The first patch for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a mixed bag for fans, as it addresses some of the game’s bugs while ignoring texture issues.

The first patch for Final Fantasy 7 Remake was released earlier today and it only dealt with some of the game’s issues. Though it fixed a lot, mainly gameplay bugs, one noticeable omission from the patch was an update for some of the more blatantly lackluster textures.

Final Fantasy 7 is arguably the most popular title the franchise has to offer and it is considered by some gamers to be one of the greatest games ever made. So when a remake of the classic RPG was announced for the PlayStation 4 back in 2015, fans were both cautious and optimistic. The hesitation came from an understandable wariness about what developer Square Enix might change for the modern console, mostly from a gameplay perspective. The optimism came from fans excited to see the classic done justice through modern hardware and graphics. Earlier this year, Final Fantasy 7 Remake was finally released to mostly positive reviews, but while many of the things that originally gave fans cause for concern turned out to be nothing, fans were quick to point out some noticeably poor-quality textures in certain spots in the game. The hope was that the game’s first patch would address those issues.

In a thread on ResetEra started by user Chasing, Final Fantasy 7 Remake players had a discussion about the game’s first patch that dropped earlier today. Many of the comments expressed confusion about the patch’s availability as some players did not seem to get it. Those that did get it had questions about the varying file sizes that some players had compared to others as well as what exactly the patch updated and fixed. One element that was seemingly not addressed was the game’s most egregious – and heavily mocked – textures, as depicted in a tweet by xenosaga7 after installing the update.

The complaints around the Final Fantasy 7 Remake texture issues actually stems from what is now known in the fan community as the “door meme.” A player had noticed that some of the doors in the game did not look quite right and posted their concerns online along with an image one poorly rendered door. Somehow this started a running joke in the fan community and it has gained enough popularity since that some players hope the doors are never fixed.

While it should always be a priority for developers to fix bugs in games over anything else, it is easy to understand why Final Fantasy 7 Remake players are frustrated that the textures were not a priority for the first patch. One of the biggest selling points for the game, if not the biggest, was the graphical update and the fact that it still has not been addressed feels like Square Enix may be cheating its fanbase. It is worth noting that this is just the first patch and that more fixes could be on the way. However, with the PlayStation 5 right around the corner and a rumor circulating that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come to the next generation of consoles, it is unclear how much effort Square Enix will put into the PlayStation 4 version.


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