Canadian streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has secured the title of the most-watched channel on Twitch, partly thanks to his streams on breakout title Among Us in September.

xQc has been one of the biggest streamers on Twitch for quite a while, with over 3.6 million followers on his channel, but he is no longer just one of the biggest – he is the biggest.

While Ninja and Shroud may boast more followers, in terms of who people are actually watching most, no one comes close to xQc.

The former Overwatch pro has seen a massive surge in viewership since he started playing Among Us – a co-operative game that has exploded in popularity on Twitch, now making him, by far, the most-watched streamer.

Typically, it is not often that individual streamers like xQc are seen at the top of the most-watched Twitch channel rankings. Usually, large tournament organizers like ESL and Riot Games top the charts instead, due to the nature of their consistent schedules.

However, with the staggering hype around Among Us and with xQc being one of the most active players, he is consistently nearing hundreds of thousands of viewers with each stream, which has catapulted him to the top spot.

According to data from TwitchMetrics, xQc racked up a mind-blowing 16.9 million hours watched on Twitch in the last 30 days, to October 4. In this period, he streamed just over 300 hours – considerably less than ESL_CSGO, the second most-watched channel.

Among Us was the most popular gaming category on Twitch for the same period of time, with a total of 143 million hours watched.

There was also a large gap between him and other channels on the platform. The next biggest individual streamer behind him was Brazilian CS:GO streamer Gaules, at around 10 million hours watched. However, Gaules is the official Portuguese-speaking partner of numerous CS:GO events, so his viewership is bolstered by this.

The ten-player lobbies in Among Us has made it the perfect game for streamers, allowing plenty of unique viewers to tune into different perspectives of the same match.

xQc, in particular, has also been collaborating with some of the biggest stars in gaming such as PewDiePie, Summit1g, Valkyrae, and more, which has likely also played a part in his recent viewership.

While he is showing no signs of slowing, xQc could still have a tough time retaining that top spot over the next few weeks, with the likes of Riot Games and Ibai, who has been live-viewing Worlds 2020 for Spanish viewers, also climbing, as the 2020 League of Legends World Championship is continuing to heat up.

An IRL Twitch streamer was harassed, shoved, and allegedly punched by a stranger in Japan simply for filming him in public, causing the streamer to report the incident to Tokyo police.

The laws on filming people publicly in Japan are fairly nuanced, as they are in much of the world. Technically, it is legal for someone to use their camera for photographs and videos at their own discretion when out and about, but there are various instances in which doing so becomes illegal.

One such situation in which the legality of filming becomes much muddier is when making videos for commercial gain, a difficult line to toe as a Twitch streamer since the platform’s presence as a commercial entity is far less cut-and-dry than the shooting of an advertisement or television show.

In this situation, the bilingual Australian streamer ‘mari_kuri’ was outside of what appears to be a supermarket and was confronted by a stranger who seemed familiar with the streamer’s IRL content.

As the man explains, “you are making money,” but that he does not personally appreciate the act of being filmed: “If I see you, I am not enjoying. Because you are always taking a movie and you don’t want somebody taking a movie, because the last time I saw somebody was taking a movie … you run away.”

The stranger’s argument appeared to be that he didn’t want to be filmed and that, therefore, the IRL streamer was making money off of people’s discomfort, which was hypocritical because he had seen mari_kuri “run away” from being filmed in the past. The argument then reached a boiling point when the streamer gave a simple response: “If you don’t want to be filmed, just walk away.”

It was a bizarre argument and one that didn’t reach a happy ending. After his “just walk away” comment was received poorly, mari_kuri was told that he should walk away, and he started to do so before being encroached upon and having his camera grabbed and mangled. At that point, it’s unclear exactly what happened but the streamer claims that he was physically aggressed.

“I don’t like Nigerians grabbing me and grabbing my camera and grabbing my bag, and you know, grabbing my shoulder and punching me while I’m trying to walk around,” he said.

Ultimately, the incident was reported to the police later during the stream, but what happened after the report was filed remains unclear.

As Twitch continues its rise as a monetized platform, it will be interesting to monitor how governments handle the legality of the presently nebulous IRL streaming media, which is one of the website’s more popular forms of content.


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