Peer review is an essential step in the journey of a scientific article leading to its publication in a peer-reviewed journal. But in some cases, it is not always a guarantee of quality or seriousness. The example of this was recently given by the publication of a completely fantastic article, or even incomprehensible in a journal using peer review. So much so that the scientific community, completely taken aback, still not sure if the article submitted by the authors is really serious or if it was submitted to trap the peer review process as a hoax.

The scientific community was surprised to discover that a surprisingly surprising article had escaped peer review and ended up in what, At first glance, appears to be a legitimate medical scientific journal. Experts' responses to the report are fun, but the article represents some key elements of interest to scientific publishing and academia in general.

In the article titled "A black hole in the center of the Earth plays the role of the largest telecommunications system in the world to connect DNA, dark DNAs and water molecules on a collector 4 + N dimensions », Published last year in the Macedonian Open Access Journal of Medical Sciences, the 13 authors listed in extremely different fields alternate obvious facts and lies.

The scientific community expresses its surprise on Twitter. Researchers do not yet know if this is a real article or a hoax. Credits: Twitter

" Recently, some NASA scientists have claimed that there may be a black hole-shaped structure in the center of the Earth. Begin article summary. He pursues: "The heart of the Earth is the largest telecommunications system that exchanges waves with all DNA and water molecules. Imaging DNA inside the core metal produces a dark DNA strand of about 109 times longer than the core of the earth, which is compacted and creates a black hole or black brane-like structure. We have shown that this dark DNA brane is the main cause of the high core temperature and magnetism of the Earth. ».

According to the authors of the article, a dark brane-shaped black hole in the center of the Earth would link DNAs and dark DNAs in other dimensions. Credits: Massimo Fioranelli et al. 2020

A another article by the same group of authors begins with : "The first group couples to our universe on one side and produces materials like some DNA genes and couples to an anti-universe on the other hand with an opposite sign, and creates antimatter like some anti-antigens. -ADN »…

One of the theories behind the article is that it was generated using artificial intelligence to deceive the peer review, that mixes up key terms and phrases and pulls them together into something almost cohesive. The technology for doing a job like this is getting more and more sophisticated. The article references are also absurd, shuffling keywords from paper («dimension», "Shadow DNA", etc. all taken out of context) with completely independent or even incomplete quotes. At least one of the authors, “Cota Linda”, has four items published in the same month in the same newspaper.

Experts often speak of peer review as a way to ensure that an article is factually correct, but that's not always the result, and that's not even the point. Sometimes, legitimate scientific or mathematical work is so complex that even peers have a hard time analyzing it, especially in the short time before their publication. And now that more and more readers know how to use peer-reviewed sources, for example, there may be reviews that tick the boxes in the most minimal way to claim that they are peer reviewed.

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