Earlier this week, Nintendo released a Pikmin 3 Deluxe demo on the Switch eShop – allowing users to try before they buy.

Of course, now that the demo is out – fans are doing a lot more than just playing it. They’re also seeing how it holds up compared to the original title released on the Wii U in 2013, and well…if you were hoping for improved frame rate and resolution, you might want to read on.

“VG Tech have performed tests to check out the resolution and frame rate on the Switch game and have found that it renders at 720p and 30fps when the Nintendo Switch system is docked and 576p and 30fps when played in handheld mode.”

Keep in mind, this test (assuming it’s accurate) is just for the demo and may not necessarily be entirely representative of the final release. Based on this information though, the Deluxe version on Switch is seemingly on par with the original Wii U release.

If you download the Pikmin 3 Deluxe demo, you’ll be able to transfer your progress across to the full digital version of the game. You’ll also unlock an “ultra-spicy” difficulty option in the full game if you defeat the first boss in this demo.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe arrives on 30th October and will be available for $59.99 / £49.99. Have you tried out this Switch demo yet? What are your thoughts about it so far? Tell us down below.

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For a game as strategic and slower paced as Pikmin 30 fps is more than fine.

If this is indicative of the final release then it screams of laziness, which has been par for the course for Nintendo for most of this year with the exception of Animal Crossing

I haven’t been following Pikmin Deluxe news closely, so what extra content is being packed into this “deluxe” version?

@Supadav03 Some new difficulty modes and a prologue and epilogue with Oliver and Louie. They showed some of it off and it is literally just a mission mode with Oliver and Louie.

I really hope it has a better resolution when it gets released… It’s just a WiiU game, it should be able to look as sharp as possible. Docked and portable.

@Supadav03 @bobzbulder what Bobz said, and co-op mode, all dlc and additional quality of life changes.

I don’t get people’s ‘what a lazy port’ reaction at all when only looking at framerate or resolution…

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess the game is really CPU-bound.The Switch is particularly lacking on the CPU and the amount of Pikmin on screen, with their own AI, the back and forth between characters, must be very CPU-hungry.Ngl though 60fps would’ve been nice, or at least 1080p.

I think higher resolution could’ve definitely helped with Pikmin 3. Would’ve been easier to see small details such as Pikmin themselves, but oh well…

I’ll still get this, but Cadence of Hyrule has become my October purchase. This isn’t day-1 for me as I’m still busy enough with other great games that this can wait for a few months.

@PcTV Nah, there isn’t too much of that going on in Pikmin 3 (especially compared to other Wii U games such as BotW) and the Switch CPU is much faster than the one in Wii U. A more likely combination is problems with scaling up assets and simple lazyness (probably in combination with Covid19 voes). I still hope the full game will be 1080p, but I doubt it. Still one of the best games I’ve played though, especially in multiplayer. And the extra content is more important to me than graphical fidelity, so I’ll most likely get it again.

That’s not great…I don’t agree with the mentality that this is a lazy port; I mean, they added a lot of content. But why it’s not even 1080p confuses me. 30fps, yeah I don’t really care about that tbh.

Also, why are people calling this year for Nintendo “lazy”? Overpriced, almost certainly, but besides MOST of the ports and collections (only exception is Xenoblade, since that’s from the ground up), their other, newer games, are really good, or at least seem really good. Animal Crossing, Clubhouse Games, Hyrule Warriors 2, Super Mario Bros 35, even the Jump Rope Challenge is charming.

Last year for Nintendo was better, but you could arguably say the same for 2018, but the years before and after had great games.

@Friendly thank you. I never played Pikmin on Wii U (or ever) so I think I’ll download the demo & see if it strikes me. I don’t hate the $60 price tag since it’s a new game to me BUT I’ve always felt Wii U ports should be capped at $40.

Tried the demo despite 100%-ing the original and it still looks and plays better than most games.

@Friendly @Supadav03 I wouldn’t call it lazy, but they could have at least gone for a higher resolution. It is noticeable in the demo and the game would have looked so much better in 1080p. The frame rate isn’t an issue. It runs fine and they actually fixed the frame rate tanking when the juice fills up at the end which they didn’t need to do but did anyway so yeah this isn’t a lazy port.

