Seventeen years after its initial GameCube exclusive release, Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles returns to PS4 and Switch in improved version. Let's see if a new checkout is worth it.

Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles was very popular when it was released on GameCube there 17 years. Radically departing from what Square Enix proposed for its flagship saga, this spin off has found its audience and has remained in the hearts of fans. This Nintendo exclusive was designed for multiplayer but had a significant subtlety. It was not necessary that the 4 players arm their GameCube controllers but with a GameBoy Advance and one cable per person, what, at the time, greatly limited games with friends. Let's see right away what this remaster improves on its predecessor.

The world of Crystal Chronicles is chaotic to say the least. A meteorite fell on the world, plunging him into a miasma nightmare in which, only creatures can survive. Fortunately, towns and villages can repel it thanks to the crystals in each one. Unfortunately, their energy is not eternal and is gradually emptying. They need Myrrh lying in trees with 4 corners of the world, guarded by towering monsters in labyrinthine dungeons. This is why every year, each city sends its caravan to collect these drops in order to restore its crystal to its shine to protect its inhabitants.

So you guessed it, this story is just a pretext to send you to different dungeons each year to recover 3 of these precious drops of Myrrh to save your village. The narration is unfortunately always far too far behind and even if you come across a lot of random little scenes adding to the background of the story, you will have to be curious and explore the world from top to bottom to hope to obtain an explanation of the world, far from uninteresting but hopelessly empty. To help with the immersion, the very good OST signed Kumi Tanioka is still present, with remastered titles and even include some unreleased titles. On their side, the graphics have been smoothed out to appear in HD but clearly no longer have the same impact as they did 17 years, they just do the job but nothing more.

You can always choose between 4 tribes, Nailed, Lilty, Yuke and Selkie each having their own strengths and weaknesses. In addition to this, the choice will be left on the gender of your character and appearance, your name and that of your village but especially on the family profession among 8 ranging from blacksmith to farmer to alchemist. The answers and gifts you give to your family have a direct influence on the relationships you will have with them and on the various items they may provide you. For example for the blacksmith, if your relations are excellent, the diagrams of equipment that your father can offer you will be simply excellent.

Small black dot on the gameplay side, nothing has really changed. This one is deeper than it looks with associations and timing of attack and magic that can yield some truly impressive results.. Unfortunately, this system has aged and the dynamics of the fighting are very slow, especially because of the spell charges and the change of choice between attack, defense, objects, magic that still cannot be used quickly one after the other.

The title has always been thought of as a multiplayer game, allowing a very pleasant combination of skills and an exploration of the world facilitated by cooperation. If there is anything wrong with its GameCube version, it was clearly his lack of accessibility of the game to several because it required 4 GameBoy Advance with 4 cables to connect to the living room console, an incomprehensible choice. This is no longer the case with this remastered edition, it is possible to play online without any other purchase, like a normal game. Well almost, since the local cooperation mode has simply disappeared. We are also surprised at the limitation by region of the online mode even if the cross-play compensates for this lack.

In solo, the chalice protecting you from the miasma can be carried by you or by the Mog which accompanies you. The latter will also come and complain several times and will fly more slowly if he wears it too long., what to dislike you of this one. The maghilites or magic collected in each dungeon will allow you to make associations in order to create well-known and more powerful spells such as Somni or Sidereal for example..

In multiplayer, the gameplay changes on several points. It is of course advisable to have several adventures, but you should know that only the one who hosts the game will see his story move forward and the years go by. If the base combos as well as the charged attack are unchanged, magic they will be used differently. The maghilites recovered can no longer be merged but they will have to be used in harmony with other players and a clock will facilitate its use for better synergy. This is also one of the novelties of this remaster with the display of a permanently minimap that displays monsters and treasures.

The service life is also greatly increased thanks to the addition, in addition to those of the base game, of 13 additional dungeons with increased difficulty level of interest to those who like challenges. What to spend long evenings of games with friends.

The other positive point comes from the fact that the transfer of saved data is present. If you start a game on your PS4, it is quite possible to continue the game on your phone or on Switch, by going back to the cashier. Square Enix has not been stingy with content as new recipes for weapons and armor are also available., as well as bonuses to change your appearance in the game by finding Mog's hiding places hidden everywhere, especially in cities and ports. The studio's significant addition comes from the dubbing of some scenes, unfortunately only very uneven VA is available, we will take as an example the voice of the Mog which is more than debatable and which will confuse more than one.

Final Fantasy : Crystal Chronicles Remastered is a good multiplayer title. You will spend hours exploring the dungeons and improving your characters. The interest of the game is of course its multiplayer dimension and whether it is with friends or strangers online, the pleasure will be present. The universe will transport you thanks in particular to its soundtrack, always excellent. However, the experience is marred by incomprehensible choices such as the disappearance of local cooperation or the lack of light work on the gameplay to make it a little more dynamic. HD smoothing is obviously welcome, even if the graphics show a little the weight of the years. What FF : CCR is a lazy port of an excellent game.

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