With Galactus nearing the island, Fortnite data miners may have found a new weapon that will be used to fight him.

A lot of leaks came out of the Fortnite v14.50 update, not the least of which forced YouTube star, Lachlan Power, to announce his Icon Series skin a few days early. Another leak involves a weapon that we could see before Season 4 ends.

Hypex and other data miners mentioned a “Heavy Mortar” weapon that’s in the works. The description reportedly reads “Guns Machinegun,” whatever that means. It should also take Rocket Ammo, according to Hypex.

No one really knew what to make of this weapon, but we immediately thought back to some leaks that we covered back in September. Data miners mentioned an unnamed gun that was described as, “A cross between a Grenade Launcher and a Minigun.” We had no idea what this meant, but it sounds an awful lot like what Hypex is describing, here.

Does this tell us anything? Not really. We still have no idea how this weapon will perform or what it will do. Mang0e included the stats in his September tweet, but these could just as likely be placeholders.

A new Heavy Weapon is in the works.It may be a cross between a Grenade Launcher and a Minigun. A prototype mesh is included, which appears to be a minigun without its barrel. Really interesting weapon in the works, stay tuned. Gun stats + Mesh in pics below. pic.twitter.com/600kpmfUIh

If we were forced to guess, we would suggest that Galactus could have a hand in this weapon – or it’s something that Tony Stark cooked up to fight him. Either way, we suspect that it will enter Fortnite before Season 4 concludes.

We just saw Tony Stark’s Jetpack leaked ahead of its release in v14.50, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Heavy Mortar enter in the last patch of the season. Whether or not it will be here to stay remains to be seen.

Two years ago, today, we caught our first glimpse of the In Between in the Fortnite Butterfly Event.

The plotline of Fortnite in 2018 was dominated by two characters: The Visitor and Kevin the Cube. Both of these characters or plot elements had massive effects on the Fortnite world. Although indirectly, you can still see their impact to this day – two years later.

The giant purple cube that would later be named Kevin, manifested from a giant Rift in the sky on August 24, 2018. From there, it circled the map, dissolved in Loot Lake, teleported the center island all over the map, and returned to its starting point on November 4 – exactly two years from this writing.

What happened next was what many players consider to be the best live Fortnite event of all time: The Butterfly Event. You can argue which event was your favorite, but there’s no arguing that this was the first event to truly give players a taste of what Fortnite events would become.

After Kevin expended all of its energy, the cube sat in the sky, dry, before being hit with lightning and beginning to spin. No one predicted what happened next, as players were transported to a matrix-style area that would later be called “The In-Between.”

A giant rift formed in the center of this area, taking the form of a butterfly and floating to each individual player. When the players contacted the butterfly, they were transported back to the Fortnite world and saw that the remains of the Loot Lake island – and Kevin – had plummeted to the ground.

This wasn’t the first live Fortnite event and was eventually outmatched by “The End” event, but the Butterfly Event was set the stage for everything that came next – even the shocking Doomsday Event from Chapter 2 Season 2. It was our first peek behind the curtain, and fans are still guessing as to the exact meaning of what we saw.

It’s crazy to think that it’s been two years since our first journey into the In Between. Will we return in 2020? Only time will tell.

The v14.50 update removed two things from Fortnite: Fortnitemares and double-movement keybinds on keyboard and mouse (KBM). For those who don’t know, double-movement keybinds refer to double-binding the “move left” and “move right” buttons on your keyboard, allowing you to achieve “controller movement” on KBM.

The reason so many pros made this switch relates to the movement grid on KBM vs. controller. Keyboard players can only move in eight directions, while the joystick of a controller allows players to move a full 360-degrees. This movement allows controller players to place structures to the side while they sprint forward. KBM players need to jump or otherwise stop their momentum to achieve the same result.

Double-movement keybinds, as you can see in the video below, fixed this issue. Most top-tier pros have been using them since late last year. Recently, World Cup Solo winner, Bugha, even taped his keyboard to more reliably hit his double-movement keys.

Well, as we said, pros logged onto Fortnite following the v14.50 update and noticed that these keybind options had been disabled. You can no longer double-bind your movement keys, as you always have been able to in the past.

Naturally, the pro community was upset with this shift. Benjyfishy, who is a relatively recent adapter of double-movement, expressed his frustration on Twitter, along with a huge chunk of other Fortnite pros and competitive players.

Dubs agreed, saying, “I don’t think Epic understands what removing double movement binds does. WASD SO BAD.”

I don’t think epic understands what removing double movement binds does, WASD IS SO BAD @FNCompetitive PLEASE REVERT

One common response in the pro community was the mention of switching to controller. Tfue, who hasn’t played competitive Fortnite in months, brought a ‘just adapt, lol’ attitude to the situation, saying, “If you want double movement just pick up a controller smh.”

Chap agreed, albeit with more of a serious tone. “Give us save the world movement or controller takeover is inevitable,” he wrote.

UnknownArmy, a hybrid player who made a name for himself on controller, poked fun at his KBM counterparts. The former L2-spammer wrote, “Imagine complaining about double movement when I had Legacy removed.” He also noted that this was the first time that Epic removed a popular mechanic from keyboard and mouse players.

As for why Epic removed such a popular mechanic from Fortnite, we won’t know without direct communication. We do have some theories, however. First of all, removing this option lowers the already massive skill gap. Only the top-tier competitive players have been using double-movement.

Additionally, it removes players who are using Macros for double-movement, which is an issue in the competitive community. There were, undoubtedly, some pros using Macros to achieve the double-movement effect without hitting three keys at once.

Unless the removal was a bug – and there’s no sign of that being the case – we don’t see Epic going back on their decision, here. They’ve been steadfast in most similar decisions, even when a large portion of their player base disagrees (the removal of Legacy aim assist, for example). For now, it looks like double-movement is a mechanic of the past. Time to switch to controller.

The secret Season 4 questline continues on, this week, with the “Grave Mistake” mission. Those who have been keeping up with these quests know that there’s a mischievous gnome running around the map causing problems for our heroes.

Last week, we were tasked with sanitizing the giant Slurp vats in Slurpy Swamp. After that, we had to confront the troublesome gnome as he escaped the building. Each of these challenges netted us 10,000 XP.

Although the name of the last challenge was “Escape,” it would seem as though the villainous Gnome landed harder than he expected. Now, in the landing spot from last week, you’ll find a grave that houses his remains.

The challenge for this week is simple: visit the grave and pay respects. In typical Fortnite fashion, the developers embraced the meme by allowing players to press F to pay respects.

Anyone who knows anything about comic books knows that this probably isn’t the last we’ll see of this gnome. He may even play a small role in the plotline when Galactus shows up. After all, the last challenge was called “Escape” not “Die.”

We’ll keep you posted if there’s another secret challenge, as we predict. If not, then this is your last chance to earn a free 20,000 XP before the season ends.

Two years ago, today, we caught our first glimpse of the In Between in the Fortnite Butterfly Event.

With Galactus nearing the island, Fortnite data miners may have found a new weapon that will be used to fight…

Source: https://fortniteintel.com/fortnite-leak-reveals-new-heavy-mortar-weapon/36181/

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World news – GB – Fortnite leak reveals new “Heavy Mortar” weapon | Fortnite INTEL

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