In the center of most galaxies, there are supermassive black holes with masses that are millions to billions of times that of Earth√ʬĬôs sun. In the heart of our own Milky Way lies Sagittarius A*, which weighs in at about 4.5 million solar masses. The largest black hole ever discovered is TON 618 and it has an incredible mass of 66 billion solar masses.√ā

A new study has suggested that √ʬĬústupendously large√Ę¬Ä¬Ě black holes may exist, which harbor the mass of 100 billion suns. The discovery of such an enormous region of spacetime could shed light on the mystery of dark matter.

But what if even bigger black holes are out there? A new study has posited the possible existence of √ʬĬústupendously large black holes,√Ę¬Ä¬Ě or SLABs, which could be the size of 100 billion suns, or bigger.

One burning question about SLABs is how would such a staggeringly enormous region of spacetime ever form? The theory of multiple black holes merging has already been discounted by previous research as they could not have reached supermassive size because the universe simply isn√ʬĬôt old enough.

However, one possible explanation is that the black holes could have primordial origins, dating back to the aftermath of the Big Bang that created the universe. The theory proposes that random fluctuations in density could have pooled enough matter to collapse into black holes, which then served as √ʬĬúseeds√Ę¬Ä¬Ě for gigantic SLABs.

The researchers say that the possibility of such massive black holes existing has been the focus of surprisingly little research despite the fact that they could exist in principle and they could help unravel some of the questions about dark matter that have dogged physics for decades.

Dark matter is believed to account for around 80 percent of the matter in the universe, but it has yet to be detected directly. Finding it would finally solve one of science√ʬĬôs most head-scratching mysteries, but for now researchers have had to rely only on studying its gravitational effects on normal matter.

√ʬĬúSome people may be skeptical about the existence of SLABs on the grounds that they would be hard to form,√Ę¬Ä¬Ě study co-author Bernard Carr, a theoretical cosmologist at Queen Mary University of London, explained to

√ʬĬúHowever, people were also skeptical about intermediate-mass and supermassive black holes until they were found. We do not know if SLABs exist, but we hope our paper will motivate discussion among the community.√ʬĬĚ

Globally, women make up around 25√Ę??¬Įpercent of the workforce in the aerospace industry. In an effort to carry out its

Science & technology sector remain neglected in Pakistan; both at government and public level. Even, when it comes to development or criticism, there was no media to address the issues. We all know that the news media plays a critical role as one of the primary means through which scientific and technological issues are brought to the attention of the general public. The reality of science for most people is what they experience through mass media channels. Good reporting allows people to evaluate science policy issues and make rational personal choices; poor reporting can mislead a public that is increasingly affected by science. The need for the science and technology newspaper took place and the concept of weekly (future√Ę????s daily) newspaper √Ę????Technology Times√Ę???? evolve.

Our Contributors are the premier journalist volunteer at their√ā campus. The article contribution program provides opportunity to the students to showcase their√ā talent and their understanding in science communication to promote science√ā culture in the academia, and to propagate science literacy as well.


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