Nintendo is releasing alimited productionline of Super Mario Game & Watch units. Good luck … [+] getting your hands on one.

I almost titled this post “We Now Know What The Impossible-To-Find Nintendo Gadget Of 2020 Will Be” but opted for the shorter headline.

Either way it’s the truth. Must buy = can’t find when it comes to Nintendo these days. Even the new Super Mario 3D Allstars and Mario battle royale releases are “limited time” despite the fact that those are software and have none of the same physical constraints that limit hardware production. Artificial scarcity at its most glaring and audacious. Those games will disappear (apparently) after March 31st, the end of Nintendo’s financial year.

Like the retro NES mini and Super NES mini before it, the new 35th Anniversary Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch will probably be hard to find, thanks in part to it being a “limited production” run and in part to filthy scalpers and unscrupulous resellers.

After all, it’s still pretty much impossible to purchase a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite online and these aren’t limited run consoles. The combination of COVID-19 related supply line issues and aforementioned resellers means a Switch still costs well over MSRP unless you’re lucky enough to find one at a brick-and-mortar retailer.

The Super Mario Bros. Game & Watch is an homage to the original gadget which was produced by Nintendo from 1980 through 1991 and serves as something of a predecessor to the Game Boy which came out in 1989.

This new handheld includes Super Mario Bros 1 and The Lost Levels (which were released in Japan as Super Mario 2). You can also play the Game & Watch game as Mario instead of Mr. Watch. Aside from these games, you’ll be able to use the Game & Watch as a portable clock (though not as a watch, ironically, unless you find a way to strap it to your wrist). There will be little 35th Anniversary perks to the watch portion of the device.

Now, none of this is quite as appealing as the retro Nintendo consoles which came with lots of games and can be hooked up to your TV. But it’s still a neat little gizmo and has the advantage of portability. It will be a must-have for collectors and Nintendo fans and, while pretty expensive at $49.99, will make a great gift. Just get it as soon as humanly possible before it ends up costing two or three times that much.

The Super Mario Bros. 35th Annniversary Game & Watch comes out on November 13th. We may or may not also have a new Xbox and PlayStation console around that time. Also, very possibly a constitutional crisis and massive, widespread civil unrest. Buckle your seatbelts, folks.


World news – THAT – We Now Know What The Must-Buy Nintendo Gadget Of 2020 Will Be

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