VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 10, 2020 — Since its inception, Trainerize has been on a mission to make fitness accessible—and with their newly-released Apple Watch App, they’ve progressed to a whole new phase of accessibility. Fitness businesses and personal trainers can now deliver coaching straight to their clients’ wrists, transforming the way wearables are utilized in personal health and wellness routines.

Through its mobile app, Trainerize has always offered convenient, communicative, on-the-go personal training for worldwide users. Now, with the launch of the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize, iOS users can take on-the-go to the next level of freedom and convenience through wearable fitness tracking and coaching.

The Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize combines fitness, nutrition, and habit coaching to deliver a 360° approach to health and wellness—all available hands-free, 24/7, from the user’s wrist.

“We’re taking a big leap away from what’s already been done and into the future of digital fitness,” says CEO Sharad Mohan. “It’s no longer about just tracking from the wrist, it’s about creating an integrated training experience—a full-circle connection of wearables, holistic wellness, and online training designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life. With the WatchOS app, we’re empowering the more than 150,000 trainers using Trainerize to engage and motivate their clients and inspire healthy choices every day.”

In addition to opening the doors to 360° coaching from the wrist, the Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize also allows trainers to access powerful client data.

Activity stats—including duration, distance, average heart rate, calories burned, and more—are tracked automatically during workouts or cardio sessions, and trainers can dive deeper into client performance via the Apple Health app which syncs steps, sleep, calories burned, lean body mass, blood pressure, and resting heart rate to Trainerize. This level of seamless and consistent tracking enables trainers to make data-driven coaching decisions, resulting in more effective training and better personalization for clients.

The launch of their Apple Watch App firmly establishes Trainerize as a driver in a greater trend toward wearable devices and connected digital platforms.

With Trainerize doubling down on connected fitness and online training and Apple focused on native health elements for the upcoming Apple Watch updates, there’s clear synergy between the organizations, their missions, and the future of the fitness tech industry. The new Apple Watch App powered by Trainerize brings all the pieces together, empowering Trainerize trainers to elevate Apple’s fitness ecosystem to new heights.

For fitness businesses and trainers alike, the new Trainerize WatchOS app enables a world of hyper-personalized coaching experiences. Stronger interactivity between clients and coaches, better data and insights, and by-the-minute influence over user behavior will enhance the entire wellness experience.

This is just the start of Trainerize’s WatchOS developments—ongoing updates are planned throughout 2020 and into 2021.

Trainerize is a Personal Training Software and mobile app trusted by 150,000 fitness professionals and health clubs worldwide. The platform allows fitness businesses to expand their reach beyond their physical spaces, better connect with members, build meaningful relationships, and digitize the training experience. Fitness businesses use Trainerize to boost member engagement through digital services as well as attracting new members by tapping into the market of online training. Learn more about Trainerize. Media Contact Laura Dunlop Senior Marketing Manager, Trainerize 778.953.2489 [email protected]

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SYDNEY, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Charting the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on commerce trends, Collinson today reveals a new look at how COVID-19 is affecting online shopping habits in Asia Pacific. A global leader in customer benefits and loyalty, Collinson supports over 25 online shopping portals where consumers can earn and spend loyalty currency linked to leading travel and financial services reward programmes. This broad and robust loyalty commerce network gives Collinson unique data insight into shifting online spending patterns in 2020.

At the very early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, with travel purchases down 69% year-on-year (YoY), sales of electronics and appliances from merchants like were up 19% as consumers prepared to work, cook and entertain themselves at home. Food and beverage brands with online delivery capabilities also performed well, including Menulog and PARKnSHOP.

After the initial waves of restrictions and lockdowns, sales of health and beauty brands began to rise, with a 21% YoY sales jump for brands like iHerb, and L’Occitane — indicating consumers’ preparations to re-enter daily life and once again be face-to-face with friends and colleagues; and underlining the deeper interest in personal health and wellness in the COVID-19 era. Throughout the period, luxury sales have remained consistent.

James Berry, Commercial Director of Collinson’s Loyalty Commerce, said, “Loyalty commerce platforms are now seeing a massive growth in relevance, especially for travel and financial service providers. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a substantial swing in consumer spending habits and we expect the effects of this to ripple out for the next few years at a minimum. We’ve seen unprecedented shopping spikes and demand over the outbreak period, much of it concentrated around specific commerce categories. Understanding this data, we can help partners to better connect to their customers, in terms of communications and delivering on end-consumer needs with the right products at the right moments.”

Simon Morgan, Country Director for Collinson Australia, said, “This has been a challenging time for both consumers and businesses. For organisations who invested in online earn or redeem platforms — designed to reward customer loyalty — the COVID-led surge in online retail has provided a much needed ancillary revenue stream; while enabling companies to remain in contact with consumers, through value-add touchpoints. With Asia being the world’s fastest-growing ecommerce market, it’s likely the importance of platforms such as these will only grow. We’re eager to continue to leverage our data and insight to help brands deepen their sales and loyalty strategies, while helping the region’s consumers access relevant, exciting and rewarding offers.”

