Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently took part in an in-depth interview with Kotaku regarding all manner of topics, including the potential of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) coming to consoles in the future.

Spencer has previously confirmed that this feature is in the works, but he took it one step further with Kotaku, telling the outlet that bringing next-gen games to Xbox One couldbe a good way for us to bridge generations”.

Tempering expectations a little, he also reportedly indicated that bringing Cloud Gaming to console is behind PC and iOS in the priority list, but it’s not “years off”, and the team knows how to get it done.

Fraser has an unhealthy obsession for all things related to Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series, and has an intimate knowledge of sports games on Xbox One. He also supports Walsall FC – that team in the West Midlands you’ve never heard of.

Crazy move but if anyone could do it and if anyone would do it it’s going to be the big MS.
Could you imagine Sony doing this? LOL !

People might use this as an argument as to why one should buy a Series X then if you can just play the games on Xbox One. However, I think it’s more than fair to release this feature maybe a year or so down the line when a good chunk of people have already moved on to newer systems. Then this could be a good way to entice the rest to also upgrade once they see how many great games Series X is getting from all the first-party studios.

This would be the only option to play series x quality games on the series s if a game is not made for that particular system

My guess is it’s the new plan for Halo Infinite. Thinking that for a while, now.Making it exclusive to the Series consoles (and PC, off course) to make it look greater, and bringing it to the One (cause they promised it will be avalaible on it) by cloud gaming.

@Bobobiwan Now that’s a great idea. I always wanted Halo Infinite as a series x / pc exclusive to show us the amazing power of the console and imagination of the Halo universe

Lol. They REALLY don’t care if you buy an Xbox Series X/S, do they? I love it.

@graysoncharles Series X games might look a little but worse on Series X, but not by much. 🤷‍♂️

If a player is playing Series games on their Xbox One, they are still paying in to, and contributing to the success of, the xbox/game pass/xcloud platforms.

If MS cared about selling units we wouldn’t be seeing these services on PC or mobiles.

@Richnj I’m just referring to people who primarily play on consoles. I can easily see myself utilising this feature as I don’t plan on buying a Series X at launch. But I still have the OG Xbox One and I do want to eventually buy a console that’s more up-to-date so to speak.

@LtSarge I don’t think they see that as a negative for them. Unlike Sony and Nintendo their game isn’t about selling as many hardware units as possible so drive an install base to garner better platform licencing fees. They’re a software platform vendor. The only point of them selling hardware units at all is simply to expand the market reach of their platform, and they’re using the combined platform environments for their install base for licensing. It’s just a really different model than Sony which is a hardware vendor first and foremost, and Nintendo which is all about using unique hardware and their games to generate install base for licensing.

They actually make more from you if you pay in and don’t buy a Series. They’re taking loses on those, meaning they’re paying more for the hardware then they’re charging us. The x1 steamer is all profit


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World news – US – Series X Exclusives Could End Up On Xbox One Via Cloud Gaming

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