Rumors have been suggesting it for several weeks. We are now close to formalization : the Xbox Series S would be a console that does not focus on native 4K rendering for video games. This is in any case what tends to prove what appears to be the video presentation of the machine, posted by the user WalkingCat on Twitter.

Yes, Xbox Series S is real. Yes, it is officially announced at a price of 299,99 euros. What we do not yet know officially, however, that's what she really got in her stomach. A video presentation of the console broadcast by WalkingCat bypasses the official word : Microsoft's new machine would aim to display native 1440p (at 120 fps maximum) in the absence of native 4K (2160p). It would therefore let the upscaling algorithms stretch the display, like what we have already known with this generation of consoles. However, this does not mean that Xbox Series S games will look bad on your TV.. In his analysis of the gameplay clip from Halo Infinite, Digital Foundry even advocated 1440p to exhibit realistic lighting using ray tracing., rather than very greedy 2160p. As a reminder, 1440p resolution was used for much of the impressive technical demo of Unreal Engine 5 running on PlayStation 5. Xbox fans who swear by native 4K will therefore have to look to the Xbox Series X instead..

We should have some new information on the S Series and the launch of the next generation Xbox very soon.. La Xbox Series X, as for her, is officially announced for the month of November. A month that could also welcome the Xbox Series S if we trust the few indiscretions.

The one x is sold at 200 ball …
You are surprised that Microsoft has stopped production… ð ??????

I don't understand how some read the news… 4k 120 fps max does not mean that the console will always output 4k in 120 fps. It means that the processor can handle maximum 120 fps and 4k.

Since the S series is even less powerful than a PS4 pro, as much to say that there will never be 4k and even less of 120 fps. These are just technical specs, no promises…

Well done from Microsoft, hoping they sell it well, Since not everyone has a 4K TV, I do, but I'll go on the ps5 anyway

The console made to take advantage of the gamepass for cheap.. it's a good idea i think it will work.

We are not far from the Ps4 PRO scam ” full 4K” and without a dedicated reader ð ??????. TRUE 4K

Let's see the situation:
Series X : 4k native 60fps
Series S :Fake 4 (1440p) 120fps
Ps5 : Fake 4k (1440p) 30fps (Ps5 technical demo)
Ps5 S : Fake 4k (1440p 30fps)

none of the consoles that arrive are forged for native 4k despite what people say there are concessions to be able to display in 4k, lower shadows or ambient occlusion etc etc so good those who want real 4k go get a pc a small rtx series 30 and hop there 4 native within Xd view

“Xbox Series S : A console that is not designed for native 4K”
Nor for the 1440p as underlined by the false advertisement of msoft.
In addition, backward compatibility goes by the wayside.

Xbox fans who swear by native 4K will therefore have to look to the Xbox Series X instead..

Comment un fan Xbox ( or PlayStation ) can only swear by native 4K when he hasn't tasted it yet ?

Boycott playerless consoles if you don't want to be dependent on their blinds for life , ends the resale , mini price, occasion etc

Whether it's the S series or the PS5 all digital, I think the sales will not be crazy…
Then good to pay 70 euros a game on the store when you can have it in store at 50 balls with the box that goes with it… The choice is quickly made. After yes someone who has never touched Xbox and intends to be excluded etc., the S plus the gamepass is more than enough for him. is published by Webedia.
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World news – FR – Xbox Series S : A console that is not designed for native 4K

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