There’s no way of knowing whether or not Sony was privy to Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X reveals from the past few days, but taken at face value, its own set of announcements could be seen as particularly tone-deaf given how close we are to the launch of the PlayStation 5. The Japanese giant is, of course, free to promote its range of products whenever it pleases, this week choosing to focus on PlayStation VR. However, now that we know the prices and release dates of Microsoft’s two upcoming consoles, it seems like people are at their wit’s end with Sony.

Now, these sorts of responses to the hardware manufacturer’s less important Twitter reveals have been bubbling for some time now, but it really feels like everything is coming to a head now that the competition has revealed its hand. Just take today’s announcement of Twilight Path for example — a perfectly decent-looking PSVR game that will launch next month. Virtually every single response has nothing to say about the actual game in question, rather demanding Sony reveal the PS5 price and release date. And there’s already more than 500 of them!

It’s probably a bit unfair to command the console maker respond to its competition just hours later, but is this attitude simply a result of the atmosphere that surrounds Twitter or is it shared by anyone and everyone waiting to pre-order a PS5? Remember, let’s all have a bit of patience. Yes, we’ve been saying that all year, but Sony will have to say something in the very near future now that Microsoft can boast about a compelling $299.99 pricepoint. If we still haven’t heard anything in the next couple of weeks, maybe then we can get a little bit concerned.

On any given day, Liam is most likely playing the latest PS4 release or hunting for a Platinum Trophy. Outside of video games, he can be found tirelessly supporting Derby County, unfortunately.

It would be nice to see some PSVR announcements for PS5. Best of both worlds, eh?

What did Sony expect? Playing chicken on purpose with Microsoft has cost them now.. they are losing consumer interest which is moving to Microsoft, because they have all the talk and attention due to pricing and pre-order reveals.
And Sony is spending the week showing VR gamesSony better undercut Microsoft (which I doubt they can do) to get that attention and interest back.
But with Sony even refusing point blank to even show the back of the PS5 off or the console itself physically.. this is what they deserve.. it is not very hard to take a video and post it on social media

I feel for the developers of these games, but not Sony. Sony have put themselves in this situation.

All it takes is an announcement from Sony and the tides will turn once again. This idea that billion dollar companies have to be reactive is crazy.

@S1ayeR74 wait till pre-orders are live and then we can talk about Sony losing anyone to MS.

@S1ayeR74 Hardly, Sony was trending on Twitter yesterday despite all the Xbox news which goes to show where people’s real interest lies.

I honestly couldn’t care when they announce the price. Majority are wanting the price so they can shove it back in Sony’s face (I highly doubt it’ll be cheaper than the series X) so why give into the mob mentality?! odds are it’s still going to outsell anything MS puts out.

Today is the 25th anniversary of playstation. And sony are letting ms have all the media attention. Not a very smart move. I’m considering making a change myself. Never thought I would type that.

It does not matter if Sony outsell consoles compared to Microsoft. Microsoft are looking are covering a lot more bases in regards to income streams

Sony have sat there twiddling their thumbs when we all know how they can kill it with the PS5, they just need to stop being so cocky and communicate with their customers.

The chicken game of prices is over, Xbox got so bored of waiting they just said screw it.

Sony aren’t dumb. They know the pent up demand is there. They need to channel that hype carefully though as it is turning to frustration for a lot of people.

I think its reasonable for people to be a little annoyed at both companies for being less than open with their most important asset. Their consumers. But people also need to realise that there is more at play here and ultimately Sony is a business.

I expect they are reviewing what Microsoft has announced and reviewing their marketing to make sure they are on point. I think we all accept Playstation will be more expensive, so they need to get the messaging spot on to avoid people blindly flocking to the Series S (which i still dont think will happen en massthe draw of Sony first party is real).

Calm heads needed all round i think. We’ll know everything before the end of next week. I’ll be amazed if we haven’t heard anything.

Pre-orders go live for Xbox September 22. So we have till then or im going green.

@Rob_230 Why should it be more expensive though? Aside from the SSD the XSX is more powerful? (And the XSX has more storage space from the go)

I am expecting £399 for the Digital Edition which is a great yet fair price for the specs.

And really Sony should match the Series X at £449, anymore screams of arrogance, you could say rightly deserved arrogance, but arrogance all the same.

@S1ayeR74 They are losing costumer interest and people are moving to x box is this a April fools joke.nobody is moving to x box.i never had a Xbox.been a PlayStation fan since day 1 in September 9.1995.word up son

@DonJorginho I seriously, seriously doubt Sony has been sitting twiddling its thumbs. More like it’s had to contend with a global pandemic that’s rocked the industry to its core. People seem to forget that quite quickly!

