An Australian student has shared how she transformed her life and look by shedding 45 kilograms.

Shelley Bishop, 29, from Brisbane, originally weighed 110 kilograms and was eager to change her lifestyle of poor dieting and lack of exercising after a gym opened next to her apartment building in 2018.

She confessed her poor diet of pasta, pizza and burgers lead to the excessive weight gain, but taught herself how to train at the gym by watching online videos and noticing what others were doing at the gym.

‘I was working in the music industry in Sydney at the time and my lifestyle mostly consisted of working late nights, eating whatever I could, whenever I could, and it wasn’t healthy at all,’ Shelley told FEMAIL.

‘Weight gain is a gradual process, and you don’t realise how heavy you are until you shed the weight; looking at old photos, I can’t believe what I used to look like and how unhealthy I was.

Shelley said while the lifestyle change was difficult and challenging, it’s one of the best things she has ever done for herself.

‘I used to think I needed to run and eat nothing to lose weight, but instead I found strength training to be both enjoyable and effective,’ she said.

Her exercise routine consisted of both upper body and lower body workout sessions and lifting weights for multiple repetitions.

Shelley said the first eight months was the easiest as the fat turned to muscle, and the last few months were the hardest as lean muscle is harder to obtain.

The dedication and drive paid off as Shelley managed to lose the first 30 kilograms naturally, then turned to a nutritionist for advice after hitting a plateau.

Shelley said she started noticing a huge difference when she began fuelling her body with the right types of food that’s energy-rich and nutritious.

‘My diet changed completely, and I was eating a high protein, high carb diet and lots of vegetables,’ she said.

Shelley mentioned she learnt the importance of eating the right types of carbohydrates, such as brown rice, oats and wholegrain bread, during her weight loss journey.

‘People don’t realise how important it is to eat the right food, especially when losing weight,’ she said.

‘Now I meal prep chicken, sweet potato and eggs at the start of the week to mix with other meals.

‘Instead of eating three larger meals a day, I was eating six smaller meals a day to make sure I was always fuelling my body.

Shelley said the most important thing is to find what you enjoy eating and doing to lose weight and what works best for your lifestyle.

In August Shelley shared before and after photos of her impressive transformation to a Reddit forum, where the photos received more than 10,000 likes in only 24 hours.

Shelley said she was surprised at how many people were eager to know how she managed to lose so much weight and received more than 200 messages overnight.

After receiving positive affirmations, she started her Instagram page, Shred with Shelley, to share her journey and inspire others to do the same.


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World news – GB – Woman loses 45 kilos naturally and shares her secrets for success

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