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New York Comic-Con 2020 / NYCC Metaverse Funko Pop figure shared exclusives are set to drop at their respective retailers starting tomorrow, October 9th at 9am PST (12pm EST). Our Funko Virtual Con 4.0 master list will help you get ready with a complete breakdown of the upcoming Pop figures and where to find them, but we’re going to go a little further here and single out the best NYCC exclusive Funko Pop figures from each retailer below.

Note that Funko Shop exclusives are omitted from the list as they were only available to lottery winners this year. They have already been distributed, and won’t be part of tomorrow’s launch. If you want to get your hands on those, you’ll need to head on over to eBay where confirmed orders are already live. The Pop figures featured here will carry Fall Convention stickers as opposed to NYCC 2020 booth stickers. Pre-order links have been added where the Pop figures are expected to be available at launch.

Again, this is only a partial list of what will be available – you can find the rest via our NYCC 2020 Funko Pop guide. Additional details on the launch time can be found here.

Note: If you purchase one of the awesome, independently chosen products featured here, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.

Amazon NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Figure Exclusives – Order Here: If we had to pick one Pop from Amazon’s lineup of NYCC 2020 exclusives, it would be Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother. It’s a pretty good lineup overall with a 6-inch Fezzik from The Princess Bride and Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio. There’s also another Baby Yoda Pop holding a pendant – but we’ve seen so many Baby Yoda Pop figures and products recently that it just doesn’t excite us anymore. 

Walmart NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: No doubt about it, The Office Dwight Schrute as Recyclops Pop is the star of the show here. It was initially supposed to arrive alongside a slate of Funko x Walmart Collector Con exclusives last week, but it seems as though it was pulled at the last minute. It probably won’t last long, so grab it while you can. 

Entertainment Earth NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: Entertainment Earth’s two exclusive Pop figures for NYCC 2020 are Mermaidman and Barnacleboy from SpongeBob Squarepants, so they win by default seeing as how ordering them together is an absolute must. 

GameStop NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: GameStop is one of the go-to locations for anime Pops, so we’re going with the Naruto Shippuden Kaguya Otsutsuki Pop. A Cowboy Bebop Ein Flocked Pop and tee bundle will also be up for grabs. 

Hot Topic NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: Hot Topic is another go-to source for anime Pops, so we’re picking the My Hero Academia Mr. Compress Pop. They also have a Crunchyroll Junji Ito Collection Junji Ito Souichi Pop on the way. DC and Marvel fans will also want to grab their Nightwing and Red Goblin Pops. 

BoxLunch NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: The Carl & Ellie Movie Moment Pop figure from Pixar’s UP all the way at BoxLunch for NYCC 2020.  I’m tearing up just thinking about it. We expect this Pop figure to sell out quickly, so jump on it when you have the chance. 

Barnes & Noble NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: B&N only has two NYCC 2020 exclusive Pop figures – Marvel’s Venomized Magneto Pop and the WW84 Wonder Woman Pop pictured here. We’re going with the latter because it looks amazing – and it glows in the dark. 

BAM NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: The only Books-A-Million NYCC 2020 Pop in the lineup is the Harry Potter Ron Weasley at World Cup Pop pictured here. If you’ve been trying to collect all of the Harry Potter Pop figures that Funko has put out over the years, you must be broke.

That said, the Burrow Pop Town figure featured in the image above is clearly the Harry Potter star of NYCC, but it was a Funko Shop exclusive that can only be had on eBay at this point. 

FYE NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: This Lilo & Stitch Stitch as Baker Pop figure is the only one FYE is putting out for NYCC 2020, so we’re going with that one. 

Target NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: Target’s hot ticket NYCC 2020 Pop figure seems to be the Danny Phantom Pop figure from the 2004 Nickelodeon animated series of the same name. Totally missed that one, but it’s about a hybrid human ghost kid with supernatural powers. Sounds like the greatest show ever. 

Toy Tokyo NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here: Toy Tokyo exclusives are all about Masters of the Universe this year, so we’re grouping Ninjor and King Hiss together. There will also be a Spikor Soda release. The 10-inch beast man will be exclusive to GameStop. 


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