Despite the many reviews surrounding the game, Fortnite is one of the highest grossing games of all time. Why criticize ? This is mainly due to its young community which is made up mostly of children who have not even yet 13 years. To prevent children from wasting their families' money (yes it has already happened) and also to protect them themselves, Epic Games has rules in place that prevent them from participating in all types of competitive games with cash prizes..

Even competitive matches without money are prohibited for underage players unless they have permission from their parents. A child of 9 years old named Zenon suffered a setback and was excluded from the game for 1460 days, in other words 4 years. Why ? Note that this player has already participated in competitive matches and Epic Games had already banned him from these events a few days before the incident.

Yes but here is the problem is that of course he had not followed the rules before, except that the Zenon was banned although he had the permission of his father.

Indeed our young blond head was quietly playing games in Arena mode with his father sitting right next to him when the game informed him of his ban. 1460 days. His story therefore prompted Fortnite fans to create the FreeZenon hashtag on Twitter..

It’s more than 91 000 tweets in less than 12 hours that were posted and fans mostly report that Zenon, it is banned 4 years for following the rules (this time anyway) but professional players XXiF and Ronaldo were only banned for two weeks for cheating at a major event.

Hi Tfue,Could you help raise the hashtag #FreeZenon? He is a 9-year-old brazilian boy who dedicates himself every day to improve and recently has been banned for 1500 days from arena because he wasn’t old enough to compete. Hearing his cry breaks my heart. Can you help us?

What do you think of all this ? Do you find Epic Games' decision unfair ? Or on the contrary not at all ? Do not hesitate to answer us in the comments !

Basic you do not leave a child of 9 years playing FORTNITE so that's rubbish this FreeZenon hashtag on Twitter. 🙁

And by the way, shame on the dad who lets his kid play this game with him next door in quiet / normal mode. 🙁

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World news – FR – A child of 9 years banned from Fortnite for 4 years ! – SpiritGamer

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