Collinson supports organisations to create a differentiated loyalty strategy that reinforces brand preference and delivers personalised engagement with customers. Collinson’s offerings have continued to evolve in order to deliver on the rising need for an integrated and secure commerce ecosystem that enables the delivery of personalised, low friction earn-and-redeem experiences. This approach enables Collinson to support travel, retail and financial services partners by leveraging the unique size and scale of the Collinson business: more than 5,000 retailers and merchant partners, 1,400 banking partners and over 90 airline and 20 hotel group partners, reaching millions of consumers around the globe.

James Berry added, “Like many businesses in 2020, we’ve been working fast to evaluate and evolve our strategies in order to best support our clients and their customers at this unique moment in time. With a rich history of connecting different members of the travel, retail and loyalty ecosystem together, Collinson is uniquely positioned to help brands navigate their loyalty strategy in the post-COVID world. We are increasingly supporting financial institutions to grow their relevance and frequency of customer interactions, retailers to provide added value and stand out, and travel brands to drive deeper engagement in anticipation of the travel recovery. Going forward, we will continue to uncover meaningful data and explore how we can create mutually valuable networks to engage customers, drive spend, and support diversified revenue streams.”

Data was collected by Collinson’s insight experts across loyalty commerce platforms linked to bank, travel and retail programmes, in three regions and 23 markets globally: Asia Pacific (Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand), Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK) and North America (Canada, USA).

Collinson is a global leader in customer benefits and loyalty. We deliver exceptional travel, assistance and insurance products that differentiate value propositions, and loyalty solutions that win deeper, more valuable customer relationships.

Our customer benefits products include the world’s leading airport experiences programme, Priority Pass, as well as travel insurance, identity assistance, flight delay, international health and travel risk management solutions. Our loyalty expertise uniquely combines strategy, award-winning technology and programme management to create greater engagement and experiences for our clients’ customers.

For over 30 years, we’ve been chosen by the world’s leading payment networks, 1,400+ banks, 90+ airlines and 20+ hotel groups to craft customer experiences that win competitive edge. This enables them to acquire, engage and retain the most profitable, but most demanding customers. Our client experience includes American Express, Cathay Pacific, CBA, Mastercard, Radisson Hotel Group, UnionPay and Visa.

BEIJING, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tencent today announced the conclusion of 99 Giving Day, the most popular annual charity festival in China jointly initiated by Tencent Charity Foundation and thousands of other charity organizations, enterprises, celebrities and media from Sep. 7 to Sep. 9 (Beijing time). With the theme of “Together We Can”, this year’s event has raised a total donation of RMB 3.044 Billion Yuan. More than 5780 donors, 500 institutions and 10000 enterprises participated in the campaign, which broke the record for giving among China‘ internet charity industry.

Since its establishment in 2015, Tencent’s 99 Giving Day has become a renowned charity festival with the largest number of participants, the most influential contributors and addressing the most diverse range of charity scenarios in China. The sixth 99 Giving Day opened to a strong start at 9:00 a.m. on Sep. 9. The amount of donations in the first two minutes exceeded RMB$100 million, and was close to RMB$600 million after 30 minutes, making it a trending topic online.

In the past six years, the total amount of users’ donations for 99 Giving Day increased from RMB$128 million to 2.32 billion yuan by more than 17 times. In the same period, Tencent charity platform attracted more than 156 million participants. Given its rapid scale, growth rate and influence, 99 Giving Day has transformed into a festival of national goodwill and philanthropy for society.

For 99 Giving Day this year, Tencent Charity Foundation announced it would invest RMB$399.9 million in matching donations and announced a special support fund of RMB$200 million, coming from Tencent’s RMB$1.5 billion Anti-COVID-19 Fund established this Feb.

Chen Yidan, Co-founder of Tencent and Founder of Tencent Charity Foundation said: “in the post pandemic era, 99 Giving Day establishes a new starting point, to support charities facing new opportunities and challenges. Jointly with our partners, Tencent Charity will put more effort to continuously cultivate transparency, digitization and efficiency in the charity ecosystem.”

When started six years ago, Tencent’s matching donation became a major feature of the 99 Giving Day. To meet the needs of many enterprises who wanted to participate in this event, Tencent created a participation mode for enterprises to provide matching donations to charity programs expanding the platform to businesses and positive impact to charity organizations.

This year, considering those businesses affected by the pandemic, 99 Giving Day created special tools such as charity consumption coupons, which can be issued by businesses to donors who can deduct cash when consuming, so as to embody the spirit of “Together We Can” for both businesses and consumers in the fight with pandemic.

Transparency is the basic indicator of health status and the cornerstone of the charity ecosystem. This year, 99 Giving Day is using blockchain technology to improve transparency. All charity projects will be based on blockchain to improve disclosure and ensure contributions which will be traceable, rechecked, and transparent throughout the whole process.

Digitalization is the key to efficiency of Internet charity ecosystem. This year, the technical team of Tencent Charity platform launched the “Charity SaaS Plan”, to support charity organizations improve efficiency by offering open source cloud computing and big data. Now, there are 50 charity organizations participating in the program, and 100 is expected by end of this year.

