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UPDATE: After publishing, Deadline revealed that ‘WW84’ is now set for a Christmas, with “Dune” staying on its December 18 release date. Yes, that means, WB will have two blockbusters releasing a week apart. Wow.

After speculation, rumors, and then early reports, it appears that “Wonder Woman 1984” is actually getting delayed. But we still don’t have any idea when it will arrive in theaters.

READ MORE: WB Reportedly Delaying ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ & Possibly ‘Dune’ To Help ‘Tenet’ At The Box Office

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the outlet spoke with someone with knowledge of Warner Bros.’ plans for the film’s release and confirmed that WB is moving ‘WW84’ from its original October 2 debut to “a date later in the year.” This confirms the earlier report from Deadline that said the film would likely eye a November or December release.

The news comes as more analysts look at the mild debut from “Tenet” and realize that maybe WB shot itself in the foot by rushing Christopher Nolan’s film into theaters without the business being able to fully support a blockbuster film in a meaningful way. As we’ve seen, even when theater chains (approximately 70% of cinemas in the US are open, with more opening weekly) are mostly available for screenings, the capacity restrictions and social distancing requirements make it almost impossible for a $200 million film to recoup its money as would normally be expected.

READ MORE: ‘Tenet’ Earns $20.2 Million At The Domestic Box Office Over The Weekend But Is That Enough?

It’s clear that WB is concerned that “Wonder Woman 1984” would crowd the market too much and be catastrophic for both it and “Tenet,” with the latter basically requiring more than a month (probably more than two months) of unopposed dominance to come close to earning its money back. So, naturally, the question remains—where will “Wonder Woman 1984” land?

The obvious spot is December 18, where WB’s own “Dune” currently sits. The studio could just remove “Dune” and replace it with the ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel, allowing for the film to dominate the Christmas season and early winter. Of course, there’s also the other option of early-November, where “Black Widow” currently sits. Speculation abounds that Disney is going to move “Black Widow” (or perhaps try something equally nuts, like the studio did with “Mulan”) to a later date. If that happens, suddenly there’s a gap that ‘WW84’ could occupy. Of course, then, it would have to compete with the likes of “No Time To Die” a couple of weeks later. And let’s be real, it’s highly unlikely that November is going to be drastically better in terms of the pandemic and theaters likely won’t be able to support “Tenet,” whatever other smaller films are released in October, and then “Wonder Woman 1984” plus “No Time to Die.”

READ MORE: WB CEO Talks ‘The Batman’s’ Latest Production Halt: “We Never Expected Things To Go Completely Smoothly”

Hell, that would have been a disaster for any theater at full strength, let alone still in recovery mode. Alas, all we know is that WB is delaying ‘WW84.’ We don’t know the obvious next step. At least, at this moment.

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Aaron Grissom, a contestant on on Season 12 ot Top Chef, died Tuesday after suffering “multiple blunt force injuries” in a traffic accident, according to the Pierce County medical examiner.

Grissom was involved in a motorcycle crash near Chambers Bay in Washington, Yu Nanakornphanom — who owned Moshi Moshi ramen bar where Grissom previously worked as head chef — told The News Tribune two days ago.

Grissom had actually given his kidney to Nanakornphanom when the restaurant first opened, the eatery owner explained to the publication.

The ex-reality star left the establishment in 2019 and was cooking for touring musicians from various genres prior to concerts being canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“He had a lot going on,” Grissom former’s boss said “I think he had a good future ahead of him. He’s always learning to do something. He was driven. He lived his life fully.”

In addition to his brief run on Top Chef: Boston, Grissom appeared on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives while working as an executive chef when the Food Network program centered on Dirty Oscar’s Annex in Tacoma.

After he was eliminated from Top Chef, Grissom moved to the online series Last Chance Kitchen, a decision for which Bravo was criticized, Eater reported at the time.

Grissom had been arrested on domestic violence charges around this time, as he was accused of pushing his girlfriend so hard she suffered a knee injury.

Grissom was eliminated at the end of the first episode of Last Chance Kitchen, which was filmed before the alleged incident took place.

“He is not that. He might be hotheaded, but — I mean, a lot of chefs are like that,” Grissom’s friend told the News Tribune.

He later teamed up with bartender Colin Smith to open a second outpost of Dirty Oscar’s Annex in Montana in 2016. The restaurant was closed in 2018, according to online reviews.

“Bravo and the Top Chef family are saddened to learn about the passing of Chef Aaron Grissom from Season 12: Boston,” a representative for the network told People Magazine in a statement.

Angel Olsen has stayed quite busy during this largely locked-down year. She’s been promoting the release of Whole New Mess, the companion to last year’s All Mirrors — starting with an extensive cover story at this very website. But she’s also been finding ways to perform online, including a series of livestreamed gigs and publishing homespun covers of artists like Roxy Music and Tori Amos to Instagram.

She’s back with another one of those today, a sparse and intimate take on George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass track “Beware Of Darkness.” The performance takes a minute to get going, and it ends with Olsen talking to her cat. Here’s her caption:

“Watch out now, take careBeware of falling swingersDropping all around youThe pain that often minglesIn your fingertipsBeware of darknessWatch out now, take careBeware of the thoughts that lingerWinding up inside your headThe hopelessness around youIn the dead of nightBeware of sadnessIt can hit youIt can hurt youMake you sore and what is moreThat is not what you are here forWatch out now, take careBeware of soft shoe shufflersDancing down the sidewalksAs each unconscious suffererWanders aimlesslyBeware of MayaWatch out now, take careBeware of greedy leadersThey take you where you should not goWhile Weeping Atlas CedarsThey just want to grow, grow and growBeware of darkness”

Kylie Jenner is no saint when it comes to being an advocate for social distancing and mask-wearing during the coronavirus pandemic, though it would seem like, on the surface, that she’s trying her best. As a celebrity, that’s part of her job.

“i hope everyone is feeling well! it’s so important right now to self-quarantine to ensure we aren’t endangering ourselves or anyone who can’t handle this virus.”

But on Aug. 29, Jenner posted some pics from a recent trip to France, one that she most likely shouldn’t have taken in the first place.

Source: https://newslagoon.com/wb-delaying-wonder-woman-1984-to-christmas-keeping-dune-in-december-updated/299403/

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World news – GB – WB Delaying ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ To Christmas & Keeping ‘Dune’ In December [UPDATED] – Newslagoon

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