Back in the summer of 2019, the internet was pushing to get former wrestler Dave Bautista cast in the recently announced Gears of War movie. It doesn’t seem like that will happen, with Bautista saying on Twitter last year that he had “tried everything” to be in the film. But an upcoming update will at least let Batista, his wrestling persona, star in Gears 5.

IGN spoke to Gears 5 developer The Coalition about changes and improvements being made to Gears 5 for its next-gen version. These changes sound great, including 120 fps online PVP, 60fps cutscenes, a new game+ mode, and faster loading times. There’s also going to be a feature that will let players swap out the original Marcus Fenix model and voice with a digital Bautista.

This isn’t the first time he has appeared in Gears 5. Last year he was added to the game as a multiplayer skin, in response to all the fans wanting him to be in the movie. Now, he’s replacing Marcus Fenix in the campaign, assuming players choose that option. (This isn’t a Spider-Man on PS5 scenario where a new version of the main character is being forced on folks who upgrade.) If you do choose the option, you can play the whole game as Bautista, with re-recorded dialogue.

“He had his fan campaign on Twitter, vying to be the star in the much talked about movie ideas and things like that, but this is a great way of delivering that to fans,” Curnoe said. “And of course he was super excited to participate when they did the skin for multiplayer. I think doing this in the campaign was just a natural evolution to say, okay, well the fans and him have said they want Batista as Marcus, so let’s actually make it happen.”

Rod Fergusson posted earlier today that directing Bautista as Marcus Fenix was the last thing he did at The Coalition before he left the studio in April and joined Blizzard, overseeing the Diablo franchise.

Kotaku has reached out to Microsoft for clarification about this update and if Bautista will be a next-gen only feature or will be available on Xbox One as well.

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Damn, being a game is cool and all, but it’s such a shame Bautista isn’t casted in more movies. I loved the quiet stoic man he played in the beginning of Blade Runner 2049. He deserves much better than be typecasted as a muscleman.


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World news – US – Gears 5’s Next Update Lets You Recast Marcus Fenix As Dave Bautista

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