Formerly at the top of a discipline he helped raise to the top, Tony Hawk even managed to introduce the small world of skateboarding to many kids at the end of the years. 1990, with a series of video game adaptations whose episodes also touched the skies, before sinking into abysses of torpor. Now fifty years old, Father Falcon is once again trying alongside Activision to turn our heads 900 °.

Cleverly landed at the end of a funny summer, a season that remains even with a mask synonymous with afternoons spent at the skatepark against a backdrop of punk-rock, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 does not do with such an obvious title no mystery of its content : after a long desert crossing that began at the end of the Neversoft era, le studio Vicarious Visions, long confined to portable adaptations of the series, decided to go back to the roots of “THPS”, of the time when the sun rocked the license in a relative carelessness.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, so it's a bit like Port-Salut : exit the post-Underground wanderings and its absurd stories. Like an old skater who decides to get back on his board, the series starts again on its bases, very solid, by giving a hell of a blow of polish to the first two opus (originally released in 1999 and 2000), who had contributed to the phenomenal success of this “free” adaptation of the discipline. For the first time in nearly twenty years, and after an HD episode freshly received by the players, this fake news finally focuses on taking over what makes the salt of the series. It was time. May those who have not known the heyday of the Activision series be reassured : between the arrival of a tutorial narrated by Tony in person and an activatable cheat menu entry, there will always be tools to have fun without leaving an elbow or an ankle. Purists may even choose to limit themselves to the original handling, to increase the challenge – and not just a little.

In game as in real life, twenty years have passed, and the young prodigies of yesterday took a few wrinkles, but we find with a certain pleasure the casting of usual suspects accompanied by new talents of the discipline, including Leticia Bufoni or Lizzie Armanto, so as not to make this little party a simple reunion of old schnoks. And for those who would prefer to try to put together a replica of their carcass, Creation mode will offer some tools and models that are probably too few for everyone to really find what they are looking for, but which allow some capillary delusions. The sacrosanct marks of the discipline are present, clearly visible, so much so that we could find them a bit too present, but after all, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater never really hid it. The offline store offers style lovers hundreds of reasons to slam their precious dollars, and face the reality of the time : here, everything comes in the sweat of his brow, without micro-transactions (for the moment), a reality 100% legit today on the brink of extinction. A whole era. New elements will be unlocked as you progress, who wants to be a little freer than one could have imagined.

Remaster compilatoire, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 indeed offers the freedom we were entitled to hope for, since the parks of the two titles are independently accessible thanks to porous borders. In the facts, progression takes place at the heart of each “Campaign”, a list of accomplished objectives allowing to move to the next level, but the experience and the statistical points collected remain. Those who choose to complete Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater first before tackling his iconic sequel (and vice versa) let's start this last one with a much more agile character, which makes the experience even easier. The others will obviously dig into the two redesigns without worrying more than reason.. After twenty years, it was still the least of things.

The series here makes a point of staying viscerally true to its arcade roots, And that's good. We thus find this division into sessions of two minutes timed, in which it will be necessary to accomplish as many objectives as possible, a challenge that will undoubtedly turn a little too quickly into a health walk for those who still have the series in their hands, where the levels in mind. No need to hide it : the pleasure is intact, almost immediate, and we quickly find ourselves chaining the sessions without seeing the time pass, even if it means devouring this homecoming a little too greedily. Apart from a few whims about preparing an ollie, handling does not suffer from any false notes, and especially take advantage of the freedoms brought by the various opuses of the series released after 2000. This welcome opening allows for real fun, and quickly try a few well-felt combos thanks to the fallout switch or the wall plant saver. Far from distorting the experience, this freedom reinforces the impression of savoring a tasty best-of, even if the absence of the third numbered opus questions, a little.

Far from the scripted delusions of his second part of his career, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater gets back to basics : improbable tricks and rotations tackled in cult environments, who also benefit from a real makeover job. Embellished by our memories, the two opus had nevertheless taken a hell of a blow of old (ok, except on Dreamcast), and Vicarious Visions carried out a nice facelift, which makes environments much more shimmering without ever distorting their original spirit, As evidenced by the care taken to the stupid goals that made the mark of the saga. While we will not necessarily dwell on the details of the closed places, frenzy of action forces, some outdoor environments are sure to illustrate the love and care that was given to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, like the sun coming down from Venice Beach which will give the skater boys a real moment of fun. One wonders all the more why Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 could not integrate this nice proofreading, as its level design deserved to be integrated into what could have been a formidable trilogy.

