Creating a Facebook page for your business or your official page is an essential step in your social media communication strategy.

A Facebook page is useful for develop brand awareness, interact with your prospects and customers, create traffic to your website or still retain your customers.

It offers many advantages to companies :

  • A potential market of 2+ billion users
  • A platform designed for mobile first
  • A platform that highlights the video
  • The existence of many additional products : groups, boutiques, services etc.
  • Of actionable statistics to assess the performance of the chosen strategy
  • L’the most innovative and efficient advertising offer on the market

If you want to create a presence for your business on Facebook, I offer a quick tutorial that shows you how to create a Facebook page by 8 steps.

1. Create a Facebook Page

To create a Facebook page for your business or your personal page, you must have a Facebook profile. Only individuals with a Facebook account can create a Facebook Page and get a role to manage it.

Once your profile is created, follow this link or click on the triangle to the left of the blue navigation bar and select " Create a page « .

Choose the corresponding section, for example "Company or brand" for a company page or "Local or public figure" for a personal page, that you represent a company, a local business or brand.

NB: In the following we will consider the creation of a business page. But for a personal page you have to choose "Local or public figure". The procedure is identical.

In the next step, indicate the name of your entity as well as the category closest to your activity.

The name of your Facebook page is important as it is a essential criterion taken into account for the referencing of your Facebook Page and theidentification of the latter via Facebook's internal engine.

Be careful in your choice because to change it, you will need to send a modification request to Facebook.

Also think carefully about the category of your Facebook page, because it determines what information is there.

for example, local businesses are offered by default a physical address and a map to locate their business, unlike brands. Likewise, local businesses can appear in the app Facebook Local, dedicated to local businesses and events.

Be aware, however, that you can easily change the category of your Facebook Page later if needed.

2. Add a profile picture to your Facebook page

Your Facebook Page Profile Photo represents the identity of your business everywhere within Facebook : on your page, next to each update in the newsfeed and with each of your advertisements.


Often, it corresponds to the company logo.

Your Facebook Page profile photo is displayed in different formats depending on the device used : 170 x 170 pixels on a computer, 128 x 128 pixels on a smartphone.

If it has text, the use of a PNG file is recommended.

Note that the profile photo of your Facebook page is displayed in circular form in newsfeed publications and advertisements, but that visitors to your Facebook Page see it in square form. Take this feature into account to optimize its display wherever it is seen.

3. Add a cover photo to your Facebook page

Located at the very top, the cover photo is the predominant graphic element of your Facebook Page.
It is displayed at 820 x 312 pixels on a computer and at 640 x 360 pixels on a smartphone and must be at least 400 pixels x 150 pixels.

Here are the recommended technical specifications :

  • Cut : 851 x 315 pixels
  • Weight : < 100 Ko
  • SRGB or PNG JPG file if text

Note that you can later choose a video instead of a photo for the cover of your Facebook Page.

The technical specifications are then as follows :

  • Cut : at least 820 x 312 pixels. For optimal results : 820 x 462 pixels
  • Duration : between 20 and 90 seconds

You just have to follow the procedure described below to modify it.. Hovering your mouse cursor over your cover photo, select top left " Change coverage ». Ensuite, click on " Import a photo / video ». Make your choice and confirm.

4. Add a call to action button to your Facebook page

The call to action button makes it possible to encourage visitors to a Facebook Page to take a specific action.


To activate it, click on the blue button located at the bottom of the cover photo and choose a call to action button from 5 main themes :


  • Book with you : Appointment booking via Facebook, Link to website
  • Contact you : Contact us (return to website form), Send a message (Messenger), Call, Register, Send an email
  • Learn more about your business : Watch the video, Find out more
  • Make purchases at home or make a donation : Buy, See the offers
  • Download your app or play your game : Use the app, Play this game

5. Add information about your business

Section About is ideal for presenting information about your business so that users know more about your business and can contact you if necessary.


Click on " About "Then" Edit Page Info« . You can enter the following data according to your situation :

  • The description : a very short presentation which is indexed in the search results (>Edit About)
  • The coordinates : physical address, email-address, telephone number, the website
  • Opening hours : for companies with a physical address
  • Additional information : products, the date of creation of your company, your mission etc.
  • The story : a longer description of your business in a blog post format

6. Choose a custom template for your Facebook page

Custom models are templates that organize the features present on Facebook pages according to the nature of your activity.


Today, it exists 10 custom models : Standard, Shopping, Business, Places, Films, Non-profit organisation, Political figures, Services, Restaurants and cafes, Video Page.

By default, you inherit the Standard custom model.

To choose your personalized model, perform the following procedure : Settings > Edit the page > Choose the template that you wish.

Even if the personalized model defines the functionalities present on your Facebook Page, know that you can still rearrange or delete certain tabs.


7. Configure the messaging of your Facebook page

Facebook Pages automatically offer the messenger service "Messenger" via the "Send message" button, available below the cover photo.

The members can thus contact privately, without leaving the platform.

To configure this service, you have several options such as for example :

  • Display a welcome message when a user first contacts you
  • Indicate your absence whenever you're not available on Messenger
  • Save, for later use, ready answers Frequently Asked Questions

The configuration of Messenger messaging is accessible through the settings of your Facebook page : Settings > Messaging.

create-page-facebook-messenger-messagingTo deactivate Messenger, click on Settings > General > Messages > Uncheck "Allow users to communicate with my Page privately by displaying the Message button".

8 - Choose a personalized username for your Facebook Page

When you create your Facebook page, lhe social network assigns you a fairly long URL based on his name, For example :

However, users are likely to find your Facebook Page more easily when it has a personalized username.

After change, your Facebook page then offers a URL like

To assign a username to your Facebook Page, click on the link, located below your profile picture and your name, entitled " Create a Page Username« . Then enter a username and if available, validate your choice.


We have come to the end of this tutorial " Here's how to create a business Facebook page by 8 steps« .

Create a Facebook Page is almost a must today for companies wishing to use social media.

Currently, Facebook still represents the preferred business destination even if this platform has become very competitive and that the professionals encounter several challenges, especially regarding the organic visibility of their publications.

If you have questions about creating a Facebook Page, I invite you to ask them in the comments section.

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