steps—we do know what the end result will be, and that’s a Victini encounter. It’s a fun little creature, Victini, and like other mythicals, this is likely going to be your only chance to get it if you didn’t get it at GO Fest.

In other news, Pokemon GO is rolling back some of the adjustments it made for COVID-19, while making others permanent. Hatch distance is returning to normal, incense will no longer be more effective when sitting still(but will still be more effective while walking), buddies will only bring you gifts once a day and gifts are no longer guaranteed from Pokestops. Here are the changes that are staying, as per the Pokemon GO Blog:

I’m a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Republic,, Wired and more. I cover social games, video games,

I’m a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, The New Republic,, Wired and more. I cover social games, video games, technology and that whole gray area that happens when technology and consumers collide. Google


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World news – US – Here’s What You Get From The ‘Feeling Of Victory’ Special Research In ‘Pokémon GO’

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