VG tech do great work (they’re like DF but without the garbage opinions) so no reason to doubt the accuracy imo

Many in the forums here are in the Nintendo choir. No need to preach to you. For the other 99% of Switch owners that don’t have a Wii U, enjoy Pikmin 3!

@mikegamer Because Nintendo wants that cheese! Nah, it’s because Nintendo value their IPs. It’s just like when Disney release their films at full price over & over again (for a limited time too )

A reminder that things aren’t lazy just because they don’t match up with how you want them.

To be honest, I expected a 720p resolution – handheld. Wouldn’t call it a “lazy port” with the additional content and features, but I would rather have the original release in a higher resolution though.

EDIT: Ordered Super Mario 3D All-Stars, and cancelled the pre-order for Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Maybe later.

So I don’t mind the resolution much. Always better to have it higher, especially when it’s a leap towards 4k for instance, but putting the energy in more content is in my opinion just more valuable.

@nessisonett It has new content and a co-op mode, so no, not “just the Wii U game”

@Supadav03 i understand what you’re saying, but I don’t get that feeling at all to be honest. Why should a good game that was released on a poor selling system all of a sudden decrease in price over time?

Because it’s a few years older? Why do you have the feeling it should be 40 instead of 60?

I actually don’t get the massive decrease in price over a short period of time for Ubisoft games for instance. Why? Now everybody is waiting for that sale. I will never buy their game full price, it’s always 50% off in 6 months. But why if it’s still very enjoyable?

30fps is fine for a game like Pikmin. That being said, no way this is worth 60 dollars. I’ll wait for the inevitable price drop.

@FantasiaWHT because journalist seem to defend this behavior as are Nintendo fans. Thus Nintendo gets away with this.

This is 2020 for Nintendo. I miss the Nintendo of 2017, with magical games, effort and unique, new games.

@Clyde_Radcliffe New content that could have been released as £5 DLC for the Wii U game in 2016. Nothing about this release suggests that it couldn’t have been a Wii U game. Remasters should add features that elevate it beyond the means of its original system, otherwise it’s utterly pointless on release.

I think the NVC podcast pointed out that there are a lot of small quality of life improvements to the controls that makes it easier to play (such as dismissing all Pikmin except for one color).

30 FPS at 720 it sounds like another lazy port, that they spent little to no time optimizing. This is pathetic given the Witcher three exists on the Switch.

Lazy port. I don’t see why anyone would be in a rush to spend £50 on this.

@Cevil I probably will wait for a sale or a used copy, but only because I did have this on Wii U (and I am not lacking for Switch games to play).

I played the hell out of Pikmin 3 on Wii U and I played the Pikmin 3 Deluxe demo with my son in co-op yesterday. It seemed the same game to me and we had a good time. We will be picking up 2 copies on release day one for each of us and are more than happy to give $60 especially with the new content. Haters are gonna hate.

@nessisonett This is 100% the kind of game I’m going to look for used. Maybe Black Friday, but I’d rather get it secondhand and not have Nintendo get any of my funds for it.

Ok, now… I understand there’s a pandemic of sorts going on but this is just sad. There’s no way this game shouldn’t be 1080p docked and 720p portable. I hope that’s just the test demo or whatever. If Nintendo isn’t one thing in it’s history, it’s lazy. Hope they aren’t starting🤔

We now live in a world where Nintendo does lazy ports and Eddie Van Halen is dead.

That’s just terrible. Nintendo isn’t even trying. The game should 100% be 1080p and 60fps when in TV mode. How is this game even justifying its “Deluxe” tag?

@FantasiaWHT Because that is the price Nintendo figures will generate the most profit (same reason for basically all prices of all products).

Well, it does change the value proposition for me. I hope the demo was targeted for completion earlier in the optimization timeline and that it will be more optimized for the full launch.

This is one of a few Nintendo games where the graphics fidelity and beauty of the visuals are key features of the game, so I’d like to see that maximized, for sure.

I have it on Wii U… and it was an interesting cycle of feeling it wasn’t the greatest the first time through, but then I played through again and really started to love it.

It’s a brand new game to most who never took the plunge on Wii U. It would be nice to offer a discount or some sort of benefit to those who purchased the game once — I guess that is what the bonus features are — and in combination with the portability, it could push us over the edge and pay the full price.

