SadSquare Studios has confirmed that Visage, its upcoming spiritual successor to P.T. and Silent Hill, will launch on October 30 for all platforms.

SadSquare Studio has revealed that its psychological horror game Visage, which acts as a spiritual sequel to the Silent Hill demo P.T., is set to launch on October 30 across a variety of platforms. Taking inspiration from the most successful recent horror titles, Visage keeps jump scares to a minimum, instead focusing on creating a terrifying environment for players to explore while trying to keep their nerve.

This is not the first time that P.T. has been in the news recently, as it emerged earlier this month that the playable teaser for the now-canceled Silent Hills demo may be playable on the PS5. The demo was released for the PS4 in 2014 and was highly successful but has since been delisted from the PlayStation Store, stopping people from downloading the game even if they have previously. However, as the title was not included on a list of titles that are not backward compatible with the next-gen system, players should be able to transfer the game files from a PS4 to the PS5.

A brand new game from SadSquare Studio is set to release on October 30. Visage is a psychological horror game that acts as a spiritual successor to the Silent Hill game P.T. Players will be able to explore an eerie shapeshifting house located in a mysterious 1980s town. Visage went through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and has seen a number of playable demos release since 2018. On October 2, the game entered an early access period but the full release will come just in time for Halloween. It is currently available for $24.99, although this will increase to $34.99 on October 28 when the early access officially ends.

While Visage takes inspiration from the Silent Hill series, there have been recent rumors that a new game in the series could be in the works. Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan confirmed in a podcast that he considers the rumors of a new Silent Hill game to be credible. One suggestion is that Sony is developing a PS5-exclusive sequel at one of the company’s Japanese studios, but no solid details have emerged.

Fans have been crying out for a new Silent Hill game for years now so it makes sense that developers would step in to fill the void. Visage certainly looks the part and may well be exactly the type of game that horror fans will want to experience while waiting for more news about the Silent Hill franchise. Of course, fans might want to wait for reviews to come in before deciding whether this is something that they want to buy.

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