Somewhat surprisingly, Crucial has chained the new SSDs to M.2 format without really looking to return to the race for the highest performance. Whether it is the P2 tested a few weeks ago or the P5 that interests us today, there is thus no question of PCIe 4.0.

Best known for its SSD format 2,5 inches, Crucial has a full line of M.2 SSDs and, in particular, several NVMe models. Exiting the P5, Crucial has a somewhat surprising positioning. Indeed, the manufacturer emphasizes the performance of its device while emphasizing that there is no question of switching to PCIe 4.0. Fact, Crucial does not seek to compete with the Corsairs, Gigabyte, Sabrent or Seagate and rather targets the common user : it is true that PCIe motherboards 4.0 are not yet so frequent.

Another surprise, Crucial is not looking to innovate in terms of storage capacity either, and its P5 is therefore available in four versions - 250 Go, 500 Go, 1 To ou 2 To - and no "high capacity" model is thus available while Corsair for example, aim them 4 To et 8 TB with its new M.2 MP400 SSD range.

Quite logical since Crucial did not really try to innovate with this P5, the technical sheet is without real surprise. Let's say that for those familiar with Crucial products, we will still note a nice improvement in terms of endurance. So on the models 500 Go, 1 To et 2 To, this doubles to reach respectively 300 To, 600 To et 1 200 To : values ​​closer to what the competition offers. Another remark, the version 250 Go stands out unfavorably for its write performance, "Only" 1,4 Go/s.

You may not know it, but the Crucial brand is actually a subsidiary of the semiconductor manufacturer Micron. However, whether it is P1 or P2, these SSDs used controllers from other brands (Silicon Motion, Phiso). This is no longer the case with this P5 which makes exclusive use of Micron components. The controller therefore comes directly from the group's laboratories, as well as memory chips. For the first, this is a Micron DM01B2 that can be discovered by removing the thermal sticker put in place by Crucial.

On the flea side, things change compared to the P1 and other P2 of the brand. We said so, Crucial has always trusted Micron components here and it still does with the P5. On the other hand, we switch to 3D TLC memory on 96 layers which should give better performance than on previous models. About the version 500 Go that we received for this test, note that the memory chips are on one side of the SSD. The same goes with models 250 Go et 1 To. On the other hand, the 2 To seems to have to be double-sided.

For the rest, there is not much to report about what is an "ordinary" M.2 NVMe SSD. In this sense, it is faithful to the most widely used format currently, namely an M.2 says " 2280 " for 22 millimeters wide on 80 mm de long. Note that the version 500 Go being limited to one side, its thickness is particularly reduced, barely 2,5 mm. It should be noted that Crucial has chosen not to offer a heat sink - not even an option - preferring to rely on a “thermal” sticker, an increasingly fashionable solution..

The P5 is in principle the opportunity for Crucial to return to the performance race ... finally in the field of NVMe SSDs to PCIe standard 3.0. There will therefore be no question of standing up to the Corsair Force MP600 and other Sabrent Rockets. On the other hand, we should be able to "forget" the P1 and P2 of the American brand.. Let's check it all out.

As usual, we start our measurements with purely theoretical software which however has the advantage of breaking down its tests according to the size of the files used, ATTO Disk Benchmark. Was, the Crucial P5 starts off disappointingly as you have to see it hit at least files 8 Ko to really supplant its predecessors : it is therefore particularly lagging behind on very small files. Fortunately, thereafter, things are working out and the P5 overflows the P1s and other P2s well. On the other hand, it never reaches the theoretical speeds advanced by Crucial, which capped at 3 Gb / s read and 2,7 GB / s write.

Change of scenery, we now move on to testing under CrystalDiskMark. The P5 is already a little more to its advantage with this second tool. This time, the flow rates announced by the manufacturer are verified : at the same time, Crucial had indicated that he had performed his measurements under CrystalDiskMark ! We are obviously very far from the best PCIe solutions 4.0, but we clearly exceed what the Crucial P1 and Crucial P2 could offer : honor is therefore safe.

You are now used to it, we verify these theoretical results by various tests in current use and choose to present a sample to you with a copy of files under Windows 10. We use a transfer of nearly 100 GB of data (large files) in order to check the flow rates then obtained. Nothing to complain about at this level : the Crucial P5 is standard, even if the theoretical flow rates of bench tools are not found at all in these "real" tests : we thus cap at 1,7 Gb / s in writing which still places our SSD of the day among the best of the Gen models 3, knowing that PCIe 4.0 usually flirt with 2,4 – 2,5 Go/s.

To finish with the performance part, we need to look into warming up the SSD, PCIe models 3.0 / PCIe 4.0 the fastest tend to heat up well. The Crucial P5 is obviously no exception to the rule. Following the current trend, the manufacturer has opted for a thermal sticker instead of a real heat sink, considering probably that motherboards are now all equipped with M.2 heatsinks.

Well whether it's your motherboard or a heatsink you bought, it seems essential to us to use one with the Crucial P5. The thermal sticker does not effectively prevent the SSD from reaching 81 ° C, temperature from which we noted a throttling effect which lowers the flow rates at least 50%. By using our motherboard heatsink on the other hand, no more problems and even after very long sessions of sustained copies, we peaked at 68 ° C, without any flow problems.

Like all SSD signed Crucial, the P5 comes with software that you know if you read us regularly. The Crucial Storage Executive can be downloaded from the brand's website and installed without difficulty. Alas, as with any manufacturer, the Crucial Storage Executive only supports branded SSDs. It does this especially with the most important functions and, Firstly, technical information.

It is thus a question of displaying the PCIe standard used as well as the percentage of disk space currently used. More surprisingly, no information relating to the temperature of the SSD is displayed by the software which does not give an interesting precision either : the number of bytes already written to the disk. On the other hand, it is of course possible to verify / update the firmware or take advantage of tools to format or clean the SSD. The minimum shall we say.

Settling for a PCIe model 3.0, Crucial does not seek to revolutionize the world of M.2 NVMe SSD here. On the other hand, by providing much better performance than with the P2, the manufacturer wants to catch up with some of its competitors. About the models 250 Go / 500 Go, he manages to do so without really increasing his prices, this is less true with the versions 1 To / 2 To. Endurance in writing improves a little, but above all we appreciate the guarantee of 5 years when we regret a perceptible heating that involves going beyond the only thermal sticker delivered by Crucial. Without being a stunning product, the P5 does the job more than correctly : a solution to consider especially for a system disk.

Without being stunning, the P5 is a quality NVMe SSD which will advantageously accommodate the operating system ... if your motherboard does not accept PCIe 4.0. The performances are generally of a good level and the endurance and the guarantee are above average. Be careful, however, to have an M.2 heatsink : Crucial's thermal sticker is clearly insufficient.

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