Garmin’s servers are down for maintenance. You can’t be blamed for thinking – here we go again!

Anyone with a Garmin sports watch will be well aware of the cyber attack about a month ago. The company’s services were down for about 5 days before gradually starting to recover. Garmin reportedly paid 10 million US dollars via a third-party company to get the system back online.

Everything started with a message on July 23rd that Garmin was experiencing a “server outage”. Which is exactly the message you will get today if you log into the Garmin Connect app.

A quick look on the Garmin System Status page shows red across the board, something we all got accustomed to seeing during the 5 day cyberattack.

The logical thought that springs to mind is there’s something serious going on. Perhaps the cyber attackers left another dormant virus sitting quietly in the background.

This, however is not the case and Garmin is not the only one experiencing server outage. The problem is a Level 3/Centurylink issue. This has affected many websites including Cloudflare.

“Today we saw a widespread Internet outage online that impacted many multiple providers. This was not a Cloudflare-specific outage. Level 3/CenturyLink was responsible for an outage that affected many Internet services, including Cloudflare. Cloudflare’s automated systems detected the problem and routed around them, but the extent of the problem required manual intervention as well.”

Garmin’s status page says “Garmin Connect is currently experiencing an outage due to issues with one of our providers. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible”.

This would confirm that it is a third party problem this time around. Other websites are experiencing outages as well, most likely due to the above issue.

As always, you’ll need to exercise some patience and keep calm. Delete the Garmin Connect software on your phone and you’ll just be creating extra work for yourself later on. Just keep using your Garmin device as usual until things are back online again. Hopefully the wait will not be as long as last time!

CenturyLink – a major internet provider – is experiencing major issues today. See #CenturyLinkOutage on Twitter

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World news – US – Garmin is down, again! Server status latest.

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