In addition to the two classic campaigns, there is a third mode, more free, which will allow you to revisit any park in three different ways : in Free Session, just for fun without consequences; in Solo mode where the objectives remain eternally present; and finally in Speedrun, which shines the seconds until the total achievement of 10 challenges of an area, to push you to do better next time. It must be said that challenge buffs will find someone to talk to here, since the list of challenges (decorrelated from Trophies and other Achievements) play the die-hard card, sometimes requiring crazy combos, or sessions at 10 million points, not to mention the list of gaps as long as the arm. But Piccolo's arm, hein. Inveterate hunters are therefore warned : may still be there in 2021… As for the fans, they will discover at the end of their career some nice bonuses which we will leave you with the surprise.

What would a good skateboarding game be without a soundtrack that ends up straining your neck? ? Few things, you will agree. The trick was so easy and so beautiful that Neversoft managed to re-cast almost all of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater's cult tracks and his sequel., for a turnkey result that immediately makes you want to jump in rhythm, or overturn the system in place (it's your choice). What a shame, however, that censorship once again strikes its seal on this enticing tracklist, but the editor still took care to return it (a little) less disturbing to the ear. It’s always taken. The work doesn't end there, since the sound effects are now more numerous, and the current track will only reveal its full potential once the Special bar is duly filled. The most skillful of music lovers can even push the vice to play with this modulation : take advantage of a bowl to smother the bridge of Guerilla Radio to then place some tricks and let Morello and De La Rocha unleash Hell in your living room, It does not have a price.

Always anxious to break down the borders, this remaster also ignores the old divisions, and therefore mix the genres : the whole playlist can spit out any song regardless of the current episode, to offer us what looks like the best of both worlds. The newcomers intended to breathe a little 21st century into this selection are still struggling to shine against the Run DMC, Bad Religion, Public Enemy and other Goldfinger of yesteryear (before the suits), although a few rare exceptions still swim above the scrum, like Billy Talent or Alex Lahey. Should we really include JunkBunny or FIDLAR ? The question is valid. Whatever, finally, since the old idiots will always be able to sort it piece by piece, to keep only the period selection, or choose a theme 100% rock. After all, it seems that all tastes are in nature.

And because Vicarious Visions has decided to play the old-school feeling card to the end, local multiplayer is obviously back, with its many game modes and its split screen which allows two skaters to compete with their buttocks screwed on the same sofa. We therefore find with certain joy the H-O-R-S-E modes, Mambo Combo, and some anachronistic novelties, like the Graffiti mode, which consists of appropriating the elements of the decor by placing the best score. The online part is proving solid for the moment, thanks to fast match-making, which leaves the choice between two categories : Jam, dans laquelle les quatre meilleurs skateurs marquent des points; et Compétitif, où seul le meilleur l’emportera. Les différents modes assurent le spectacle, et la perspective de gratter quelques précieuses secondes en lançant un dernier combo sur la fin du chronomètre laisse planer sur chaque fin de manche un délicieux parfum de suspens. Mieux vaut avoir sérieusement révisé ses gammes avant de s’y lancer, puisque tous les skate-parks sont d’emblée en rotation. Seul bémol : le faible nombre d’adversaires disponibles au moment du test ne nous a pas permis de déterminer si le niveau du profil permettait de rejoindre une session équilibrée, puisque tous les skateurs engrangent expérience, points de compétence et tricks spéciaux supplémentaires.

Les modes s’avèrent suffisamment nombreux, et proposent surtout un nombre d’options de scoring pour que les potes de passage ne puissent pas résister longtemps à l’appel de la nostalgie, ce qui permettra à Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 d’exister un peu plus longtemps que durant les quelques soirées nécessaires à son accomplissement en règle. Et pour les cerveaux en fusion, le mode Création de skatepark permettra une fois dompter de laisser libre cours à son imagination, histoire de se bricoler une rampe sur-mesure, ou au contraire de troller une dernière fois les skaters aux temps grisonnantes, qui les oublieront le temps d’un run de deux minutes.

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