I agree that Sony’s communication has been lacking at points. But I can’t help but feel that when the time comes, no one will care that Sony’s been silent for so long.

This exact same thing happened when we were all waiting for the PS5 reveal. We had months of people sayingSony’s blown it, it’s too late, Xbox has stolen the momentum”. And then what happened? We had the PS5 reveal and the complaining stopped dead.

Yes, we need Sony to say something soon — it has no choice if PS5 is coming out this year. But come on, we’ve been here before.

@AdamNovice And today???…. who’s trending more? The blinding next generation value Microsoft is offering today with complete blow outs and reveals? Or Sony’s PS4 VR games lol….. I personally do not think Sony can undercut Microsoft and will be facing a challenge.

@ShogunRok We all understand that, but so has Xbox and aside from a few hiccups they don’t seem to be struggling so much.

We have been here before, which is why I am expecting Sony to blow us away, if they have any sense before Sept 22nd.

I’d say the issue is they have stayed quite but then say oh pre order are open to those that have 8k free for a gold ps5 but everyone else you just have to wait. When the English class system is you company strategy to win anything. Your just waiting to have ya empire fall.

@DonJorginho Xbox didn’t get bored of the chicken game, their hand was forced by the leaks. I’d imagine the original plan was an event later in September revealing all the contents from yesterday and today as well as other stuff.

@ShogunRok Yes people forget the pandemic when Microsoft, a US company also, just like how PlayStation is based in the US now, has managed to do endless blow outs today, and using social media to reveal information.. it’s not difficult to do, Sony must be inept and incapable of following suite if your blaming the pandemic.. because it’s a hell of a lot worst in the US then Japan as far as I know.

@Grumblevolcano They didn’t have to announce the Series X price with preorder date though did they? The rumours of the price were being spread around but it is easy to deny and hold off fending hype and questions.

And even if they were forced, they dropped a damn good price reveal, which is going to mean Sony really has to undercut the X and not price itself more than £60 than the Series S if they want to keep good momentum.

I’m not really trying to buy a PS5 at launch, mostly because I just bought the TLoU II Pro and figure I should try to enjoy that for a while, so I’m plenty content with the PSVR Minecraft announcement. But I can definitely understand people just wanting to know already.

Still, I imagine we’ll all have a set date and price easily by the end of the month so what’s a couple more weeks? It’ll get here.

Absolute shame on PS for letting its competitor steal its thunder on an anniversary day. This is getting ridiculous. The time for patience is over. And I don’t even mean price and release date. Can we get any additional information at all? UI launch games officially, any other features, etc.

Twitter isn’t the be-all and end-all of popular opinion and unmoderated social media platforms are generally very toxic places to go for small minorities with loud voices.

I don’t think this will have:A) any impact on Sony (except the poor sod running their social accounts) or it’s bottom line.B) will force their hand. They’ve been following the Sony playbook step by step and will announce all details when they’re ready.

@S1ayeR74 Yeah no, the reason people buy console is for the games, I don’t think many people will want to miss spiderman, demons souls, gt7, and ratchet & clank because they can’t wait for the ps5 price.

@jsw-8 No they haven’t, if they were following the ‘Sony PlayBook’, we would of had all the information several weeks ago!

@wiiware I think millions won’t mind missing them, I don’t care for those games, and millions more will get a Series S as well as a PS5.

@blacklivesmatter Sure, but Facebook and Google are richer and have more revenue streams than MS and their gaming solutions are awful. I don’t care about that, I care about how many good games it has, and how many games it doesn’t lack, and Sony have always been great at that. The sales of the console are important in attracting games. It’s not about a bunch of execs getting rich, it’s about me and other gamers getting a great device.

Not really sure why people take Xbox so seriously. The first one only sold 6 million outside of NA and lost MS 4 billion dollars. The 360 was outsold by the PS3 and Wii despite launching at least a year earlier. Its game catalogue stagnated and really went out with a whimper (and I say that as someone who chose a 360 at the start of that gen and only got a PS3 at the end). Then the XB1 has no real reason to buy over a PC or other console and that’s reflected in how it’s only sold half of what the PS4 hasand despite launching about 2.5 years earlier, has been outsold by millions by the far less powerful Switch.

@S1ayeR74 I’d imagine the Sony Playbook that’s taking into account the pandemic probably allows for some flexibility and prudence. Forgive the tautology but they can only control what they can control.

