We had the opportunity to have been able to try for a few days (only) the custom Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX model 3080. This is as you probably know about Nvidia's brand new high-end graphics card, shortly before the release of RTX 3070 for simultaneous arrival with the ultra high-end RTX 3090.

Barely the product in our hands, we grabbed the nearest screwdriver to open our case, carefully remove the card in place and gently insert the RTX 3080 TUF Gaming. Present in a very well packaged black box, here is the divine child the beast offered to us. A beautiful baby of 299.9 mm which will be rounded to 300 mm. Beside, la RTX 2080 almost pale, this new version is really very impressive. Especially since the model from ASUS is much larger than the Founder (FE) who is already content with a good 285 mm. If you have a small tower, go your way and make sure you have the 300mm necessary to be able to connect this card to your motherboard. Nevertheless, the TUF model is far from being the largest since some manufacturers (and ASUS in its higher-end OC models) offer cards that can exceed 330 mm. This is for example the case with the model “luxe” ROG Strix RTX 3080.

Note that unlike the Founder Edition version which includes a power connector 12 brooches (with its adapter), ASUS made the more classic choice of a 2×8 brooches. It makes the connection even faster and it also means that you don't need to have insane power to use the GPU. 750 Watts are enough, even if from year to year we go up a notch. Finally, always in terms of connection, RTX 3080, and that regardless of the models, all take 3 ports PCI-Express. In short you understood it, we are on a generation which takes its ease.

ASUS did not choose a new Founder-style cooling system, but it does offer something very similar to its 2080 and 2080 Great namely three fans and six heat pipes. Including a larger central fan and two thinner ones that rotate counterclockwise. A bit like the Windforce models of competitor Gigabyte since the models of 2080. Dissipation is thus greatly improved and temperatures always under control..

If you follow the latest GPU news, it has not escaped your notice, some RTX graphics card models 3080 like the FE but not only, experience crash issues during high frequencies (even sometimes still with the new drivers). In question ? Capacitors ? Asus has indeed made the choice of MLCC capacitors and not POSCAPs capacitors which sometimes seem to pose some concerns.. Note that we have not encountered any with the RTX 3080 TUF even by pushing the beast a little on the Tweak II home software during the 6 days of use.

If you have a setup for 1080P not exceeding 144Hz, then it is very clearly useless to be interested in RTX 3080. This one is cut to make 4K. This is the configuration that we used ourselves :

For the occasion, we released several greedy games (but not only) just to see what the card has in the guts. here are the results :

Let's quickly come back to this result : 45 Average FPS in 4K, it doesn't seem like much. But you should know that the latest version of Flight Simulator is extremely greedy. Moreover, on this game, it is the graphics card / processor combo that is important. Moreover, the difference in framerate between 1080P and 4K is not obvious.

Here we are truly on a graphics card that is designed for 4K. Much more than a marketing argument, it's a reality. Only Flight Simulator struggles a bit, but it is truly a game apart that is not very representative of the current offer.

To check the consumption of your card in real time, its temperatures and overall all its “curriculum” live time, just go through the GPU Tweak II home software. For now, it is a little out of age but Asus will release a much more modern version, intelligently called Tweak III. Tweak II remains excellent and it concentrates all the information you want on its equipment.

The map behaves very well in game and we did not notice any temperature difference with a map that, even in peak, very rarely exceeds 75 degrees. If your box is properly arranged with optimized airflow), you should be safe from. The same goes for noise pollution. The card is clearly not noisy and for comparison the 2080 Editorial Gaming PC's Ti FE Gets Much More Exciting on Games Like Flight Simulator.

This RTX model 3080 ASUS TUF Gaming is a great custom model if you don't want to spend more than 1000 euros. Note that the OC version (that of the test) is normally at 835 euros and the classic version at 785 euros. At the moment prices are on the rise due to global stockouts so it is difficult to know what price will be applied when stocks are back. Either way you have here an excellent graphics card that will allow you to play in 4K in the best possible conditions without having to spend the 1500 euros – minimum – of an RTX 3090.

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Source: http://www.gameblog.fr/news/93293-test-de-la-asus-tuf-gaming-geforce-rtx-3080-la-4k-full-ultra

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World news – FR – TEST of the Asus TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 : 4K Full Ultra / 60 FPS is a reality

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