Everyone who hasn’t played the game (especially any Pikmin game) should give that demo a try though. You could love it, and you likely won’t care at all about what I do as a current owner of the Wii U version.

This is not a “lazy port”. This game was updated with numerous quality of life features, new story missions, co-op, new difficulty modes, and accessibility options. My only disappointment is the removed touch controls, although that makes some sense because of the differences between the Wii U and Switch’s touch screens. This port is Nintendo giving the pikmin franchise the chance it deserves on a console with a large user base. Most pikmin games up to this point have been released on consoles with disappointing sales. (Except for the new play control! Wii releases, and hey pikmin! but……) With all these new features I don’t care if it doesn’t have 60fps, I can see why people are disappointed but I feel that it doesn’t discount the game to “lazy port status”. I’m just glad pikmin might finally have a chance to see some well deserved success.

Edit: Changed a few sentences to reflect the releases of pikmin 1 and 2 on wii

@Beep_Beep “Every pikmin game up to this point has been released on consoles with disappointing sales”I’ve got Pikmin on the Wii – a port with motions controls added.

I will not pay $60 for this for sure. At least the demo helped me understand how the game plays. The graphics seemed quite nice to me, not looking too much into the specs. I was not interested in this game earlier, but now it’s on my wishlist. Obviously not a priority purchase, but maybe I’ll get it on a discount.

Huh. People saying there is no way it shouldn’t be 1080 and 60 fps. I want that, but these Pikmin games have always seemed to push their consoles a bit. Having many animating and independently active objects on the scene has been traditionally taxing and while the Switch is amazing, in terms of processing power it is still a couple generations behind other consoles and subject to some limitations that more power hungry and hotter running chipsets are not. Optimization is not just flipping a switch.

And on the cost, some Wii U games sold amazingly well, but not all of them did. Yet many had full development budgets (and even those were quite obviously cut with some of those late Wii U releases). They just did not recoup from development costs like they are used to at least — Nintendo does like its profits. All that is to say that they are likely feeling the need to make this game really pay for itself because it never did during the first release.

@Rambler I believe that pikmin 1 and 2 released on the gamecube and were later ported to the wii. BUT they were ported to the wii toward the end of it’s life cycle meaning less people will have picked it up regardless.

@FantasiaWHT Remember the whining about Super Mario 3D Deluxe, though. Have you noticed how that has been selling?Just some evidence for your evaluation

@Beep_Beep it has the same resolution and frame rate as the Witcher 3 but it ain’t as graphically taxing. If Nintendo doesn’t at least optimize the game and get it to 1080p Nintendo is just being lazy and overcharging. I doubt anyone would have much of an issue if any if it was for $40 with 30 fps and 720p.

@FantasiaWHT We won’t have data on how much it would have sold at a lower price, so I don’t really think time will tell. Nintendo’s usual strategy is also to release (almost) everything at full price, to signal that their products are premium regardless of age. Lowering the price of one game will lower the expected price of other games, so it is in their interest to keep up the prices even in the specific cases where a lower price would be more profitable in the short run.

I played the demo these days (still don’t see the fun in Pikmin), and the reason this is at 30fps is probably because the more pikmin on screen, the more stressed the cpu will be. You might make 30 – 40 pikmin to do more than 1 thing at once, and cpus don’t like that. This is a mobile chip from 2015, not a core i5 or ryzen. 60 fps on a seemingly simple, yet complicated game, is not possible on a chip like this.

I didn’t think I would notice the jaggies when I docked it… But man I was wrong.

@graysoncharles I doubt it. I bet they just optimized it for one resolution and since co-op demands the most they went with the resolution that will work with that. It’s a terrible effort in terms of graphical optimization. Hopefully the release is better.

@Nehalem Pikmin 3 looks really good despite its lower resolution, so, the graphics are already “optimized”, IMO. What i said is that it’s the cpu bottlenecking the game. No matter how much Nintendo optimizes the graphics, the CPU will still struggle when the game starts getting complicated.

Lol game looks good on the demo I got it preordered.i can careless about others opinions on games.been that way since the nes in the 80s

@graysoncharles it does look good but it could have been better. Are you saying the new co-op doesn’t add more cpu load on it? It must. They optimized it to most demanding scenario which is co-op. The original engine probably doesn’t support dynamic scaling which is needed to properly optimize the game graphically.

