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Gotham Knights official trailer and gameplay

A real open secret, the Warner Bros Games Montreal project revealed itself to the general public last night at the DC Fandome, annual big mass for all fans of the DC Universe. It was during a rather engaging trailer that the studio confirmed the leaks of the previous weeks and months., The next Batman game will be called Gotham Knights. It will thus be an open world action-RPG., with 3rd person view. It will be possible to do the entire game solo or in cooperation, a welcome freedom that alleviates some fears. A Batman game without Batman Indeed, we learn from the first seconds of the trailer the “death” of Bruce Wayne. The fate of the city now rests in Batgirl's hands, Robin, Nightwing et Red Hood, Batman's most loyal allies. These 4 characters will also be playable (and customizable) during the adventure, enough to offer a good dose of variety and diversity. Criminals appear to use Batman's disappearance to cause panic, including the court of owls, secret society raging in the darkness of Gotham. Gotham Knights was originally a comic book series meant to feature Batman's extended family, the absence of the famous vigilante is therefore not really surprising. Especially since this is not a Batman Arkham sequel but more of a spiritual reboot, Gotham Knights takes place in a totally different universe from the superb Rocksteady saga. Warner Bros Games Montreal also gave us a little gameplay sequence, during which we see Batgirl taking on multiple enemies, including the awful Mister Freeze. The video also offers us a little motorcycle trip, which allows us to contemplate Gotham and notice a real technical solidity. Finally, some RPG mechanics such as loot, xp and leveling will be there. We let you discover the rest below : Gotham Knights sortira en 2021 sur Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and PC. More news on XboxSquad : Suicide Squad : Kill the Justice League unveils first trailer No Disc in Collector's Editions of upcoming Ubisoft hits