Immortals Fenyx Rising is one of the first major PlayStation 5 games post-launch, and Ubisoft has announced that the title has gone gold. This means that development has concluded, and the code is ready to be pressed onto Blu-ray discs. The open world Greek odyssey is scheduled to release on both the PS5 and PS4 from 3rd December, and there’ll be a free upgrade available for those playing on Sony’s current-gen console.

As previously reported, the title will run in 4K at 60 frames-per-second on next-gen systems, and will also take advantage of the DualSense controller and 3D audio. Is this one on your wishlist at all? Stare into those Gorgon eyes in the comments section below.

A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy’s covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it. He also likes tennis games way more than you.

I know lots of other people are looking down on it, but I really dig the art style, I think the humour is pretty funny and the similarities to Breath of the Wild can only be a good thing.

Throw in a large dose of Greek mythology and boy am I going to be a happy boy playing in 4k at 60fps on PS5!

I was interested in this, but then I played Genshin Impact. Kind of got my cutesy openworld game fix in for a while. Hope everyone has fun with it though.

It looks fantastic, a fun, colourful open world game. Never too many Greek mythology games either.

@TBubs311 Lol I kinda felt the same way. Like I needed that BotW fix so bad it feels like Genshin Impact saved the day out of nowhere. Still looking forward to IFR though and GI has been brilliant so far. I always feel BotW isn’t that hard of a game to make it’s just lot of Devs just keep overlooking that style. I could bet you Witcher 3 would have even been 95+ on MC if it originally released in stylish celshading.

Very colorful game which is great to see. Colorful games used to be the norm, now they are a rarity, what happened?

Excited for it as well. I know it looks generic but if it does the generic things well, should be a fun game regardless of unoriginality. Oh, and like many, I love Greek mythology.

@Eadgar that’s why I always buy Nintendo consoles to go with my PS. Colourful games to mix in with the erless colourful games!


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World news – THAT – Ubisoft Wraps Development on Immortals Fenyx Rising a Month Before Launch

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