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Like “The last dance” by Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson's Bulls in 1998, NBA 2K Video Game Basketball King Performs His Last Major Ballet On Our Aging Xbox One Consoles. It remains to be seen whether this twilight episode follows in the footsteps of its elder 2014 on Xbox 360, very solid copy but too wise, the fault of the resources mobilized for the parallel versions of the new consoles of the time. Scenario bis repetita ?

To get to the bottom of it, nothing beats a quick little match. After all, you will spend three quarters of the time of the year on the floors. No miracle, the feeling of playing NBA 2K20 is sorely felt. In their quest for ever more realism, the developers added some animations but it doesn't influence the general impression. Between the limited time for an annual outing, the preparation of the next-gen versions and the weeks of confinement and teleworking, the studio did their best and had to make choices. The game engine had already reached its limits on this generation of consoles and the graphics improvements on the latest games were added sparingly.. It must be said that the bar was already high. NBA 2K21 remains despite everything the most beautiful and the most immersive sports simulations in the gaming world. We will have to wait for the supercharged consoles which land in two months to hope for a new visual slap.

This feeling of warmth is even more striking when we look at the numbers of 30 current deductibles. No new rookies or sensational transfers that make us salivate at the start of each new season. We find the same numbers as two weeks ago on NBA 2K20. This time, it’s not the developers’s fault. 2020 is a horribilis year for American basketball. She was already unbearable with the tragic death of Kobe Bryant in January. The stoppage of the season due to the aftermath of COVID-19 and its resumption this summer has also shaken up the annual circus usually ruled like clockwork. We will certainly have to wait until the end of the year for the roster update for the next season, which should start in January 2021 according to the latest rumors.

However, new historic teams have been added, including the USA Olympic Team 2012 and 2016 and the Warriors 2016-2017 by Curry and KD. Outgoing champions, les Toronto Raptors, are also part. Enough to rekindle the nightmares of Sixers fans on Kawhi Leonard's famous buzzer beater during the game 7 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The WNBA is here again and this year you can also make the playoffs with the women's team of your choice.. Nothing to complain about the content of the game, NBA 2K21 even adds beautiful fruit to a very well-stocked basket.

The only big gameplay novelty will not be revealed to everyone. Players who prefer to focus only on the buttons will find that only the shot gauge to fill is changed slightly.. You have to release the X button a little before reaching the maximum limit of the gauge in a more or less wide shooting window depending on the shooter's attributes. For the others, the appointment is made with a cold sweat or excess of anger. Indeed, the “pro” movements affiliated with the right stick have been turned upside down this year. For better and for worse, time to start mastering the beast. The great idea is to have released the dribbles of the shot when your player is far from the basket. Before, prolonged holding of the stick in any direction could trigger an unexpected shot while in a dribble combo. In NBA 2K21, the shot is triggered only by moving the right stick down. The prolonged hold in other directions leads to other dribbling combinations that enrich the panoply. Having fun dribbling has never been easier.

In addition, the developers sought to rectify a flaw in the previous episode regarding the shooting. With training and knowledge of his "timing", you were able to put on the 3 unreasonably points with a non-specialist player. This year, when we discover the game, even with Stephen Curry, we build a house per game by stacking bricks. Shooting in “pro” mode requires a dexterity that only many hours of play will allow you to master.. Persevering, we end up really appreciating this choice of gameplay and its subtleties. Even though learning is hard and frustrating, hope the devs don't give in to the grunts of impatient gamers. Anyway, it is possible to deactivate this new mechanism in the options.

This unquenchable thirst to make this simulation as realistic as possible will again leave out many players who are looking for a simple and fun basketball game.. The gap widens a little more each year and even at the lowest difficulty level, the gameplay is so rich that it discourages many neophytes. Visual Concept has yet to find a way to please everyone, or just don't try to do it. The niche of an arcade basketball game is definitely up for the competition.

Regarding the game modes, one more time, the proposed banquet is royal. The content is gargantuan between the quick match, bitumen, les playoffs, the whole season, the My League mode which allows you to set up an entire league and perform 80 seasons, the My MG mode which adds to the previous one the managerial and financial management of your franchise, not to mention the popular My Team and My Career that we will develop later. Apart from the last two, no mode has been retouched, but they offer hundreds of hours of play for those who want to have fun with the franchises and the stars of the NBA. Of course you can also face your friends or strangers, in online matches or in a custom league.