I want to know what the specs of the series s is, why aren’t people bothered by that? It’s 200 dollars less so whats missing other than a disk drive and lower ssd memory? Maybe it’s crap under the hood

@S1ayeR74 Sony has bigger audience across the world, and I don’t think many will be willing to give their PS4 backlog to go to Xbox no matter how cheap they make it.

@Matroska That pretty much sums up how I feel about the Xbox. Then you throw in that wack controller and I can only assume it’s all very much an acquired taste.

@DonJorginho Sorry, i wasn’t clear. I meant playstation all digital will be more expensive than Series S (im going £350Sony will take a hit, but they’ll want more people going digital as they will get money back on software)

I agree, the full fat model will cost the same as the Series X. If not a few pounds cheaper. Say £429.

I’d be shocked if it cost more than the X. Sony have played the price card many times. They know how important it is.

I do feel Xbox has played a bit of a blinder this week and Sony have been very slow to react. Now whether this will result in any genuine swing in sales remains to be seen as regardless of the hardware and pricing, neither seem to have anything major of the games front to be there day one, at least not yet

@Truthhurts2 Video card gpu won’t do native 4k, only 1440, they are selling it to people who don’t own a 4k TV. Probably also why it’s so small, good for a bedroom.

I would like a look at the rear ports and the inside and a quick demo of the home screen though just to wet my appetite.

But Microsoft has been great giving it’s customers a steady flow of console news over the past months.

If i was Sony id wait to announce PS5 details on the 22nd September and really steal MS thunder. People who want a PS5 will get a PS5 regardless of what the competition shows.

I don’t understand why are they still wasting their time in VR when only a really small niche market cares about that, instead of reveling the price and more information for PS5

It wont affect those that is loyal to playstation and like it’s games. But people who think that Xbox Series S price wont affect casual buyer is just blind.

Not to mention Series S price is also very interesting for those who want to have a double setup PS + Xbox.

I can only assure you that no matter how low pricing the Xbox Series S is, it’ll tank in the Asia market

People just do not care about Xbox whatsoever here, PS5 could cost triple the price and it would still sell

People are spamming their twitter account. every reply seems to be asking about the price and release date

I don’t visit the entire internet, but the only place I’ve seen people rabid about the price and release date is the comments section on PushSquare.

It’ll be about $500 and release in November, which pretty much every hardcore fan knows already.

I’m much more interested in release dates for games, but I’m sure we’ll hear about that soon, as well.

@S1ayeR74 consumer interest has no signs of shifting. On the contrary, this is overwhelming evidence that interest in PS5 is as strong as ever. XBSX’s price is revealed and almost all of the comments are about PS5 price. XB marketing cannot help but be little more than a PS5 hype machine these days, and they just lit a flame under eagerness for a PS5 price/preorder reveal.

I get that you’re impatient with the prices, but the wait isn’t causing the consequences you hoped it would. Those who are waiting for prices to determine the console they buy are more informed and are still waiting for all the info that will inform their decision.

Those preordering XBSX now were already getting it, maybe even with PS5 as well. What will hurt PS5 somewhat is if XBSX is in stores before PS5. The uninformed consumer will see only one next gen box and may buy it right up with no desire to own both.

Stock limitations will also be interesting to see. It’s basically a certainty that all wave 1 stock will sell out for both platforms, so whoever managed to make more consoles will have the early lead.

PSVR is being held back by ageing technology. PS Move needs a complete revamp and soon. It works well for simple games like Beat Saber, but whenever there’s movement required they falter (and even for BS they would benefit from being lighter). Less worried about cameras and cables, sitting still will still be the preferred way of playing in VR, although not having the latter would unlock potential for some more, cool tricks. I love VR, but it’s hard to get excited when new, more complicated games seem like a chore to play.

@S1ayeR74 who won the race the tortoise or the hair? Xbox might have won this weeks buzz round but who will win the decade long war

@blacklivesmatter don’t be silly, of course it matters. Ignorant to think otherwise. Microsoft are selling nothing but next gen gamepass at this rate. They have no true next-gen titles to offer at launch. Amuses me how that’s being overlooked. Every game you’ll have access to at launch, can be played on a Xbox one/X 😂

I hope it isn’t a ps3 v Xbox 360 situation. Xbox got a jump on PlayStation when it didn’t look likely because of ps2 sales. PS3 did catch up in sales but the damage was done early one.

Twilight Path is a 2+ year old PCVR port of a game that never generated a huge amount of excitement on PCVR.

The PSVR is old + stale hardware in 2020. Sony knows it. Devs know it. None of Sony’s big studios are working on PSVR titles, and they shouldn’t. When Sony does new VR hardware, that will inject life into the platform.

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