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From Dirty Harry to John Wick, the Ford Mustang has fueled the desire of many generations to drive a muscular car, fast and fun. Continuing this long tradition of rebels and free thinkers, a new thoroughbred will join the stable shortly : la Mustang Mach-E, an SUV 100 % electric. Here is the exhilarating journey of this automobile emblem, from yesterday to tomorrow.

When it was launched in 1965, the first generation Mustang is positioned as a fun car, fast and affordable, characterized by a long front cover and a short rear platform. In the midst of the colorful years 1970, with the oil crisis, its second generation adopts more modest proportions and offers more efficient engines in terms of fuel consumption. His style evolves over the decades, but his ardor remains eternal, immortalized by legendary models like the Shelby GT 350 and GT500, Mach 1 et Bullitt.

Since the arrival of the sixth generation in 2005, Mustang remains the world's best-selling sports car1. Its design is inspired by features popular with other eras, reinterpreted in the modern era. The brand's indomitable attitude is reflected in the little touches, comme la mention Ground Speed (ground speed) on the odometer.

How to explain the surprising addition of an SUV aspiring to zero emission certification alongside the legendary muscle car ? Because the Mustang stallion cannot be trapped in a bodywork. “We realized that Mustang drivers and high performance electric SUV enthusiasts have a lot in common. – they are rebels thirsty for freedom and thrills ”, says Jason Castriota, brand director for the Mach-E.

Mostly, this new model perfectly represents the Mustang spirit. "With its slender silhouette, its muscular curves and exhilarating driving experience, the Mustang Mach-E is the very embodiment of pleasure, speed and freedom (fun, fast, freedom) », he continues.

Straight away, the design team wanted to honor the proportions so characteristic of Mustang. Impossible to be indifferent to the massive nose of the vehicle, with its long hood. The fluid roof design, which has a color distinct from that of the body, creates an ingenious trompe-oeil. "This element gives the Mustang Mach-E the silhouette of a coupe when, in reality, the interior is much larger than it looks ", specifies Jason Castriota.

Although the SUV platform offers a high driving position, once behind the wheel, the proportions and markings remain the same as in a Mustang car. The rear seat is however much more spacious in the Mach-E, able to accommodate three adults. “People are always surprised to see our director of engineering, a man of 6 pi 7 po, sit comfortably in the back ! »Says Jason Castriota. The dashboard houses a massive touchscreen of 15,5 po where all the infotainment technologies and vehicle preferences are combined.

To experience the euphoria of the track, the GT Performance Edition model delivers prowess worthy of 55 years of history. “Our GT model can compete with virtually any other stallion in our stable, passing from 0 at 100 km / h in less than 4 secondes2 », explains Jason Castriota. Its powerful engine 480 horses with a couple of 634 lb-ft, combined with a platform with a very low center of gravity, offers exciting driving on the road. "It shows that electric vehicles are not just about saving gasoline", concludes the brand director.

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