My crew, the equivalent of FUT for Fifa, knows some nice additions this year. A system of seasons lasting 6 about weeks is introduced. You have to pass daily challenges, weekly or seasonal in order to obtain the allocated rewards and to climb the levels. Triple Threat Mode has been changed to keep it appealing all year round. My Limited Team is a new multiplayer mode in 5 against 5 only available from Friday to Sunday where the rules change weekly. Of course the old modes like Domination or Unlimited and its 9 leagues to climb are always in the game. It is now possible to use your duplicate cards as exchange currency in order to obtain better cards, an interesting and complementary addition to the auction system. Iconic duo cards and player personalization with badges are back. In short, again, endless hours ahead for card collection enthusiasts.

Another good news for those who are considering getting the game on the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as well., My Team progress is intergenerational and linked to your Xbox account. Transfer of your collection and VCs, the currency of the title, occurs automatically. You can even switch from one version to another as you see fit. Unfortunately the 2K publisher's policy of only offering the Smart Delivery function to buyers of the Mamba Forever edition at a price of € 99 is a real blow and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

It remains to dwell a little on My Career, the most popular game mode in NBA 2K21 but also ... the most contested. It offers you the possibility of living the career, on and off the field, of a future basketball star. The first step is to create your avatar. You find the same efficient creative tool as last year, if not the addition of new combinations of profiles between Finishes, Tirs, Organization and Defense. Once the process is complete, you have the choice to follow the new scenario of the traditional prelude or directly integrate your desired NBA team.

Every year, the cinematic experience of the prelude is worth the detour. Often nanardesque, it has the merit of making you experience the first steps of your budding basketball player before entering the Grail of the NBA. The cast is still high quality this year with Jesse Williams as your father, Michael K. Williams (the unforgettable Omar Little in The Wire) in that of your agent and Djimon Hounson who plays the coach. Your player will have to make choices and manage his or her progression to the top as best they can.. Forget the legendary “Freq”, led by Spike Lee's camera in 2016, or “Che”, the martyr of the Revolution on 2K20, and make way for “Junior”, the son of a former college basketball icon who failed to break into the NBA. Entitled Legacy, the scenario will make you live in fast the high school and university years of your avatar via sketches which are often attractive, sometimes out of date, always clichés.

If a message should remain, it's your virtual father's : “We can always do more. Always". Job, family, all that was missing was the Fatherland. The script places heavy emphasis on work, like every year we're going to drool, we MUST drool. We are conditioned, we know that we will have to do many matches, many workouts, many workshops to improve our attributes and acquire badges. We are in front of a real simulation, the real life. Slow down to finally enjoy the grounds of the Park or his Pro-Am team. All this holds up if everyone is housed in the same boat.

But this year, we drool even more to raise his player from a lousy level of 60 to a more decent. Even if the sun of the new district and shopping center, inspired by Venice Beach in L.A., makes us forget the depressing hub of last year, the frustration is immense. About 200 000 VC are required to achieve the overall rating of 85. And this is where Visual Concepts betrays gamers. Buying VC packs at prohibitive prices to acquire more cosmetics is not a problem, but being able to improve your avatar in a few seconds becomes unbearable and indecent. The coherence and values ​​put forward in the prelude fail miserably in the face of easy gain. Each year the cursor is placed a little further, this time he crossed the red line. It's time for a player's progress to be decoupled from the VC system.

The studio announced that the next-gen versions of NBA 2K21, planned in the coming months, are “completely reworked”. A radical change in VC policy is a utopia. The windfall of money from the packs breaks records every year. There remains the tiny hope of a rebalancing in favor of the players. And as everyone knows, hope brings life.

The hunters' corner : NBA 2K21 propose 50 success for a total of 1000G. Most achievements are unlocked in My Career and My Team modes. Some relate to facts of play during matches.

NBA 2K remains an amazing basketball game and the best sports simulation once again. However, the exceptional circumstances that the world is undergoing in 2020 and the upcoming arrival of next-gen consoles means that episode 2K21 on Xbox One does not stand out enough from the previous opus. Visual Concepts seems to have put the package on the next-gen versions. Unfortunately, the studio did not wish to follow the Smart Delivery program for the standard versions of the game. Only purchasers of the Mamba Forever edition will have this privilege for the modest sum of 99,99 €. The pill has trouble passing. If you are also a fan of the My Career mode, the slow progress of your avatar, disgusted, will strongly encourage you to acquire virtual currency packs at prohibitive prices. Only the new gameplay mechanics regarding dribbling and additions in My Team mode are a ray of sunshine. NBA 2K21 is still the King, but a lazy King.

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