We’ve been watching Godfall trailers to the point of frustration since the title was announced as the first ever PlayStation 5 game last year, but this is a small developer that’s been handed a huge opportunity, so let’s cut it some slack. To be fair, this is by far the best promo video that’s been released for the game thus far; it focuses on combat and it all looks excellent in these short snippets.

We suspect there’ll be a little more of the Counterplay Games developed character action during next week’s PS5 Showcase Event, as Sony has said that it’ll be focusing on launch games, which this is currently slated to be. How do you feel about Godfall these days? Are you excited for it, or sick to the back teeth of seeing it? Cut us down in the comments section below.

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Wow, I actually want this game now? The Power of Trailers really is impressive! It’s almost like you actually have to put effort in marketing!

In the Second Trailer just had the worst fitting music. At least the gameplay was actually interesting.

And now this trailer is good. The music is better than the last, but it feels generic in my opinion. And I have NO idea what’s going on in the trailer, but the gameplay looks fun and visually appealing, and the CGI [cutscenes] are really good as well.

@Enuo Don’t worry man, I was playing around, I was interested in this game since June. Although that (June) Trailer music did kinda blow.

This game have bad marketing 😂 it’s having trouble creating hype. Seen a lot of people think this is just a destiny clone. But not at all..

If this game comes out very close to launch, it will sell absolutely loads.I complained previously that the landing attacks didn’t have much, if any ‘oomph’.That seems to have been addressed in this trailer.The colours also look excellently vibrant and rich!

Honestly, I have seen enough at this point but I’ve gone from zero interest to a potential day one depending what else is available around launch. Looks good fun!

If I change my mind and decide to purchase the fiver on launch window (was originally thinking of waiting a year and play my backlog of PS IV games), this is at the top of my list of games to purchase, along with Demon’s Souls if it is a launch title.

Eh still not interested. I wish they did something more creative with the weapons instead of having your basic sword and shield, spear, greatsword, longsword, and hammer. I wish they did something like Bloodborne with their weapons. How I wish more games took inspiration from that game….

This trailers looks better compared to earlier one, I hope the devs can make the weapon impact with the enemy feels good, that’s one of the reason god of war combat feels so great.

It certainly looks the part but I really need to see more Polearm combat besides the tired poke move. The movesets in general look to be pretty generic though. At least what’s been shown so far.

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World news – GB – Godfall Gets Its Best PS5 Trailer Yet

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