There’s been a recurring rumour throughout the year that Final Fantasy 16 is ready to be revealed, and while many had anticipated it during Sony’s Future of Gaming event earlier in the year, the announcement of next week’s PlayStation 5 Showcase has stirred life into the speculation once more. As is so often the case, much of the discussion revolves around message board murmurs and social media teases, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the chatter.

Shinji Hashimoto, for example, a key figure at Square Enix, was caught reacting to the announcement of today’s PS5 livestream on social media – before quickly deleting the comment. There was also a Twitter account for Final Fantasy 16 discovered recently, which appears to be owned and operated by the Japanese publisher.

None of this is evidence alone, of course, but we’ve heard on the grapevine for months now that Sony has been plumping up outrageous sums of cash for timed exclusives – and this sequel is widely believed to be one of them. We’ve no doubt the rumour mill will continue churning over the coming days, so you may want to fasten your seatbelts because this is going to be one helluva ride.

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My checklist:Keep Nomura as far away as possibleGet Uematsu back for the soundtrackTraditional medieval/sci-fi blend, none of the weird modern day stuffCompletely new battle system, FF games always innovate, or used to.

@nessisonett Nomura probably has enough on his plate between KH and 7R, so you might get that wish granted.

Oh gosh I hope so! FFVIIR definitely felt like FFXV just with different character models to me. Here’s hoping it’s rebuilt from the ground up.

So there’s a rumor flying around that it’s the FF14 team that is doing this game which is an interesting direction. It makes sense too because the main team has already moved on to FF7 Part 2 and they must also be doing some KH related thing alongside (not including the rhythm game)

I hope it isn’t as poorly structured, clunky, and horribly written as FFXV. More like Remake, please! Give it to Nomura if you have to, Square.

Though I’m rooting that Yoshida’s denial of his involvement in XVI was a lie. Or Yoko Taro. Give it to the Nier guy for all I care.

@nessisonett As much as I’d love to see Uematsu back as the solo composer for a mainline game, I think his current health situation might sadly make that impossible. =(

I’m certainly skeptical, but the advert playstation just put up on YouTube was pretty dramatic, so I’m sure they’re planning something big.

@FlashBandit Considering how well FF14 has done I think the team has earned a shot at a new entry.

@AdamNovice Yeah, I’m with you on the “Project Athia is FFXVI” theory. A move like that just reeks of Square Enix marketing.

I would love a new final fantasy but let’s be real here. Its probably another 2 -3 years away and if its that far away I don’t event want to know about it.

After FF7R, if Sony pull timed exclusive shenanigans again, I will gladly wait out the year.

God I hope so, final fantasy is my favourite series, the only ones I don’t like are the first three but there hasnt been a main entry from 4 onwards that I haven’t loved. I wish they released more often like they used to though.

I really hope ff16 is like ff7 remake rather than ff15. Man that game (ff15) is weird, I remember watching the movie and thinking why it’s a movie and not a gameplay or at least a CG movie in the game itself.

As much as I would love seeing FF16 announced, don’t think there’s a way in hell that it will happen.We may as well see a teaser for FF7R-2 after the trailer for the FF7R version for PS5


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World news – GB – Fans Expect Final Fantasy 16 to Be Announced for PS5 Next Week

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