Apple has started rolling out the translation feature in Safari on macOS and iOS, to quickly convert the content of a web page to another language.

Since yesterday, of readers have told us they've seen it appear in Safari's address bar, and in the display options menu, the new translate button. It's marked as being in beta and obviously not everyone is benefiting from it yet (you must have at least iOS 14.1 and macOS Big Sur).

During WWDC 2020, Apple had spoken of availability first in the United States and Canada, to translate English, spanish, simplified chinese, French, german, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Since yesterday also, other countries are starting to see it appear, 9to5mac received feedback from Brazil and Germany among its readers.

[Update] : The translation function also appeared with us after relaunching Safari. Contrary to what was said in the first version of the article, the address and content of the page are sent to Apple, as this explains below.

Safari analyzes each web page you visit to determine its language. This analysis is carried out entirely on your device. If the web page can be translated into one of your preferred languages, you can choose to have it translated. In that case, Safari will send its content (including the entire text) to Apple's servers so that the translation is carried out. Once the translation is complete, Apple will delete the content of the web page.

If you are not viewing the web page in incognito mode, Safari will also send its address to Apple. Apple will keep this address for a maximum of 5 years to improve products, services et technologies Apple. As Apple does not keep the content of web pages you translate, only web pages accessible to the general public will be used to improve products, services et technologies Apple.

The content and addresses of web pages sent to Apple are not associated with your Apple ID, to your email address or other data that Apple may have collected from your use of other Apple services. To provide you with a better browsing experience, once a web page has been translated, other web pages from the same domain that you are viewing in the same tab can also be translated. Safari will automatically stop the translation process when you visit a web page with a different original language or a web page hosted on a different domain.

What I don't understand is why there is no "share with" extension for the translation app. It would be more convenient than copying the text and then going to paste it in the app.

Thanks for the info 🙂
So I just tested with a US site and the quality of the translation is impressive !

But I will continue to follow the turpitudes of American democracy in their original version on the Washington Post and the NYT… 🤓

Really locally? There is a local translator for all these languages ​​on macOS?? Is there an API for developers???

However, at the first translation, a pop-up window appeared to tell : "The content of this page will be sent to Apple's servers for translation" 🤨

But yesiiiiii !!!!
This is one of the functions that I was waiting for and I was disappointed that it was not there despite the announcement !
Well this article gives me hope, The good news of the day ! 🌞

Me it does not work, once on an English page, for example, what must be done ?

In the search bar, right next to the icon “reload the page” the icon “translate” appears, just click on it.

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World news – THAT – Safari : the Translate function arrives in France 🆕

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