I expected 60fps and 1080p docked/720p handheld like MK8dx. I don’t see how this can be the state of the final product considering the Switch is about 3 times more powerful than the Wii U.

Btw while I’m critical of this port, and wish they had added dynamic resolution scaling (if the demo is the same as the release) I really hate calling it lazy porting. It’s not lazy. It is less expensive. “What a cheap port” would be far more accurate.

@Nehalem “Are you saying the new co-op doesn’t add more cpu load on it?” It obviously does. That falls under “the CPU will still struggle when the game starts getting complicated”.

For reference, no Pikmin games have been above 30fps, unless you are using Dolphin with a good enough pc. So, I don’t see why this is such a big deal now.

I downloaded the demo and vomitted…. but there you go…. after all the praise you gave the underwhelming Super Mario 3D All Stars, you do not deserver anything better …. what you reap is what you sow

@Rhaoulos the switch is not 3x more powerful than wii u. It has 3 times more usable ram, that’s for sure, but the cpu is worse (1ghz mobile vs 1.2ghz desktop) and the graphics in handheld mode are also a tad lower, wile being just above 2x better in docked.

Which is why you don’t see these “deluxe” versions look any better than their original wii u ones.

@Rambler Ah, that’s true. I forgot about the “new play control!” releases. But either way they had less major improvements than pikmin 3 deluxe. It’s a shame more people didn’t notice these rereleases though, I mean I forgot about them and I love pikmin. 😂

@VexingInsanity I was going to agree with you, but apparently Pikmin new control or whatever it’s called came out for the Wii in 2008, and the Wii was launched in 2006. Whether that was seen as a big launch for the Wii, I have no idea , Wikipedia doesn’t say.

I do not own a Wii U and I was a big fan of Pikmin 1 & 2 so I’m definitely going to get this game.

While playing the demo on the big screen I noticed the relatively low resolution. That’s a bit disappointing, but still the gameplay and game modes are wonderful and I’m sure we’re gonna have a lot of fun in co-op and bingo!

@lighteningbolt79 It’s either overpriced, or a lazy port for $60. It’s not even a new game, so full price is already asking quite a lot for a 7 year old game. The improvements are minimal, the new “story” content are just repurposed challenge missions. Hardly comparable to the main campaign.

Demo seems good so far. I’ve not played a Pikmin game in about 10 years, but it seemed very familiar straight away, which is a good thing.It plays fine, but I am disappointed that the graphics are not sharper. There’s also a bit in a demo video with a lemon that looks really off.

WRT the “deluxe” suffix – I’m sure that this point has been made multiple times (poss in this thread), if most people haven’t played it (as the Wii U actually didn’t have any owners at all), is the highlighting of all the additional stuff academic? For the price you are not getting all that stuff as a bonus, so in one sense it just has a lot of content and modern controls.

I already played and beat this on Wii U, so it’s a pass for me, much like New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. Great game, but even if there was a lot of extra content, I’d probably pass. Good for people that haven’t played it yet though.

@Rambler It was pretty exciting back then when those re-releases came out for Wii. They didn’t really make a big deal out of it though, from what I remember.

Are you ***** kidding me? These are the specs that this 7 year old game is running at…. Nintendo can’t seem to give a ***** these days considering it will sell regardless of how much effort they put in.

Wait… you tell me that Mario Kart 8 on Switch which is a Wii U port does run at 1080p 60 docked and 720p 60 docked and they even solved the frameskipping issue the Wii U had… but Pikmin 3 which is a Wii U port needs to run at 576p 30 in portable for some reason?

@Rambler I could be wrong. I didn’t do any research, just based on something I was told. More likely you’re right.

@Rayquaza2510 Pikmin has more on screen at once when you’ve rounded up say 100 Pikmin. Presumably Nintendo felt a stable 30fps was better than an unstable 60fps.

I don’t know why people are making out like 60fps is important in a game like Pikmin anyway! It’s hardly a fast paced action game or something.

Other companies poor graphics equate to poor optimization and lazyness with some EA or Activision sucks and shouldn’t even be allowed to publish games on the switch comments… Nintendos poor graphics defended by the faithful “I wouldn’t call it lazy.”

