FaZe Jarvis tricked the internet into thinking he was playing Fortnite again. Here’s how he did it.

It’s been about a year since Jarvis Khattri decided to make a Fortnite aimbot video, resulting in a permanent ban from Fortnite. Most Fortnite players remember the fallout from back then, whether or not you followed FaZe Jarvis.

The cries of #FreeJarvis can still be heard to this day. This ban was extremely unfortunate for the rising star at the time, although the YouTuber was able to leverage his video game success into a vlogging/IRL channel.

On September 11, 2020, however, Jarvis tweeted that he’d be streaming Fortnite for the first time since his ban. The announcement was picked up by dozens of news outlets as the Fortnite community eagerly awaited the stream.

It’s been nearly a year since Epic banned me.Tonight @ 6PM PST I’m playing Fortnite for the first time back on Twitch. See you there.

You may have heard what happened after Jarvis went live. He played a few minutes of his first match with black bars covering his information before a fateful press of the ‘start’ button revealed his Epic username to the stream.

Shortly after Jarvis’ IGN leaked, Epic Games banned the account. As you can see from the clip, it seemed like Jarvis wanted to get banned. As it turns out, he did.

Nearly every video game publication and Fortnite-related YouTube channel picked up on this story. A couple of days later, though, on September 13, Jarvis revealed what a few fans had suspected: the whole thing was a hoax.

🚨 Not even through his first stream back on #Fortnite, @liljarviss’ new account was apparently banned.However, not everyone is sold on what happened, with some claiming it may have all been staged.Full story: https://t.co/I9VDpxSe2U pic.twitter.com/hf0ebDTIsx

FaZe Jarvis uploaded a video entitled, “I Tricked the Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite.” In the video, he showed how he and his friends staged the Twitch stream and baited Epic Games into banning him … again.

Over 50,000 unique viewers tuned in to watch what happened. Even popular Fortnite streamers like Clix fell for the ruse, expressing fear that Epic Games could sue Jarvis. What no one knew was that a fellow streamer, SlaterKodish, was the one controlling the action.

Jarvis made sure to turn off his subscriptions and donations during the stream. He was tricking his viewers, of course, and didn’t want to earn money directly from them.

The troll was a successful one. Jarvis succeeded in tricking a large portion of the internet and Epic Games, themselves, into thinking that he was playing Fortnite on a fresh account. In the end, however, the joke might be on him and the FaZe house. They’re now IP banned – meaning no one in their house can play Fortnite right now.

The video sits at over 1.5 million views and is number-one on trending for Gaming at the time of writing. It’s a fair trade as long as no one in the house plays Fortnite. It’s unclear if Epic will take note of the hoax and reverse their ban on the FaZe house. The organization probably has pull with publishers like Epic, but we doubt they’re in a rush to unban a house that directly trolled them.

Will Jarvis ever return to Fortnite? Probably not. A permanent ban is a permanent ban. This was probably the best outcome that Jarvis and his crew could have hoped for. THe Free Jarvis movement is alive and well.

How to unlock the Victory Von Doom emote by completing the Doctor Doom Awakening challenges in Fortnite Season 4.

Fortnite Season 4 is upon us, bringing some new ways to unlock additional styles and cosmetics for the Battle Pass characters. Today, we’re covering Doctor Doom and his Victory Von Doom emote.

The first stage of the challenge is the simplest one: Visit Doctor Doom’s Statue as Doctor Doom. For this, all you need to do is equip the Doom outfit and go to Doom’s Domain (the old Pleasant Park). There, you’ll find Doom’s statue standing to the north of the opened soccer pitch.

The next stage requires you to “Visit a giant throne as Doctor Doom.” You’d be hard-pressed to do this one in the same match, but it’s possible. The throne is located to the southeast of Retail Row – on the side of the snowy mountain. You’ll be able to spot it on the map if you zoom in.

Again, this is pretty far from Doom’s Domain so your best chance might be to load into a different lobby and land here. There is a chest spawn in this location, but the reduction in chest spawn rates means that it’s not a guarantee. Here’s what the “giant throne” looks like.

