In Masahiro Sakurai’s words – Minecraft, the best-selling game in the world, is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

This wasn’t a decision made overnight, though. Daniel ‘KappischeKaplana former business developer for Mojangrecently revealedtalksabout bringing Steve and co to Nintendo’s all-star fighting series began “at least” five years ago.

In saying this, he doesn’t know when exactlyimplementationstarted. While Sakurai didn’t share any information about when the team began working on this new fighter, he did briefly touch on Nintendo’s involvement:

“…Someone from Nintendo will come to my workplace and say‘Mr. SakuraiSurely you can put Minecraft in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?’ while peering at me over their glasses. They make it sound easy. I guess they think this all happens by magic or something. Don’t they know what kind of game Minecraft is? The wizardry required to make it work in this gameIt’s impossible!

The rumours about Steve coming to Smash have also been circulating for a number of years now. Last January, an official Xbox Twitter account sent fans into a frenzy when it showed some love to Smash Bros. while making a subtle reference to Minecraft.

Minecraft has been recognised as one of the greatest and most influential video games of all-time since its arrival more than a decade ago, so it’s fantastic to see Steve will finally be joining the battle in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. His favourite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat.

Thanks for saying it’s one of the best games ever and maybe the best in its genre I know a ton of people that act like it’s like fortnite (ew) which is not anything special at ALL a so so game that got popular because little kids played it and soon everyone played it. I

It was a truly revolutionary game for its time. Those first few months when the alpha was taking off were really exciting, seeing all the additions and then the insane redstone creations coming to the forefront. The modding community delivered some proper bangers too, like jetpacks. It doesn’t surprise me that this has been in the works for years, from the sounds of it, the ability to create blocks fundamentally changes the way stages are loaded into memory.

@nessisonett @Ghostchip 1. What makes it one of the best games ever, maybe the best in its genre, and

I don’t mean to start a massive argument in the comments, and I don’t mean to come off as someone who hates the game. I’m legitimately interested in your opinions.

Crazy how long it took before it came to fruition, but it does sound like implementation might’ve begun even before the release of Ultimate if insiders are to be believed. They put a lot of effort into Steve, and it shows. Too bad many here seem to be writing it off, but at the very least most people are happy and hyped. Plus, you never know when you’ll like a character you don’t want! I learned my lesson with Terry, who went fromI have no idea who this guy isto one of the 3 characters I play most

@Cool_Squirtle In terms of creative freedom and the tools provided for the player, Minecraft marked a massive step forward for user-generated content. Redstone in particular allows for programmable circuits, leading to some truly impressive content. It even has a pretty substantial survival mode alongside the sandbox. Then, with user generated content came custom servers that pushed the boundaries of the software. There was even a festival a few months ago in-game due to Covid with artists like Charli XCX and 100 Gecs. This level of mass user generated content is unprecedented as Media Molecule’s fare never seems to quite lift off and other games with rabid fanbases like WoW and Fortnite actively ban mods, custom servers and the like. The possibilities with Minecraft are endless and the fact it’s both endured and not warranted a sequel speaks volumes.

Also, interestingly, the first battle royale game I played was a Hunger Games custom server in Minecraft circa 2012. Everything since has followed that exact gameplay loop.

They kind of left it a bit late from Minecraft’s time when it really blew up. It’s big news but had this happened say, before Bayoneta got into the Wii U/3DS games, I think it would have been even bigger news.

@Cool_Squirtle Minecraft basically ushered in a new generation not just for PC Gaming, but what it means for a game to have mass appeal and capture the mainstream market who don’t necessarily play video games with its simplistic objectives and neverending stream of content. Not to mention people have analyzed its potential applications in stuff like coding and educational software. Minecraft might potentially be the IP with the largest following and active concurrent playerbase to ever be represented in Smash. It definitely is the largest third party inclusion like it or not.

He’s essentially the perfect indie representative to lead in with given how the game itself was originally developed by two people

This is exactly why it makes no sense for people to wonder why they bothered choosing Minecraft.

@Angelic_Lapras_King I’d say it came at the exact right time given Minecraft made a major resurgence in popularity around 2018/2019 and is doing extremely well with stuff like Bedrock and Dungeons in addition to stuff like Minecraft RTX coming later

the initial reveal post on this site seemed to have a lot of mixed/indifferent feelings with steve in smash. i think its only fair that the roster tackles characters from other peoples childhood too. it may not have the appeal of the expressive gaming mascots we grew up with, but this game has proven its mark in gaming history and stands the test of time. i may not care about the game but its a very welcome addition

@Cool_Squirtle 1. It was the first really polished in the genre and it was just oozing with fun around every corner. It has also only gotten better with multiplayer being a big thing in its success. It Redstone/machine mechanics run surprisingly deep. Just a joy to play while most other builders get monotonous IMO. I’m sure others share this opinion but if you don’t I get it its not for everyone. It also never felt like a editor but like you were the person which is great. 2. Is kind of like number 1. And it also was popular enough to really set the bar for how a games fanbase can mod and play with the creation as much as they’d like. I didn’t play a lot of video games before minecraft and I’m sure it got a ton of people into it as well. 3. Fortnite was too popular for its own good. Its art style was kind of eh and its mechanics were semi good at best. It lost its popularity due to people realizing this wasn’t the best experience (or even battle royale) they could have. It felt like the last year all anyone would play was fortnite and it was good enough to warrant a fan base and such but it EXPLODED. Now that everyone looks back on it we realize that it was a ok at best game that was nothing special. Does this warrant hate for it? Nope. But people think about how fortnite was played a ton and too defend themselves they say haha fortnite bad haha. I think it is bad but I only like a few shooters and this one is not really that good.

@Snatcher not like gameplay but a few years ago minecraft was as embarrassing to play as fortnite with buddy’s or on the internet. But people realized it was not just a fad game like fortnite and it really rose again over the past few years. People were saying that it was just a game that was popular but kind of bad when you looked past the glitz and glimmer. As you know this is not true lol

I’ll be very curious to see what Mii Fighter costumes tag along with Steve. What IP would pair well with Minecraft? What will the out-of-left-field costume even be?

@Ghostchip It’s funny how you seem to hate Fortnite so much but love bringing it up when talking about Minecraft.

Quit acting like your opinions on Fortnite and Minecraft are objectively what everyone thinks. You can not like Fortnite but saying stuff likelooking back, we realized that it was an ok at best game that was nothing special” and “Minecraft was as embarrassing to play as fortnite with buddy’s or on the internetlike they’re more than just opinions is atrocious.

It’s clear from your previous comments that you’re just salty about Fortnitestill managing to rival Minecraft in terms of popularity (since you’re incapable of realizing that lots of people still play Fortnite). Now hush up, please.

As lukewarm and slightly-off as I often find Minecraft, one would be deluding themselves to think that Minecraft is not wholly deserving of a spot in Smash Bros. Even Miyamoto himself has praised Minecraft. It is a revolutionary game that was unlike anything that had come before it in its presentation, gameplay, and popularity when it was in early development. It is the first game that comes to mind when thinking of a truly free, player-driven creative video game experience. As deserving as many other characters are, Minecraft undoubtedly deserves a spot.

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