Pocket Operators are tiny pushbutton synthesizers from Teenage Engineering (maker of the OP-1 Synthesizer). The company just announced two new Pocket Operators: Street Fighter and Megaman, which include samples and animations from the games.

The Street Fighter pocket operator is based on the ultra-popular PO–33 K.O.!, a micro sampler with 40 seconds sample memory and built-in microphone for instant sampling. this special edition comes with 16 Street Fighter sound tracks and genuine samples from the original Street Fighter arcade game by Capcom.

A Guy Called Gerald teaches you how to create music using the free web-based 808303studio software synth. 808303.studio is a new online music creation platform created by Yuri Suzuki and Roland, which features Roland’s innovative Step Sequencer technique, as well as emulating the sound of the original TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bass synthesizer. A… READ THE REST

For the past few months, Sam of Look Mum No Computer, has been building amegadrone,” a super-synth made up of a thousand simple oscillator circuits. In this video, he tunes the thousand oscillators and runs them through a mixing board to create an orchestra of oscillation. Sam also now has a PCB and panel… READ THE REST

The latest bizarre invention from Simone Giertz, the woman once known asThe Queen of Shitty Robots,” involves a basic MIDI keyboard and a bunch of those creepy plastic wind-up teeth. The goal was to kind-of try to make each tooth-chatter correspond to a different pitch, so as to actually produce something that sounds sort… READ THE REST

Making a stellar cup of espresso at home doesn’t require an expensive machine or hours of your time and effort. It really only requires equipment up to the challenge and a stovetop. Rather than dropping $3 per cup at Starbucks, you can set up a Starbucks-worthy operation right in your own kitchen with the help… READ THE REST

Stress is par for the course these days. If you’ve found meditation helps to quiet those interior voices of doubt, fear and confusion, then you have every reason to continue that practice. But as soothing as meditation can be, it can also serve another purpose: to focus your attention, sharpen your performance and forge you… READ THE REST

When the history of Earth is ultimately told by aliens or time travelers or whoever stumbles across what’s left of our planet a millennia from now, these beings will need to understand what a hair tie is and why it was created…because it’s guaranteed they find them everywhere during their study. Today, hair ties are… READ THE REST

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Source: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/28/teenage-engineering-releases-megaman-and-street-fighter-pocket-operators.html

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World news – GB – Teenage Engineering releases Megaman and Street Fighter Pocket Operators | Boing Boing

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