Retro Studios continues to put out the call for more employees to help with their projects, which no doubt includes Metroid Prime 4.

The studio has shared job listings for three different product testers, along with a storyboard artist. The product testers openings were listed on Sept. 30th, while the storyboard artist vacancy was mentioned Oct. 5th, 2020. The storyboard artist is definitely the most interesting position, as the listing mentions that Retro needs someone to, “help define emotional scenes that will resonate with audiences.

Once again, these listings make it hard to know just how far along Metroid Prime 4 is, but it’s clear a lot of work has come along. If playtesters are needed, we can at least surmise that Retro has something playable at this point!

If they’re only hiring a storyboard artist now, I would say this game is still years away from release. They could fit a story in around the gameplay and world, but I don’t think that would be a good idea or way to go about things.

why would they do the cutscenes at the beginning of development and not near the end?

Actually you make a prototype on how the game will play with development models and you build from there.

In regards to Nintendo story comes last. In Mario Oddyssey, Cappy wasn’t defined until near the end of development, after the capture mechanic, they just thought of having a character explain to the player the mechanic.

And it’s really risky to leave gameplay for later. God of War is my favorite PS4 game, but 5 months before it came out that the gameplay actually started working well and the combat was close to being done. That was a 5 year project

* They had one artist that left and is being replaced.
* The project grew in scope and to avoid overworking the current personnel they chose to increase the staff.
* The project only required this exact position to be added at this point.

I am curious though why people are acting as if there’s only one storyboard artist in the entire project.

People don’t seem to pay attention to credits. A lot of people work on these games.

sadly it seen that Metroid Prime 4 is only gonna release on the penumate or final year of Switch, or as a lauch title for Switch sucessor.

I think it’s clear that they are more advanced into development than we thought. In Nintendo’s development design, cinematics are only tackled after the core gameplay has been soundly established, and since the main producer must be Tanabe instead of Sakamoto, it seems we’re safe from the danger of theseemotional scenes that will resonate with audiencesturning this game into an Other M affair.

Also, these listings are labeled asContractin Nintendo’s website, so we’re talking about temporary openings to finish the job. It seems the shift to Retro Studios was made way before it was announced to the public.

It must be very difficult finding Western devs who have the bottomless patience and tolerance required to be stomaching the ignoramus leadership of KensukeNovel & CreativeTanabe. They did have a messy falling out after Metroid Prime 3, after all. Even if there are newer people working with him, his insanely bad acumen and game design philosphies is a constant throughout.

I had a look at all the games he’s produced. There are amazing games in thereI don’t think he deserves your criticism.


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World news – US – Retro Studios looking to hire product testers and a storyboard artist

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