The vitality of charity needs the passion of the younger generation, it should be more creative and personalized.

On 99 Giving Day, listening to songs, walking on the road and reading books, can all provide a fun way to make donations and support charities. As an example, Tencent developed the game of “little safflower”, where one can gather more safflowers by donating money and interacting with friends. Based on the final number of safflowers, contributors can get different times of matching donations.

Meanwhile, many superstars, KOLs and uploaders are involved in live streaming, WeChat official accounts and idol charity programs. More than 120 superstars’ fan groups and hundreds of official accounts joined the “We Media Partnership Program” to claim and promote charity projects. More than one hundred KOLs formed “We Media Charity Team” to promote 99 Giving Day in social media channels.

Many cross-border stars, KOLs and uploaders participated. During the 99 Giving Day, more than 120 superstar fan groups customized dragon solitaire activities. Thousands of official accounts launched the “We Media Partnership Program”, claiming official account projects in one to one way, and nearly one hundred KOLs formed “We Media Public Service Team” to promote 99 Giving Day in social channels.

Adhering to the mission of ‘Tech for Good’, Tencent Foundation introduced the initial 99 Giving Day in Hong Kong for the very first time. Without leaving home, Hong Kongers can donate and support charity using their mobile devices.

Obris and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, two reputable charity organizations that have gained long-term support from people in Hong Kong and elsewhere, participated in the HK 99 Giving Day and set up charity programmes for donations on WeChat Pay HK charity platform which will be matched by Tencent Foundation.

This program received an enthusiastic response from Hong Kong residents, with donations nearly 100 times higher than the usual donation traffic on WeChat Pay HK charity platform.

“The people of Hong Kong are enthusiastic about charity. We are very happy to have 99 Giving Day in Hong Kong this year to help local charity organizations raise money through mobile Internet platforms,” Chen said. “There is no boundary between love and public welfare. This is also the first time in HK for Tencent Foundation. We look forward to cooperating with more charity organizations to stimulate the goodness of science and technology and make the world a better place. “

Living up to expectations, the 99 Giving Day ended with a big success in 2020. However, Chen Yidan said: “the amount of money raised is no longer an indicator of success to 99 Giving Day, but the positive social impact conveyed, the charity perception how many people recognized, and the power to social goodness in a longer period of time, these are the goals we have been pursuing and valuing.”

NEW YORK, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Compliance Solutions Strategies (“CSS”), a leading RegTech platform providing technology-driven solutions which enable financial services firms to meet mandatory regulatory compliance requirements, today announced the acquisition of AMFINE (“AMFINE”), a provider of SaaS-based regulatory reporting services to European asset managers, asset servicers and insurers. With offices in Paris and Luxembourg, AMFINE serves a top-tier client base and offers a modular and multilingual solution across multiple jurisdictions for the production and distribution of documents covering the full breadth of regulatory reporting and marketing disclosure obligations.

The combination with AMFINE reinforces CSS’s position as a leading RegTech solutions provider to the investment management market with a comprehensive global offering across fund reporting, transaction reporting, investment monitoring and compliance management. Adding AMFINE’s regulatory reporting solutions, including the production of UCITS KIIDs and PRIIPs KIDs, fund prospectuses and marketing factsheets, will enable CSS to deliver a complete end-to-end fund reporting solution that is unmatched in the market, leveraging integrated data management, regulatory reporting software and document production capabilities. The acquisition also provides CSS with increased scale and reach, adding to its roster of Tier 1 clients and extending its presence and operating base in the heart of the European funds market.

The acquisition of AMFINE represents a further investment in the evolution of the CSS platform and will result in compelling strategic benefits to clients:

“We’re delighted to welcome the AMFINE team to CSS as we further develop our platform and extend our market coverage,” said Doug Morgan, CEO of CSS. “AMFINE bring highly complementary product capabilities and a stellar reputation earned by helping clients manage complex reporting requirements. With both organizations sharing a strong commitment to customer success, we’re excited to work together to enhance our global regulatory reporting solution and address a broader scope of our clients’ compliance needs.”

CSS is a trusted global RegTech partner that uniquely brings together innovative technology-driven solutions to support financial services firms in navigating a clear and strategic path through the complex and fragmented global regulatory space. Our solutions and services help firms meet regulatory deadlines while optimizing compliance data, operations and technology. CSS covers a full range of global compliance disciplines spanning fund reporting, transaction reporting, investment monitoring, compliance management, compliance services and managed services with a complementary, centralized approach to the strategic management of regulatory data called RBOR (Regulatory Book of Record). The company currently serves over 600 software clients in the financial services vertical comprising of hedge funds, traditional asset managers and fund administrators, including Tier 1 buy-side and sell-side institutions. CSS maintains a global footprint across both North America and Europe with customer-facing offices in New York, London, Dublin, Amsterdam and Stockholm. For more information on CSS, please visit:

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BEIJING, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tencent today announced the conclusion of 99 Giving Day, the most popular annual charity…

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