Pre-orders for the digital version of FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch have now gone live, confirming that the game’s price will be set at £44.99 on the eShop.

For a brand new FIFA title, this pricing is pretty much what you’d expect, but Nintendo fans will no doubt feel like they’ve been brushed aside once again. As you may know, FIFA 21 on Switch will be a ‘Legacy Edition’, meaning that the game is essentially a rerelease of last year’s game with new team kits and updated team rosters.

Indeed, the Switch eShop listing notes that FIFA 21 will include Kick Off, Career, Tournaments, Women’s International Cup, Skill Games, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies, and Local Seasons modes, but “with the same features from FIFA 20” – which, don’t forget, was already a reskin of FIFA 19.

You’d think it’d be hard to justify selling the same game, running on the same engine with absolutely no new features, for such a high price, yet this is becoming common practice. We’re sure there’ll be plenty of Switch-owning footie fans who’ll take the hit for the new team rosters, but wouldn’t it be nice if – just for once – Nintendo and EA could release a new FIFA reskin at a discounted, DLC-like price as an upgrade to existing games?

Are you happy to pay £45 for a Legacy Edition FIFA? Do you feel like the asking price is too high for the content you’re receiving? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party. He’d much rather just have a night in with Mario Kart and a pizza, and we can’t say we blame him.

It’s been said so many times before, but I just can’t get over the box art’s preteen tribute collage look.

Absolutely shameful. We should not forget though, that Gamefreak is doing the same thing with Pokemon and they are charging 60$ for that.

@AlexOlney I know right, it’s one of the worst box arts I’ve seen in a while from a big publisher like EA.

“Ok hear me out… basically, we for FIFA 21 on Switch, it’s FIFA 18, but with WAHMEN.”

I’m not happy to pay for FIFA at all if this is how they keep handling the Switch versions.

@AlexOlney looks like one these knock of covers you find on a bootleg game on holliday

I’d never pay for a Fifa game, let alone a lazy reskin. Let’s not forget that Switch has Captain Tsubasa, which is superior anyway

Anyone who buys this deserves to be ripped off and frankly I don’t expect anything else from EA these days

They would take it more seriously if there was competition for them on the switch for soccer games

Let’s not forget, new box art and new menu icon. It’s not ALL just a reskin.

Being honest, this is a Mickey take. Even EA acknowledge it with the wording on the box and eshop description.

This must be a price for those that don’t have Fifa on the platform yet so it will be ‘new’ for them.I have the first Fifa (2018 I think) and would never buy this edition.EA had plenty of time to adapt the game properly and didn’t do it.They should follow the example of 2K basketball games that are on pair with other platforms in terms of content and gameplay upgrades.

@Onkel_Laser Again the D… need to compare Game Freak with EA? Seriously take a break, because that is ridiculous, seriously.

EA make me laugh they are shameless and everyone says I’m not buying this but they go on to sell millions so who the hell buys this s**t

Fifa is one of the best sports games which is why it’s sad to see it be this crummy. I had it on the wii u and enjoyed it a lot but I’m not buying the same game over and over again. I don’t even know at this point ea is just finding every way to piss people off and using it. Sure there are a few gems but so many games that have hit potential are brought down by this crap. Battlefront 2 sucked at launch, which was fixed later and it is now great. The problem is the damage is done, and they don’t learn. It pains me because star wars is my favorite and the only good star wars game to come out since the original battlefront 2 has been fallen order! That is a long time if you know what I mean. I mean force unleashed was good but it wasn’t real star wars gameplay (Kyle kattan games, battlefront). It just makes me sad. Hopefully they see fallen order as a launch point for more games returning to the original style, which battlefront 2 got to eventually but didn’t have enough steam at that point. Battlefront 3 only needs content and the same gameplay brought over to be great, and a fallen order sequel is imminent. If only they could turn it around with fifa like they are supposedly doing with star wars. Add a lot of new stuff to entice everyone not just diehards! That’s just my thoughts on this though.

Oh and also forgot they are releasing a new ship game that looks like a new rogue squadron unless they really mess it up they are in the right direction!

At least Konami had the decency to only charge a nominal fee for their legacy release this year.

