PUBG Mobile’s journey in the Indian esports landscape has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride in 2020.

From receiving a nationwide app ban on the 2nd of September to having its active servers scrapped by the 30th of October, it’s safe to assume that PUBG Mobile is going through a lot at the moment.

However, all being said and done, there is a ray of glimmering hope for the PUBG Mobile fans, as the game might be looking to plot its return back into the Indian esports market.

KRAFTON Inc. had announced a couple of days ago that they would be working with Microsoft Azure to host its portfolio of multiplatform products. And this news led to the belief that PUBG Mobile will finally be getting its one-way ticket back to India.

But what does a collective of independent game development teams hooking up with a public cloud computing service have to do with PUBG Mobile and its return?

Well, that is exactly what we are here to answer today. And we will be showing you why this single decision from KRAFTON will be instrumental in completely changing the Indian esports scene in the coming months.

Now, before we dig any further into our argument, let us first look at some of the facts and details that lead us to the topic at hand.

PUBG Mobile was inevitably banned on the 2nd of September 2020 (it wasn’t the only banned Tencent-related app), and it came as a backdrop to the ensuing tension that was taking place between India and China near the Himalayan border.

The international mess that this generated served as a means for India’s IT Ministry to clamp down on the apps and software that had major Chinese backers.

TikTok, PUBG Mobile, and Rules of Survival are some of the biggest examples of apps that received the ban hammer.

The IT Ministry backed their decision by claiming that these apps were acting against the country’s best interests. They have received ‘credible information’ that,

Security breach has been cited as the major reason behind the PUBG Mobile ban, and this inevitably led to the developers cutting ties with their Chinese backers.

India has been one of the biggest markets for PUBG Mobile, and the IT Ministry’s decision crippled not only the country’s mobile esports scene but also the game’s overall player base.

Hard times always calls for harsh decisions, and for the PUBG Mobile devs, this choice manifested itself in the form of cutting all ties with their Chinese backers.

Just a week into the PUBG Mobile ban in India, the game’s developers came out with a statement that read,

However, it’s important to note here that the decision is exclusive to India alone, and the Tencent markets in other PUBG popular regions were not affected by this move.

Unfortunately, this radical decision on the PUBG Mobile developerspart was not enough to help the game make its way back to India.

And by the 30th of October, PUBG Mobile’s Indian servers were scrapped, and players only had access to the game through illegal VPN uses.

But KRAFTON looking for hosting solutions with Microsoft Azure can change all that, and we would be lying if we said that the PUBG devs did not hint at such a move previously.

In layman’s terms, they are a collective of game designers, who a few days ago announced their merger with Microsoft Azure for all their hosting and server security needs.

However, the PUBG Corporation did hint at such a radical move previously, and in a statement, they said,

The PUBG Mobile developers have made data security their top priority, and much seems to be the same for the entirety of the KRAFTON collective as well.

Their partnership with Microsoft Azure would seem to be a significant upgrade for the org, as Azure is known for its incredible security measures.

Much of Azure’s success comes from its use of a specialized operating system, which is also called ‘Microsoft Azure’ that manages the computing and storage of resources on Microsoft’s data centers.

Moreover, to manage privacy and security-related concerns, Microsoft has created a Microsoft Azure Trust Center, along with having many of Azure’s services compliant with various programs, which include ISO 27001:2005 and HIPAA.

When it comes to scaling and reliability, it’s Azure’s Fabric Controller that comes into play, and it:

With Microsoft Azure, the PUBG Corporation will be making an attempt to future-proof their stay in India. As the collaboration will make sure that all of the user’s (player’s) privacy rights are respected and:

However, KRAFTON will be going a step further with their security measures, and they will also be working with Microsoft to introduce a verification process:

There is even some conjecture going around the PUBG community that this step might even create a viable solution for the hacking problem that is rampant in the game right now. And if that is the case, then PUBG Mobile will indeed be changing the Indian esports landscape significantly.


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