The internet is intrigued with the news of the UFO sightings ever since the Pentagon released footage of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena back in early 2020. Since then, many videos have done the rounds on social media with netizens claiming that they have also spotted a UFO. Though some of these videos actually leave people scratching their heads as to what they just witnessed, some of them are downright hilarious. Similarly, one such video of a man claiming that a UFO was spotted in New Jersey started doing the rounds on the internet, but, it wasn’t the case after all.

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Many videos were circulated on Twitter from people stopping on a highway to record a flying object which was deemed to be a UFO. Majority of netizens are convinced what they saw actually a UFO but that was wrong. The video of a floating object doing the rounds now is actually of a Goodyear blimp which was flying around in that area. Check out photos of the blimp below

A Reddit user has come forward and shared that he found the flight trajectory of the Goodyear blimp for the specific time it was seen flying around in New Jersey. Check it out below –

The majority of evidence leans on to prove that the alleged UFO sighting in New Jersey was actually a Goodyear blimp. However, some netizens are not convinced and have kept forward their thoughts about the same. Check out what netizens are saying below

People are saying this was the Goodyear Blimp, which was apparently out today but I’m not sure.

still remains an unidentified object, no local media coverage or local officials confirmed what it is. could be a bait; maybe, it’s a droneor someone who is bored built this and decided to fly it. Nowadays, people on the web believe anything that’s shared, fact check!


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World news – GB – UFO Sighting in New Jersey? People confuse a blimp airship to be a UFO – Republic World

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