Mars in your sign is making you impulsive and perhaps a little selfish, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Everyone needs a little me time but today you may have to put your needs on the back burner while you tend to others. Family in particular will be quite demanding but instead of becoming frustrated graciously look after loved ones.

Your head is squaring off against your heart as is Mars in your sector of intuition and Venus in your sector of intellect. You’ll be faced with a decision today that requires a lot of thought. Instead of engaging in an internal tug of war let both of these important qualities play a role in making up your mind.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be! You may feel compelled to offer a loan under obscure or difficult circumstances. First you need to weed out people who are simply trying to take advantage of you. Be a pillar of support to those who need it but leave money out of the equation entirely for the sake of your friendship.

Get set to STUN! With Mars in your sector of image, career and status and Venus in your sign you are in a perfect position to impress people in positions of power and use your charisma to get ahead in and out of the workplace. Be assertive and go after what and whom you want.

Even the most headstrong Felines who cling tenaciously to their beliefs will be challenged today. Mars in your sector of philosophy and higher learning may make you very stubborn with your views, however Venus in your sector of spirituality is releasing the generous, kind and open-hearted side of you. The lesson here is to be more accepting.

Cupid may strike in the most unexpected way today. You may feel a pang towards someone you’ve just met but only been friends with or get electrified when you realise that your sexy soulmate has been sitting under your nose the whole time! Yes, surprises are abundant in love land and if you don’t explore them you could miss out.

As the peacemaker of the zodiac you like things to be easy and breezy.Today though you won’t be able to sit on the fence. Take a stand! Usually you’d wait for friction to arise instead of addressing it straight on but you need to take the lead whether it’s calling people out or initiating an awkward but much needed dialogue.

Work smarter, not harder! You have extremely strong work ethics which can, at times, take a toll on your mental health. Today you need to have your own back and figure out how to do two things atone to give you more time or say no to things atet simply aren’t worth your time and energy.

Wow, you are positively on fire, Saggie! Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, is enhancing your sector of intimacy and connectivity while red-hot Mars, the planet associated with assertiveness is nestling into your sector of passion and love affairs. Need a translator? Take advantage of your charisma and sex appeal to woo the one of your dreams.

You can’t please everyone and today you may find yourself torn between your immediate family and your partner. Or your love life may become a talking point amongst your clan possibly because of a clash of ideologies or unresolved conversations.

You’ve been all about team work of latetoeing the line, meeting deadlines and ensuring everyone is happy. Today though, as the pressure is mounting, you may just blow a fuse! Venus is encouraging you to play nice in the sandpitaka workwhile Mars in your communication centre is encouraging you to speak your mind.

Pamper yourself! Paying more attention to your presentation whether it’s getting a massage, DIY facial, a spanking new hairdo or some much loved wardrobe pieces will boost your confidence levels making you look and feel like a gazillion dollars. An impending event will also give you the added incentive to polish your look and put your best foot forward.


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