People keep buying it, EA gonna keep selling it. Credit to EA, they’ve got a guaranteed method of turning a significant profit for minimal effort. Sucks for the fans wanting the full-fat experience on the Switch, but as has already been mentioned EA have been doing this for years. The way to make them stop and redesign the game is turn the online complaining into actual votes with your wallets (see Battlefront 2 and Mass Effect 3 – it works), otherwise buy it and keep proving to EA that they’re right.

Funny thing is, Konami are doing this with PES 2021 (and PES has consistently played a better game of football than FIFA this Gen) on PS4/XB1 but are only charging £25 for it.

I will just stick with Soccer on the NES for Nintendo Switch app. I’m pretty certain I’m getting the same “ball go back and forth” gameplay.

People don’t buy them yearly for the squad or kit updates. When FIFA22 gets released, it will become difficult to find people to play online in FIFA21. Not saying it’s right, but that’s why.

As many others already said, whoever still buys into this is part of the problem. It sucks that EA has no competition and that fans of sportsball games are more or less dependent on their releases, but there comes a point where you just have to say no.

Someone should datamine this, so we can teach EA a lesson for selling us an emulation of 3 classics!
Join the revolution againts these scummy corporations forcing us to buy their games! Am I doing it right?

@Gs69 I went to high school with quite a few people who only ever played FIFA and CoD. I’d imagine that they’re the type of people who are funding EA’s bad practices.

And Nintendo could have released Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy at discounted prices through a VC, but here we are.

@Onkel_Laser um no offense but not even close to true. I had problems with sword too but it changed a lot and to be honest not all worked out. The dlc thing is a bit annoying it wasn’t free because there wasn’t a lot of pokemon’s at launch. But is it making you pay for pokemon? No. You are paying for content. You can trade for all the pokemon. The games are not even close to re skins don’t know why you think that lol. You don’t see a 40 dollar pay wall for pikachu like ea did with battlefront 2 at launch. Saying pokemon like ea is like saying zelda is which again doesn’t make sense. “Oh it is a re skin” lol. The dlc is for zelda too and although sword and shield don’t include all the content that people wanted they still gave us a complete, fun game (albeit with bad writing lol). Zelda is a complete fun game but you can also add on to it with dlc! There is a ton of good games with something missing that was added in played dlc and nintendo is a company. They knew we would want more pokemon so instead of making more pokemon in the base game they added two entire new areas with unique pokemon, story characters, and a ton of other fun aspects that they knew would make it even better than just more pokemon. I am ok with that. They made this dlc worth it but also not necessary which is perfect. They took the heat for DeX cut because before the game launched they were working on the dlc. They made the game a good one, not the best, but good which is something I cannot say for ea. Battlefront 2 was not good without paid money in the beginning. Ss is good without spending a dime.

@BenAV exactly what I came here to say! Nobody is forcing anybody to buy it – vote with your money and the practice will stop. If enough people pay £45 it then it won’t. Simples.

If you are a Sports fan, only buying a Switch is not a good idea. You need a different system.

EA: This is FIFA 2021 on the switch.Joe Public: Isn’t that just FIFA 2020?EA gets magic marker out and crosses out 20 and writes 21 on the cover.EA: No it’s FIFA 2021.Joe Public: Okay cool here’s £45…

I bought FIFA 20 Legacy Edition on sale for $15 and I felt dirty for doing so.

Yeah it’s obvious they’re not even trying anymore. This yearly project (including the box art as many have pointed out) is most likely handed down to the interns at EA to do.

Ea needs to lose their exclusive licenses so 2K and Konami can knock them down a peg and force them to try.

@AlexOlney Maybe it is supposed to represent years of thin layers being hastily papered over the same base product?

Just say no kids. Honestly, if they want to pay the Switch version lip service, release it yearly as a 10 quid season pass or something. The player’s faces and colour of shirt are pretty much the only differences.

The worst thing to happen to video games sports were exclusive licences. There’s no competition anymore so customers are left with phoned in efforts from EA and 2K. It’s been basically the same game for years and people still lap it up. The new madden is a joke and it’s still number one in the sales chart in the US. EA are a shell of the company they once were. They used to produce really great games. Such a shame

@Agramonte To be fair being a sports fan is in general a bad idea while EA is in charge The offerings on other platforms are just less atrocious.

