Asus VivoBook S14 review 2020 : this 14 inches is the laptop for this new school year ?


If you know the MateBook 13 2020 de Huawei, you will not be disoriented. The model 14 inches uses the same codes as his youngest. Aesthetics first, with the beautiful case of just over 2 cm thick (15% thicker than other ultraportables of the moment) and which weighs only 1,5 kilo. It is covered with a dark gray metal alloy which produces its small effect. We also find the sometimes curved lines, sometimes sharp, reminiscent of Apple machines.

Ergonomics side, we find all the full-format connectivity of the MateBook. USB sockets 2 and 3 to full-frame HDMI output via USB Type-C – which also serves to recharge the battery, there is the minimum vital on the sides. Le Wi-Fi 5 and bluetooth 5 are also present, for connections to the Web and association with wireless speakers or headphones.

Finally, like on most Honor and Huawei machines, Huawei Share technology is present. You will be able to control your smartphone (Honor or Huawei) directly from your PC, share documents between the two devices, And this, after associating them by bringing them closer to each other.

In terms of user comfort, the keyboard offers good typing sensations and the keys are fairly well proportioned. Like on a lot of MateBook, the device's small retractable webcam is hidden among the Function keys.

As for the touchpad, it offers a good, fully clickable and responsive gliding surface, compatible with multi-finger gestures supported by Windows 10. Where you will notice that, as on many recent ultraportables, the MateBook's power button doubles as a fingerprint sensor to unlock sessions.

The ratio 3:2 of the screen is very pleasant for working, especially on documents or tables. On the other hand, for watching films or series, we who are used to 16:9, it took us a little longer to get used to it. Nothing prohibitive however and the 3:2 East, finally, very pleasant.
What is already more annoying however, it's that damn shiny window. She loves fingerprints and keeps them as soon as you start to use touch to control the machine. Moreover, it would have been nice if Huawei had planed the black edges around the screen a little more. They are thin, but not yet enough for our taste. Blame it on touch and it makes you wonder if it was really useful here.

We measured a delta E of more than 5,39. This Huawei simply has the worst colorimetry encountered in recent months. It's been ages since we've seen grays that aren't gray, but rather… light green and pastel.

Lovers of justice will flee at full speed, just like the moviegoers who attach importance to the colors and the photography of the films. For a series, however, it goes. And users of traditional applications who don't have the idea of ​​fine-tuning will be fine.. But OK, hard not to pull out a big red card, especially for a machine 1300 euros.

Thanks to its configuration (detailed in introduction), the MateBook 14 will not be afraid to rub shoulders with applications, even a little greedy. The Core i7 will be able to take care of encoding videos and apply effects and filters in batches on pictures. He will even be able to adapt to some 3D design software or tools to develop. In short, its versatility in terms of work is undeniable.

We took it against the Asus VivoBook S14 which we recently tested., during an impromptu match, to help you choose if by chance you hesitate between these two devices.

Between two long emails, you can even run a few games with the MX350. This dedicated graphics part signed Nvidia is not as playful as the GeForce GTX or RTX. However, it manages to display a lot of polygons provided you take the time to properly adjust the graphics options of the games.. We measured up to 100 frames per second on our oldest games (Dirt 3 for example). On trendy titles like Fortnite or Valorant, was, it is already more complicated to exceed the 60 frames per second. Unless you lower the definition to 720p. AAA ? We do not recommend it and not just because the MX350 is not made for it.

Don't have fun playing a game while you are, for example, in meeting. Cause the ventilation will betray you. It turns on easily and can push the song until it reaches 41 dB. To say that discretion is not the strong point of this MateBook is an understatement. And despite all the trouble that ventilation takes, the Intel throttle processor. Translation : it lowers the airfoil to prevent heatstroke when used in conjunction with the GPU. It only took us 5 minutes of intense stress to notice the phenomenon : the Core i7 runs at 1,5 Maximum GHz against 1,8 GHz and fails to recover, it even tends to lower its speed a little further. The MX350, she, also varies its frequencies between 5 and 15%. The game, so, it is sparingly.

It gets hot inside… and it shines outside. If you put the PC on your lap while doing a heavy task, you may quickly get hot. We have read up to 49.4 ° C under the machine, small holes at the perforated strip. On top, at the keyboard, the mercury indicates 36.6 ° C on the left palm rests, on the touchpad. A maximum of 44.2 ° C is reached on the central portion.

Usually, versatile machines, however ultraportable they are, always have a bit of a hard time keeping up. The MateBook 14 from Huawei decided to upset us on this point. Its battery manages to keep it active for almost 10 hours when launched on various and varied tasks. When playing video content, he flirts with 7 h 45. Anyway, in both cases, these are very good test results. To compare, the Matebook 14 is one hour longer than our current average in video playback and 30 more minutes in versatile use.

And if you run out of fuel, know that thanks to the power adapter (65 watts) looks like a big smartphone model and plugs into the MateBook's USB Type-C socket, you will only need 2 h 30 to refuel. It’s not the fastest, but there is much worse ! You can then go on new adventures, with the laptop under your arm, ready to use.


Advanced Micro Devices, Intel Core i7

World news – FR – Test the Huawei MateBook 14 2020, an ultraportable saved by its power and endurance

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