The trendy RPG is available for free on PC, PS4, mobiles and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

2020 is leaving us with several games that have quickly become a true mass phenomenon: Fall Guys, Among Us, Call of Duty: Warzone … and the recent Genshin Impact, an amazing action RPG that already has millions of users. In our analysis we already made it clear that its quality goes far beyond the similarities with Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so do not hesitate to try it taking advantage of is free.

As in other video games of this type, we understand that many of you wonder how to play or where to start; It is not easy to get into something like that, especially for those who have not followed the title since its inception. For this reason, we offer you 8 tips to help you improve quickly at Genshin Impact.

It is an RPG and leveling up is essential, but in this case it is very important. The reason? Well, the cooperative mode not available until adventure level 16. It is important to note that the adventure level is different from the level of your your characters. To progress as soon as possible in this process, nothing better than complete missions, both the daily and the main story.

It’s easy to understand why Genshin Impact is compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as the size of your world is truly colossal. For this reason, it is essential to find and unlock as soon as possible all the teleportation points that you find while exploring. It is a game in which there are many missions and it is often necessary to farm (eliminate enemies without stopping), so nothing better than enable travel routes as soon as possible.

Genshin Impact has many characters, but it is not advisable to raise the level of all. It is much more advisable to try several until you find the ones that best suit your style of play, then focus on them and increase their capabilities based on gaining experience. Also, you should know that the process is faster using EXP materials than defeating enemies. These items are the reward for completing missions.

The game characters level up through different phases. This means that Upon reaching a certain level, you will no longer be able to climb further until they are promoted. And for that to happen it is necessary to also upload the adventure level. Next, we leave you a list of the requirements to achieve the long-awaited ascent:From level 0 to 20 you can go up without restrictionsFrom level 21 to 40 you need 15 adventure levelFrom level 41 to 50 you need 25 adventure levelFrom level 51 to 60 you need 30 adventure levelFrom level 61 to 70 you need 35 adventure levelFrom level 71 to 80 you need 40 adventure levelFrom level 81 to 90 (maximum limit) you need 45 adventure level

The blackberry is the main currency used by merchants in the world of Genshin Impact, so it’s important to start amassing a small fortune as soon as possible. It can be achieved by exploring, defeating enemies, and completing missions. But nevertheless, the most recommended -and fast- method is to complete the daily ordersas they offer a reward of almost 3,000 blackberries. In addition, if you all compete in the same day, you will receive an extra reward of almost 6,000 blackberries.

If you are lucky enough to get the Ningguang character and you need minerals to create weapons in the forge, you can benefit from your ability to discover themas it marks the location of iron, white iron and glass on the map. In the case of the first two it is possible to buy them from the character Shitou, who resides in Liyue, the port city. However, to obtain Crystal it will be necessary to farm it in places such as Stormterror’s Lair or Mount Aozang Cave.

As you already know, Genshin Impact offers to explore a huge setting, and as in other open world video games, it is often necessary unlock a skill or find a certain item to clear a section or reach a treasure. Whenever you find a puzzle that you cannot solve or a location that you cannot enter, leave a mark on the map that will serve as a reference to return at another timeas they are really useful.

There are a couple of little tricks that can help you a lot to make your journey easier. One of them consists of taking advantage of teleportation to avoid falling in combat. Simply, If you see that you are about to be defeated, open the map and travel anywhere. The other is also very useful: it consists of avoid fatal falls by executing a dive attack In the event that you rush from the heights, something very feasible considering that the climbing mechanics are identical to that of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and during the first hours you have hardly any resistance.

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