In a few months they’ll again feign ignorance why EA games sell poorly on Nintendo systems.

This is so bad from EA yes , but fifa 21 will still be the best football game on switch . Konami have not bothered giving us any version of pes . So this is on them . EA can price this how they like with no competition from pes . Lazy from EA , they will sell enough copies to cover there investment with a bit of profit but that’s it . They could do so much better it’s a shame we could of had a improved fifa maybe not parity with other versions but switch specific improvements which wo ukd of made us happy . And the sales would reflect that I’m sure

I got FIFA 20 when it was heavily discounted and it’s fine, but the legacy “approach” makes it worth about £20 max. Absolutely no way I’d buy a reskinned version of it at £45.

When will people stop buying this sh*te? Its a DLC pack at best. Everyone who gives their money to £A for this deserves to lose it.

On one hand you’re being ripped off if you continue to buy these re-skins. But on the other hand, if you don’t buy these, EA will simply say that no one is buying it so they’re not bringing the game to the system anymore.

I say “stop”, even though I enjoy the game. If they wanted to go this route, I would be happier with DLC that updates season to season for $20.

@BenAV yeah I work with a few people who are like that and some have even said that they see EA as a sign of quality 😂 so they purchase games by them regardless of quality

@TheFatPlumber But i play The Sims 4 PS4. 😕I really love the game. I know EA was a vampire with pricey Expansion Packs and Add Ons for The Sims 4 but the Star Wars Expansion Pack was really made me very upset as i never like any Western franchises like that.

Meanwhile, Nintendo porting most popular Wii U games that are 3+ years old to the Switch, charging 49.99+GBP, and receiving universal acclaim.

This aside, EA keeps giving its FIFA series the trash treatment you’d kinda expect. They do not seem to learn, but it also seems like fans keep giving money for these reskins. A vicious circle.

The PS4 is the FIFA console in our house. Haven’t bought a Nintendo FIFA game since the earlier Wii days.

I honestly don’t have a problem with EA releasing a re-skin and charging for it, the price they’re asking for is too much though, as an only option.

By all means, sell FIFA 21 at £45, for those people that don’t have FIFA 20, for example.

For all the people that have the previous season’s version, sell an update as optional DLC to upgrade to the 21 version, at around, say, £20.

Sorry EA, I won’t be buying this anymore. You’re not getting my money until you actually work.

People need to vote with their feet and not purchase this on Switch. If no one purchased it then they wouldn’t keep reskining it. But they won’t as their will be plenty of FIFA football mad players that will shell out another £45 to EA so next year they will release FIFA 22 legacy edition.

Fifa 07 is my ***** I play it on GameCube all the time. C’mon Ronaldinho and Landon Donovan are on the cover!

I’m opting for the PS4 version this year as it allows the free upgrade to PS5. EA really treat Nintendo gamers with pure contempt

Also, People moaning it’s a reskin … I suggest you play the Vita version as the Switch plays identically, just with prettier graphics … just

@Silly_G EA grabs magic marker and scribbles out the mess of correcting 19, 20 and 21. Joe Public: So what year am I in?EA: We tell you what year you are in!Joe Public: okay… Do you still want my £45?

This isn’t news it is to be expected. EA isn’t one to invest time in implementing anything new on it’s old engine that is now effectively about 7 years old they did the same when keep releasing the same game for years on the PS2. The thing is people will buy it regardless because it is the only option on Switch. Legacy Edition means no effort edition.

In my opinion, FIFA offers a lot.Which other game lets you choose from 15.000 characters? It has that many real players!It has hundreds of real teams!It has many real competitions, it lets you be players, goalkeepers or even managers throughout whole careers!

So we can badmouth it and support Pokemon instead, which looks like an ugly game from the PS2 era – or buy FIFA, so maybe sometimes we can get NHL or Madden, too, on the Switch – which would be a dream come true (to me, at least).


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World news – US – FIFA 21 Costs £45 On Switch, Despite Being Another ‘Legacy’ Reskin

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