Now, all you have to do is win a match as Doctor Doom and use his Victory Von Doom emote at the final screen. We’re not 100% sure if this works during a Team Rumble match, but it’s worth a shot if you’re finding it hard to get a win in the core game modes.

Once you finish these three stages, you’ll have the Victory Von Doom emote permanently unlocked. Here’s a video from Perfect Score that shows how the emote looks when you unlock it, along with all of the locations for the challenges if you’re still struggling.

We have “Awakening” challenges for all of the heroes in the Season 4 Battle Pass, so take a look at those if you haven’t already. You can view all of those challenges here. Good luck and happy hunting!

Did you think Marvel was the only massive entertainment entity getting love this Fortnite Season? Well, it looks like Star Wars wants back in on the Fortnite crossover action. They’re back, yet again, with another exclusive offer for Fortnite players.

The Epic Games Store has risen to become Steam’s true number-one competitor – largely on the back of exclusive games, deals, and one of the biggest games on the planet: Fortnite.

The newest crossover – the Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider – is now available to Fortnite players who purchase the new ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ game on the Epic Games Store.

📣 PILOTS WANTED 📣Buy #StarWarsSquadrons on the Epic Games Store and receive the Vanguard Squadron X-wing Glider in Fortnite!https://t.co/3bHoaY5Sor pic.twitter.com/ICQufN8tB8

Epic’s deal with game developers sometimes allows them to be the only PC retailer who is allowed to sell their game. This isn’t their only strategy for driving sales on their platform over Steam, EA Origin, and others, however. All they need to do is offer some exclusive Fortnite cosmetics to get the edge over the competition.

The new X-Wing Glider – one of the most glaring omissions within the past Star Wars crossovers – will undoubtedly fuel sales of ‘Star Wars: Squadrons’ on the Epic Games Store over competing platforms.

Fortnite players who were planning on purchasing the game now have even more of a reason to go with Epic Games.

This deal will be in place for the foreseeable future. The end date on the promotion is October 1, 2021, so you have plenty of time to watch reviews and find out if Squadrons is for you. If it is, then you might as well grab it on the Epic Games store.

This Fortnite rotational strategy gives you a ton of distance – perfect for far circles and elevated zones.

Fortnite is one of the most constantly evolving games on the market. You’d be hard-pressed to find another community that’s been around for almost 3 years and is still finding new ways to play their game.

The introduction of Creative Mode fuels innovation within the Fortnite community. Players can mess around in Creative for hours and eventually find something that no one had ever noticed.

The changing of the meta in each season is also at play, here. For instance, Crash Pads and Bouncers had never been in the game at the same time until now. This also happens to be a season without Launch Pads. Naturally, players are going to combine two of the most popular ways to rotate into one. That’s what we have, here.

Reddit user u/thiccboykiwi posted a clip to the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit that showed something he uncovered in Creative Mode – combining two Bouncers, and edited ramp, and a Crash Pad to send themselves soaring across the map.

This strategy isn’t entirely new, as players have been able to complete a variation of this strategy in the past with Shockwaves. Crash Pads give you more versatility, however, as they’re one of the most useful items in the game.

Some pros have used this strategy in their competitive matches, but no one has released a proper tutorial on how to do it until now. There are some risks associated with this form of rotation, however. If someone sees you and has good aim, you make yourself incredibly vulnerable.

Still, the Fortnite Season 4 map is becoming increasingly vertical. This rotation strategy gives you a ton of height and would be useful if a later zone is pulling up the Stark Industries mountain, for instance. Even if this only ends up being a niche rotational strategy, it’s worth adding to your portfolio.

How to unlock the Victory Von Doom emote by completing the Doctor Doom Awakening challenges in Fortnite Season 4.

FaZe Jarvis tricked the internet into thinking he was playing Fortnite again. Here’s how he did it.

Source: https://fortniteintel.com/faze-jarvis-reveals-his-fortnite-return-was-an-elaborate-hoax/34958/

Fortnite, Epic Games, Twitch, FaZe Clan

World news – US – FaZe Jarvis reveals his Fortnite ‘return’ was an elaborate hoax | Fortnite INTEL

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