watchOS 7 has been available in final version for everyone for a week now, but several problems are noticed by users. We have already mentioned the problem of GPS for some users. There are also autonomy concerns for people. Now, other bugs have been identified.

On Apple Forums, of users with an Apple Watch Series 3 detail issues they have encountered on a daily basis since installing watchOS 7. The most mentioned problem concerns random restarts of the watch during the day, for no apparent reason. This can happen several times moreover.

For other users, watchOS 7 quite simply had an impact on the performance of the Apple Watch Series 3. The situation was much better with watchOS 6 and as we can imagine, they regret having installed watchOS 7 (especially since they cannot switch back to watchOS 6).

watchOS 7 has already experienced an update. This is watchOS 7.0.1 which was born on Thursday. However, this version only fixes an issue where some payment cards in Wallet were disabled for users. People who have issues with restarts and performance confirm that watchOS 7.0.1 has not changed anything compared to watchOS 7.

Users can hope that both issues are fixed with a future watchOS update. 7. Apple has not commented on the subject yet..

Me on the other hand it is completely the opposite I have the series 3 and the battery is better, more fluid.While I wear it on my wrist even at night and constantly connected to the iPhone

On my series 5 me is the heart rate sensor, the ECG and the circles of activity which have been stranded since the update 7.0.1. Unable to launch any of these 3 applications since 3 days 😤

Me on my series 3 restart and impossible to put the7.0.1 it tells me once to download impossible to verify you have to be connected to the internet

You tried to unlock Apple Watch and have to relaunch the update. For my part, I got this message and unlocking the watch was enough

Me too, restart several times during the day at work, but never at home ! (series 3) It’s pretty bad !

Me on my series 6 it's the same for most of but APP I had to put them back by Apple store from my show and this bug again go to the store this Tuesday

So I can't even install watchOS 7 because the Apple Watch app freezes when I go to "general", and my iPhone XS has pretty much become a brick since iOS 14, nothing is working properly

I also had a little problem with the 6 series The screen that remained in always-on. So relatively dark screen even when I was launching apps, and then suddenly ... reboot

About me, I had to reinitialize my series 3 to install W7 because memory problem even when removing everything. I've had a few restarts and battery life is plummeting.

My series 3 does the same to me, it restarts several times a day, it’s suck even in 7.0.1 it also does it on the other hand my SE no problem even in beta 7.1 too much of the ball

About AW series 4 I noticed a slight slowdown when opening apps, device for ios14.0.1 still full of bugs ...

Ma 3 conversely found a youth, fluidity never had. I never used sori on my watch before watchos 7 because too slow and understands nothing. But it became usable

Same as Steven and Alexis, me she is super fast I have never seen her so fast ! And autonomy greatly improved in the evening I am at 75% so it allows me to last 2 days by keeping it at night !

Just to say that the iPhone Mini will not have FaceID but TouchID integrated into the on / off button. Have a good day everyone. I would have warned you guys.

Me no problem Apple Watch series 5 it is faster and the battery holds as usual and I park it at night Watch 0s 7.0.1

For those who find the watch to be faster this is not an impression. They reduced the animations and made them faster so it's smoother.

My series 5 has its battery melting since WatchOS7 .... Before she did not lose so much battery.. Now she holds her limit for one day.

And otherwise ???Apple they test their software versions or not before making them available to millions of customers?It's still huge blunder.

The worry about 100 install si 10 are the owners who will go ; Well Named ; rattle .

And unfortunately it can be the apps thing, something that crashes the watch because apple will test the firmware on a clean watch

With my AW series 3, actually the battery lasts longer, I take advantage of the sleep tracking, but unless I'm mistaken, from WatchOS7, I can no longer have in the complications of my old screens the "day and date". Do you have a solution ???Thank you.

I waited for the X versions.0.1 to update the iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch. No problem on my AppleWatch 3.I could always use Siri, there does not seem to be a problem with my hardware ...

Series 4, before update in 7/7.01 : 24h autonomy and there is 20% battery, after update being loaded at 8am, at 9 p.m. the battery is empty !

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World news – THAT – watchOS 7 : random reboots and slowdowns with the Apple Watch Series 3

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