Retro Studios has hired industry veteran Dylan Jobe to aid the development of Metroid Prime 4, VGC reveals.

Jobe’s resume is pretty impressive – during a 25-year career he’s worked on titles such as Doom, Twisted Metal: Black and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and he served as director on Sony’s ambitious PlayStation 3 title Warhawk.

Jobe joined Retro earlier this year and his role on Metroid Prime 4 is listed as director of development, which means he’s ultimately responsible for the title’s schedule, scope and product quality, as well as performance evaluations of team members and liaising between departments to meet goals.

Jobe’s arrival comes after Retro hired a host of new talent, including Bharathwaj ‘Bat’ Nandakumar (Call of Duty) Adad Morales (Battlefield Hardline), Bryan Erck (Shadow of the Tomb Raider), Nicholas Wilson (Borderlands 3), Mark Capers (New Super Lucky’s Tale), James Beech (Crysis 3 and DC Universe Online), Stephen Dupree (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) and Kyle Hefley (Halo).

Metroid Prime 4 was formally announced back in 2017, but early in 2019, Nintendo confirmed that development had been scrapped and restarted at Retro Studios, which created the original Prime trilogy on GameCube and Wii.

Damien has over a decade of professional writing experience under his belt, as well as a repulsively hairy belly. Rumours that he turned down a role in The Hobbit to work on Nintendo Life are, to the best of our knowledge, completely and utterly unfounded.

Somebody new gets hired to help in the making of this game every other week it seems. Sheesh

It’s quite the Western development team. I know it’s Retro and not Nintendo but it is quite Rare (heh) for so many Westerners to be working on a big Nintendo franchise.

It starts to look like that game is in development hell. And it still would take years for anything to be completed.

Who made the original 4 that it turned out so bad it was scrapped? And why didn’t they have retro work on it from the beginning

These news about new hires are turning into a meme. Soon we’ll have an article headlined, “Catering Service Hired to Feed Emaciated Metroid Prime 4 Development Team.

@Majer He joined earlier this year, and is one of the many directors of the game.

By the time Prime 4 releases, the next nintendo console will be out and Prime 4 would have to release on Switch and also as a Launch Title on the new Nintendo console.

@sanderev It isn’t. They restarted development only last year. It seems like long ago, but that was because of the early announcement.

.. hmm, maybe they’re planning Metroid trilogy 4k, along with Mario all stars 4k in March?

Monolith Soft had to triple the size of their workforce in order to handle developing Zelda and Xenoblade games simultaneously.

I’m pumped for this game, but I feel bad for the devs. Hope they’re doing good and not overworking themselves

This games will probably be a late release like botw was on Wii U it may even release on the switch 2.

@Shambo they did. But you could argue that despite these changes, the fact he’s still doing that job makes him remarkably talented and adaptable

@SpaceKaren A 4k Switch isn’t happening, the most likely outcome is a slightly more powerful model with longer battery life, and better internals to run the bare minimum that next gen third party ports would require.

I really do hope there is another smaller Metroid project that is something new between now and the Metroid Prime 4 release. I’m fine with another 2D — but new, not remake.

I can wait, if it means Prime 4 will be amazing. I’m guessing the first part of the work was a small team prototyping something with a solid gameplay base before ramping up the talent and full production.

@Shambo Well, it says during his 25-year career (which includes fairly recent projects), not 25 years since. So I imagine he’s kept up with the changes in the industry. And I would also imagine things haven’t changed too drastically since his last project that he would be a fish out of water

@QueenKittenWrite Fun to imagine Nintendo dropping a TV-based console that competes with the PS5 XSX, though. Back to the Gamecube days where the specs were competing. I mean, I’d love the insanity of something like that.

Thing is, that would also bring all the problems of going that route. Not the least of which would be a divided target for developers, especially first-party teams.

@N8tiveT3ch Why not a new 2D Metroid game? It’s an interesting sentiment given that your avatar is from a new 2D game in an old franchise. :/

@aaronsullivan I just trolling you. I would like anything metroid on the switch. NES and SNES versions are fine but I want more

@echoplex It’s on the Wii. It’s a pretty great way to play, still… except for the resolution.

Seriously, though, it’s not an easy remaster. There are many opinions about how to do it best. I’d very much miss the motion controls and aiming if they decided to reduce them back to GameCube levels, but others would be mad if they forced the motionso they pretty much have to do both.

@AG_Awesome Some of Retro Studios artists and persons that were responsible for the trilogy, have already left since years. If I am not mistaken, they had left after Metroid Prime 3. The stuff had also said way back there that they don’t want to make another Metroid title. They had done 3 titles and they were burned of this franchise. They wanted to make something different. Now, after so many years, Retro Studios is not the same company as it was before but many things have changed and new persons have been recruited. Hopefully we may see something good.

@aaronsullivan Yep, the trilogy used the New Play Control version of the first two games so it would require work to combine the original games and find workarounds for 3’s heavy use of motion controls for switches and things. A lot of effort when there’s a 4th game in development as well.

@AG_Awesome Prime 4 was originally going to be made by the development team that had been worki g on Star Wars 1313, before Disney bought Lucasfilm. It was an interesting choice and I had high hopes for the game. Was disappointed things didn’t work out.

It’s better to leave the awesome work on its original hands. Metroid Prime was a series that is hard to replicate, and only Retro Studios could manage it properly.

TBH, I was kinda uncomfortable with namco-Bandai making this game, and don’t get me wrong, namco-Bandai makes some excellent games, but FPS is not their area of expertise.

I mean, new talents are necessary for a project of this scope and extent, but the original creators will make sure it will live up and/or exceed the expected on the standards and hype

A delayed game is a good game eventually, but a bad game is bad FOREVER
-Shigeru Miyamoto.

@nessisonett No? How is that rare when Retro developed 5 games and Next Level Games developed like 6 or 7 games for Nintendo? lol

If I were Retro Studios, I would FIRST make a Trilogy from the ground up, the load times would be benefitted from the cart tech, graphics would suffer a substantial boost, and most importantly, add an option to switch from GCN to Motion controls (which is what I believe the original MPT missed) so as to appeal both GCN nostalgic and newcomers of the motion tech, and even adding up a way to play with the original GCN controllers like they did with SSBU, then, from that experience, work on perfecting MP4.

I hope all these new recruits are Nintendo fans that played the original Prime’s so they know what we want!

Seems like they are pumping more resources into this game! Ultimately this means it will be the best it can be. When the switch has a consumer base of over 100million the release will be a sure bet! And thats when I expect Metroid 4 to finally be released, for me personally this is fine. Make the game great and I’ll happily wait.

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