WOW no 30 fps dam Mario kart 8 even got a 60fps upgrade, hope they update.

@Kimyonaakuma How would you compare gameplay between the two versions. I really like how the gamepad was used on the original.

@Supadav03 All Wii U DLC included as standard, additional Olimar + Louie monologue and epilogue content, a few tweaks to the controls, a hard mode, possibly other stuff I’m not aware of.

@RandomNerds It’s different on account of the lack of the second screen but I felt much the same playing the switch demo as I did with Wii U in 2013. The essence of it is quite unaffected.

My Vita can run games in 544p 60fps, which is slightly lower in resolution, is better FPS wise. And that’s from 2012, Switch is 2017!

I could MAYBE see 720p a locked 30fps when playing coop/multiplayer. Maybe. But across the board, docked in general? There are far more taxing games running at 1080p 30fps or better in docked. That is why I have no problem called this a cheap port. Hell… Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Smash run at 1080p 60fps docked, for crap’s sake. And we should be looking at 720p, 30 handheld too. I’m tired of giving Nintendo a pass for phoning games in. Especially since this is the closest thing we’re getting to a AAA/1st party holiday release.

It’s Pikmin and as such, the game itself is fun and compelling. But given the quality of this port and the fact that the DLC was altogether around $10, and there’s no touch screen support (which I quite enjoyed on the Wii U, but would be perfect for a true portable), the pricing seems off. $50 would be generous, but I’d pay given the new content and coop adventure. But that extra $10 stings when you think what should have been.

Now of course I’ll wait for real confirmation and possibly the inevitable Digital Foundry breakdown before passing, but I won’t be preordering.

How many people on here are like myself and never actually paid for Pikmin3? I, personally, got it free as part of the Mario Kart 8 promotion Nintendo did at the time… register that game and get another game free. My son and I put many, many hours in the Wii U version, it’s a special game for us, and we’ve both LOVED playing it on Switch, courtesy of the free demo.

After the treehouse footage, I’m definitely going to double dip. The extra content, new difficulty mode and being able to play this game portably make this a must have. As with any game I play, as long as the frame rate isn’t a total disaster, I’m fine with it.

I’ve got to admit, those resolution figures are a little disappointing. Particular when the game runs at just 30fps

I’ve never played a pikmin game on console. The horrible 3ds game (way too easy & no 3d…the reason the handheld was called 3ds) shouldn’t even be a pikmin game, most people i know say. I wish it were cheaper, ofc, but I’ll probably wait for a sale anyways, as i never pay full price for any game, unless i can’t wait to play it. I’ll definitely grab this one eventually, but since i really don’t want to buy a new micro sd card, I’ll probably look for the physical version on cheapassgamer dot com via trade or on sale somewhere.

Also, Pikmin 3 is only $20 on Wii U. It makes no sense charging Switch owners extra 40 just for a new chapter that could’ve been sold for $5 back in the day.

Yeah, because that version is years old. It became a Nintendo Selects release after being OOP for some time.

New port, new console, extra features. Of course it should cost more than bargain bin pricing.

And yes, I’m well aware of what I said and will probably have Twitter users going after me now. I can already hear “dUde ThiS iS suCh a lAzy poRt sTOp saYinG yoU doNt cArE 😭😭😭”

Pikmin has never been a big seller so I assume they put their interns on this

-All DLC (old content)-Co-Op (feature that could be patched in, look at Untitled Goose Game, a much cheaper game)-Olimar and Louie content (reportedly repurposed mission mode?)-QoL such as control changes and tweaks to whistle (would be patched in for free, in fact, Nintendo has previously added additional control methods on NSMBU on Wii U, and on Pikmin 3 on Wii U)-Harder difficulty (normally patched in for free in other games, Marvel’s Spider-Man for example)-No upgrade on resolution (at least based on demo, final release could be different).

When you take the above into account, it becomes very hard to be excited about this, especially if you played this before on Wii U.

That said, the game itself is great, and for those who have not played before who are willing to pay (in my personal opinion), a very high price to play this, I hope you enjoy and find an opportunity to play the first two as well.

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Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/10/frame_rate_and_resolution_for_pikmin_3_deluxe_demo_seemingly_revealed

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