Square Enix has announced a physical version of Final Fantasy IX for the Nintendo Switch will be released in Asia this winter.

According to a listing over on Playasia, This version will work on all systems sold worldwide and will include English, French, Italian, German and Spanish language support. Pre-orders are now live. Along with this, is a look at the game’s stylish box art:

This follows on from Square Enix’s announcement last week that it would be bringing the Final Fantasy VII / VIII Remastered Twin Pack to Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand on 4th December.

The Twin Pack was also originally exclusive to Asia, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the physical version of Final Fantasy IX was eventually localised for these other regions as well. To learn more about FFIX on the Switch, read our review.

Will you be adding this latest Final Fantasy physical release to your collection? Tell us down below.

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When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Really surprised the PS4 isn’t getting any of these. It got VIII Remastered but I’m genuinely shocked at least VII didn’t get a special physical edition at least to commemorate Remake coming out

Considering all of these games originated on PlayStation you’d think Square would probably want to put these on PS4 considering how tied to Sony this specific set of Final Fantasy games are.

I’ve never played this series but I’ve always wanted to get into it. Can any fan of the series tell me where a good place to start is with the games available on the switch?

My favorite Final Fantasy. Finally seeing it on a Nintendo system is a little dream come true.

@realityxaidan I’d personally recommend Final Fantasy X. I consider it the most beginner friendly and it gives you a good taste of the kind of storytelling and cinematic production value the series would become synonymous with. After that the PlayStation 1 games (VII-IX) will definitely be more comfortable experiences.

I don’t know if I can think of any other game with box art designed in that way?

Just a fair warning to anyone thinking about dealing with PlayAsia, don’t. They will take your money but refuse to ship your item. Then they blame it on the post office. I am still waiting for a controller that I ordered from them 6 years ago

@arekdougy : There were a few in Japan. I believe Senran Kagura Reflexions had alternate sideways cover art as well.

@realityxaidan I think it depends on if you have ever played any Snes, Ps1 era RPGs. If you have, and you like the older style and/or can play the older style RPGs with the newer mechanics and streamlining missing then Id say play them in order of release. So VII, VIII, and so on. I personally loved VII, but these days I’d play VIII over it. X is great, especially leveling up, but it feels too limiting in exploration except in a few spots. X is where the series stopped using the overworld map. VII VIII IX you travel across the globe from town to town, and it is part of the grand scale those older games made you feel. XII is hands down my favorite. The battles are streamlined, you auto attack, but you set up conditions, like if HP90 focus attack on them, so it is very fun to set up and tweak. IX I’ve never beat, and I think is overrated, I loose interest in the second disc. VIII has a cool junction system, and the best mini game, a card game. You collect cards by playing npc and its awesome. They’re all good games, but like I said, if you like RPGs start at VII.

@depwnz I believe they included the speed up function in this remaster to remedy the slow loading because they had no way to improve the load times without reworking the game from the ground up. I l personally love this game regardless but I understand the frustration.

Get the Super Nintendo Version of Final Fantasy VI.
It is stylewise between VII and the older ones.
Or how mentioned before X.

IX is one of my Favourites, but at Disc 3 it gets really hard (have only the PSX Version ).

Wanted to play Final Fantasy X on the Switch, but that i’ve just seen that the original Version is pretty cheap.
Also i like the older Charakter Models more than the newer ones.
So if you want to save some Money, get the PS2 Version

Love FFIX. (Wish Zidane wasn’t such a perv, though.) Don’t know if I love the angle of the graphic they chose.

This is a good game, but the port is disappointing. This one and FFVIII were both designed from the ground up for analog controls, and the environments are built that way as well. But they screwed up when they ported these and you’re stuck with cardinal-direction digital control. It gets a little annoying bumping into things because the game expects you to be able to go in more than four directions.

Gorgeous boxart, pity that the spines of Switch games are terrible IMO… But it appears that many likes the uniformy design of spines like on PAL games on PS2 (yuck! so ugly!) or Switch.

But I can’t denying that I despises it! I love the spines of NTSC NDS and 3DS games, it looks gorgeous on the shelves, and it’s so easy to see which box I’ll picking up.Everyone has different tastes, none are wrong, but unfortunately many always gets mad if someone thinks different of something!

BTW, it’s a such pity that they had to ruining the original character designs by Amano, but it hadn’t been fitting on the tone of the game. Amano’s design of Steiner is so vaaaaastly different (much darker) compared with that one on the actual game.

Now I’m even more curious why FFVII and FFVIII Remastered were bundled together. Did those games seriously need to be in one package in order to sell? I’ve heard mixed things about VIII, but I figure that it being remastered would be enough of a selling point for fans of the series. Oh well, this isn’t the FFIX/Tactics Twin Pack I’d hoped for, but I’ll definitely pre-order this one!!

@NGNYS I actually love the PAL (and japanese) PS2 spines. I don’t like the red on the Switch games though. Wish they where white or black (like the Labo releases). But since I literally only got one physical game, it’s ok.

@realityxaidan Start with 7. Honestly, they are all standalone games so it doesn’t matter. 7 looks ugly as sin, but plays very well and has a decent and quirky story. 8 is hot garbage. Never played 9, but people seem to have good things to say about it. 10 is ok, but uh, be prepared for awful voice acting.

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Review: Final Fantasy IX – A Strong Entry In The Classic Series Despite Some Rough Edges

Source: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/10/final_fantasy_ix_is_getting_a_physical_release_on_nintendo_switch

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World news – GB – Final Fantasy IX Is Getting A Physical Release On Nintendo Switch

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