On this day in Nintendo history, nine long years ago, Nintendo gave us the very first Nintendo Direct. As fans, we didn’t know what to expect from the event. We certainly had no idea it was going to become Nintendo’s de-facto way to disseminate info, and would even replace Nintendo’s traditional shows at E3. Now Nintendo fans can’t imagine a world where Nintendo doesn’t keep everyone up-to-date on their next big thing via Nintendo Directs.

Nintendo is known for doing things their own way. Sometimes that works for them, and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, that fiercely independent streak is part of what makes Nintendo who they are. They like to think outside of the box and do things that no one could ever expect. While we usually see that in terms of software and hardware, the kickoff of Nintendo Directs showed us yet another way that Nintendo would forge their own path.

Truth be told, it’s kind of hard to remember how Nintendo spread their information before the days of Nintendo Directs. We had E3 presentations to look forward to, but outside of that, you’d just get random drops of information. You’d never know when something was coming, which would certainly make it hard to keep up on official information. Nintendo Directs gave fans a particular moment to not just look forward to, but also hype up. That online chatter about Nintendo revealing things in their pipeline would spread to gamers in general, generating massive interest before the big event took place.

Nintendo Directs are now an integral part of how Nintendo spreads the word on their projects, as well as Nintendo culture in general. Sure, we all look forward to see what games Nintendo has in the works, but Nintendo Directs in and of themselves are fun. You get to see some of Nintendo’s wacky personality, which often leads to a number of Nintendo inside jokes and memes. The first Nintendo Direct alone spawned at least one meme-worthy Reggie moment, and many more would come as the years rolled on. Nintendo even embraced this aspect of Nintendo Directs by playing up memes in their own presentations, and making tongue-in-cheek references to fan-favorite moments as well.

Nintendo Directs are a wonderful part of what Nintendo offers because they are Nintendo through and through. The presentations have a certain vibe to them that only Nintendo can pull off. Numerous other companies have adopted the Nintendo Direct approach, but they don’t seem to have the same breakthrough moments that Nintendo Directs do. Other events come off as trying too hard, or not doing enough to differentiate themselves from what Nintendo has put together. While other Direct-like events from companies in the gaming space come off as loud, bombastic, and in-your-face, Nintendo Directs are somewhat humble, even-keeled, wholesome, and even a bit embarrassing in an endearing way. There’s just something so fresh and enjoyable about seeing Nintendo figureheads trying to pull off one-liners or quick quips. Some Direct segments lead to watch-through-your-fingers moments, but you have to love Nintendo for trying.

Nintendo Directs in the past year haven’t exactly been what fans expect, which is completely understandable. The pandemic has shifted how Nintendo operates on a basic level, and everything has been impacted, including traditional Directs. While there’s no doubt Nintendo will get back to the Directs we love sometime in the near future, it’s nice to see them working to put something together. We get mini presentations that whet our appetites not only for bigger game presentations, but also Directs in their true form. While Nintendo works to get things back on track, these pitstops will hold us over until the return to form. Each day that passes will only make the eventual standard Nintendo Direct’s return that much sweeter.

Nintendo Directs originally seemed like Nintendo just experimenting with some ideas, but they quickly grew into a staple for the company. It’s yet another idea from the Big N that fans have latched onto and can’t get enough of. To think that we’ve been enjoying them for 9 years now is almost unbelievable. The ride has been a wonderful one so far, and I think it’s all safe to say we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Yeah, but people still take the bait. Since as they say, disappointment is built on expectations. No expectations, no disappointment.

Like most big companies, Nintendo takes choices based on the Big Data nowadays. Calculated risks. IMO the last big gamble was the Wii U generation where they attempted and failed to turn the ship around. They even brought back Star Fox, despite that series going dormant because of low sales.

Like with Disney I wish Nintendo took a gamble with giving a chance to an idea they didn’t had huge success, like F-Zero. (For this Disney I wish they gave Fantasia another go, since they never made a CGI one).

I disagree, Nintendo should have had a proper Direct last January or February, and that was at least a couple of months before Covid started to affect Nintendo. Here we are 13 months and counting since the last real Direct, it’s smashed the previous record gap. If you take out remakes/ports from this year, we’re left with very little output original from Nintendo. Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Paper Mario: The Origami King, I think that’s it.

Oh you forgot their exclusive second party title with Deadly Premonition 2. The perfect game to play this year. Hehehe.

Jump Rope being able to make a list of Nintendo new games of this this year is kind of funny also

Edit: Disney didnt’ release any Marvel stuff this year. I assume big entertainment companies are holding back do to the current situation. One could believe they could have released 3D World this year considering the whole Mario 35th anniversary.

Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity….but yeah not a great year for Nintendo at all…hopefully 2021 is better. Hopefully 3D World is the only port/remake that year and we get a steady stream of new titles and hopefully in franchises that we dont have new entries for on Switch as well.

If we get BOTW 2, Bayo 3, and New Pokemon Snap next year its already starting out strong IMO. Probably no chance at Prime 4 though…

The issue still stands they have a very slow first quarter. It’ll be nice if they could leverage their releases. Both 2019 and 2020 have strong droughts until april.

No More Heroes 3 possibly could make it in 2021. Bayonetta is up in the air, I wonder if it was scrapped and started all over like Prime 4, considering the turn around of 2 wasn’t as long from announcement to release. Also since they’re ending their mobile initiative maybe they could release more smaller games along the lines of something like Box Boy.

Lastly in regards to Wii U games. I think only the Zelda remasters are the most likely to be last ports we get. Especially if they make a celebration, though if that’s the case I could see them pushing back Breath of the Wild 2.

I don’t think they’d use TPHD as a holdover for BotW2 when it didn’t do that great as a holdover for BotW1. It’s not to say they won’t show up, I just don’t see the HD games being the focus. I think they’re more likely to use an actual new game as an anniversary title, like how Skyward Sword was the 25th (while a re-issue of All-Stars was used for Mario’s 25th).

Yeah, they definitely really want a multiplayer Zelda to blow up, even though it keeps not happening.

I think you’re overthinking it a bit. Games like No More Heroes, Metroid and Bayonetta aren’t really console sellers that fly off of shelves. They’re only there to whet fan appetites which are only niches. Super Mario 3D World is their big game for 2021 since a vast majority of Switch owners never played (or even heard of) it back on Wii U. Plus Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing, BOTW, Mario Odyssey and all those that have been selling tens of millions aren’t really slowing down.

Plus they’re announcing stuff out of nowhere nowadays, so we legit know nothing on their schedules.

More and smaller Directs with some bigger and smaller announcements here and there seems like what we’re getting from now.

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