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Valorant’s update 1.11 went live earlier in the week, but was then subsequently rolled back by Riot Games after causing a number of issues. According to Riot, the patch has been atechnical nightmareand will be delayed until the team can identify a fix. The update was supposed to send Valorant’s newest agent Skye live following the launch of Act 3 with patch 1.10 earlier this month.

According to Valorant game director Joseph Ziegler on Twitter, any progress you made before the patch was rolled back will remain on your account. It’s unclear whether this is specifically referring to progress made on Skye’s contract, but Riot does confirm you won’t be able to make additional progress with the character until the patch has been redeployed.

Real talk: 1.11 has been a technical nightmare. In 30 minutes, we’ll be rolling back the patch for North America, Brazil, and LATAM (one at a time). We’re also delaying all other regions until we get a fix. We know we’ve said this every patch, but thanks for sticking by. [1/2]

In the meantime, Riot has still outlined the content of update 1.11, which you can read on its official blog or down below.

Notably, Initiators and Sentinels have received some balance tweaks. Breach’s full flash time has been increased from 1.75 to 2 seconds and Cypher’s trapwire and spy camera will now be disabled and revealed upon Cypher’s death. Killjoy has also received a number of changes, including the addition of a deactivation range for her alarmbot and turret, reduced turret cooldown after pickup, and more.

Outside agent adjustments, the new map Icebox has entered the official Competitive map rotation and there have been a few updates to the game’s economy ruleset. One of the biggest quality-of-life updates is the addition of a left-handed option. You can read more details in the full patch notes below.

With First Strike on the horizon, the balance team has been hard at work making our last round of major balance changes before teams start duking it out. We want to ensure that the top teams don’t have to constantly adapt to a changing game while they’re playing in the tournament. Minor balance changes may occur during the span of First Strike, but we won’t deploy changes like the ones in this patch that heavily impact a team’s strategies.

One of the trends we have observed is that attacking teams can have a really hard time breaking entrenched defenders. Although every piece of the game can influence this type of trend (move speed, weapon tuning, map design, Agent balance), we think there are a few targeted character changes that can help give attackers more opportunities to break entrenched defenders. Each is listed below.

Flash Tuning: The fade out of the flash debuff remains the same duration but now fades slower at the start

Initiators create concentrated windows of extremely high threat to help their teams break onto sites. To this end, we are slightly increasing the duration of debuffs from some Initiator abilities (mostly flashes). Our goal here is to increase the opportunity window that Initiator’s teammates have to capitalize on their utility and further differentiate Initiators from Duelists.

Similar to some of the changes we made with Sage, we want to increase the depth of decision making when playing Sentinels while also providing enemies with more counterplay totrap” abilities. To reduce the total potential impact of these abilities, autonomous traps are now disabled when the deployer dies (e.g., Cypher’s Trapwire disables when Cypher dies). We want to encourage Sentinel players to play more thoughtfully and carefully around their traps while increasing the reward for taking out the Sentinel player.

Killjoy is most effective when locking down a single site. Killjoy has to stay near her Turret and Alarmbot for them to remain active. Her global recon should be hit pretty hard here but we have slightly boosted her stalling power to counterbalance that nerf. All in all, we hope to keep Killjoy in a very similar place power wise but give her a stronger identity as the premiere on-site defender.

Play Out All Rounds makes it easier to run practice sessions. When enabled the game will no longer end when a team reaches 13 wins; instead the match will continue until both teams have played a full half of 12 rounds on each side. After 24 rounds the team with more rounds will win. In the case of a tie the game will proceed to overtime (dependent on the Overtime option selected in the lobby screen).

Context: These changes are intended to increase richness in decision making regarding when it is worthwhile to save your gear vs. go for the round win. Additionally, this will allow teams that can secure round wins to more effectively chip away at the economy of opponents that opt to save out expensive weapons on a round loss.

This graphics setting accidentally shipped with the last patch, and we were going to remove it, but your feedback asked us to keep it. So It stays, but with some more tuned defaults. We don’t know when we’ll get to optimizing its performance, or tune it further, so consider it an ongoing Beta.


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