The Super Smash Bros. series is generally seen as one of the kindest for allowing pretty much anyone to continue to play matches for minutes before the final KO thanks to the stocks and limited invincibility after losing one, but even that is not always enough from getting completely picked apart by a godlike player in seconds.

Japanese Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Umeki recently performed such a feat on stream by wiping out all three of a poor online Mario player’s stocks in 30 seconds, and he did it all while dressed as Princess Daisy.

The demonstration of Daisy’s powers begins near instantly with an impressive off-stage combo with down air launching into a forward turnip throw, a re-catch and forward air to seal the first stock and Mario’s fate.

Stock number two is gone in only ten seconds with Umeki landing a combo that does about 80% damage starting from mid-stage which carries off and finishes in a similar manner to the first sans turnip.

If all of that wasn’t fire enough, the final stock of the match comes down to an actual touch of death with Umeki starting at the middle of the screen and using the turnip re-catch plus aerial tech to push Mario off the left edge this time to finish with a side special. It’s all over in a matter of about four seconds.

Many Smash Ultimate players had Peach and Daisy as two of the top tier contenders in the competitive scene thanks to the turnip combos and all around amazing tool set, and this clip truly seems to justify those continued placements.

Below you can check out the full clip which may be one of the fastest three-stock matches in Smash Ultimate’s history, and if you want more action with Umeki cosplaying his favorite princess, you can find the full archive on his YouTube channel.


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World news – GB – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Daisy player cosplays the princess and absolutely destroys all of opponent’s stocks in under 30 seconds

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