Google’s Nexus 7 was undoubtedly the greatest Android tablet of all time. Its small size (7-inch screen) and lightweight body made it perfect to hold in the hand, making it ideal for consuming media and surfing the web. Not to mention it was very affordable. Sadly, the search-giant stopped selling the Nexus 7, and then ultimately left the Android tablet market altogether.

While no company can ever fill the hole in our hearts left by the Nexus 7, the TCL TAB Android tablet might actually come quite close. This no-nonsense device from TCL is exclusive to Verizon, meaning it does have 4G LTE connectivityvery nice. It does not have 5G, however. It does have modern niceties such as USB-C charging, reverse charging, and a fingerprint reader. Its overall look is very reminiscent of the Nexus 7, and despite it having an 8-inch display, its dimensions are very similar too.

In a compact and lightweight 11.5-ounce body, the 4G LTE-capable TCL TAB blends performance, power, and style, featuring an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 3GB RAM for smooth gaming and multi-tasking, and a fast-charging 5500mAh battery to power through movies, music and apps for all-day use. It also comes with On-The-Go Reverse Charging capability, which turns the TCL TAB into a portable power bank capable of sharing a charge with phones, smartwatches or other small electronic items while away from an electrical outlet,” says TCL.

The company further says, “The vibrant 8-inch Full HD+ display on the TCL TAB comes with features that reduce eye strain and visual fatigue, including Eye Comfort mode to filter blue light and adjust color temperature, Dark mode to go easy on your eyes and conserve battery, and Reading mode to provide a book-like reading experience. With the TCL TAB, protect your information securely with the versatile fingerprint sensor built into the power button itself. Using the sensor, you can register up to five different fingerprints and set each one up to perform a unique function directly from the lock screen, such as quickly launching your favorite apps.

As stated earlier, this is a Verizon exclusive, and you can buy it here for $199.99. Please note: you do not have to sign a contract or add service if you don’t want itas long as you order over the phone. Online orders apparently do require signing up for a service plan. If you do order over the phone without service, and later end up wanting 4G LTE connectivity, you can always add it at any time.


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World news – THAT – TCL TAB Android tablet for Verizon is a spiritual successor to the Google Nexus 7

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