Polish author Stanislaw Lem’s 1964 sci-fi thriller, The Invincible, is being made into a videogame by Polish game company, Starward Industries. Sayeth PC Gamer:

The Invincible is a 1964 hard sci-fi novel by Polish author Stanislaw Lem about the crew of a powerful deep-space vessel that lands on the planet Regis 3 and learns some hard lessons about the meaning of life. In 2021, it will also be a videogame inspired by that novel, developed by a new Polish studio called Starward Industries.

“The Invincible, which has been secretly in the making for some time, combines a fascinating setting, iconic story, and an established non-linear gameplay to deliver a truly unforgettable experience,” Starward Industries CEO Marek Markuszewski said. “The studio believes in the power of interactive storytelling, and wants to engage gamers of all skill levels in crafting their own paths in the peculiar world of a distant, malevolent planet.”

The game is being rendered in an atompunk style. The team working on it has also worked on Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light, and other stand-out titles.Image: Starward Industries

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In 1991, four developers created the original Mortal Kombat, a fighting game that upset adults because of its ultraviolence before growing into a massive media franchise. The characters were digitized sprites (two-dimensional bitmaps) based on the above video recordings of live actors kicking, punching, jumping around, and walking on a treadmill. It wasn’t until Mortal… READ THE REST

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Music is hugely liberating. And whether you love rock, classical, country, rap or any other genre, there’s a real sense of accomplishment when you can sit down in front of a keyboard and hammer out a note-perfect version of a favorite tune. Of course, the only way to get to that point is usually after… READ THE REST

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World news – US – Stanislaw Lem’s The Invincible being made into a videogame

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