It was expected for the players, here is finally the new update 7.0 by Recalbox, an open-source and free operating system that allows you to play back all old consoles and platforms at home.

After adding support for Microsoft's Adaptive Controller so that people with disabilities can enjoy it last year with Recalbox 6, developers focused on adding messy content with Recalbox 7.

Available now on the official Recalbox website, the OS dedicated to retrogaming is therefore in version 7.0 ! Note that some do not know it but Recalbox is also a media center with Kodi installed by default.

Besides the fact that this update is much faster and more robust with many improvements, we also note the support of the latest Raspberry 4 and the NesPi4Case, a BIOS manager in the general menu, as well as the automatic configuration of more than 80% Bluetooth and USB controllers on the market. What to save precious time !

Let’s not forget the multi-system search engine to find any game and the redesign of the audio part that handles MP3 formats, FLAC, OGG OPUS, Modules Amiga, Wave and MIDI.

But the most interesting for players concerns the content provided by the version 7 with even more emulated systems and downright 120 free games included in the OS.

Among the recently added systems and consoles, the most famous are Atomiswave, NAOMI, NAOMI GD-ROM, Jaguar, Nintendo 64DD, OpenBOR, Solarus, EasyRPG et Amiga CD32. This brings the total to over 100 built-in emulators, always with the PS1, SNES, Megadrive, PSP, Neo Geo, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, etc.

Finally, last point and not the least, Recalbox therefore includes 120 free full games. This is completely legal since the rights have been acquired and some are even exclusive for Recalbox users. There are games on Master System, Game Boy, Intellivision, Megadrive, Atari 2600, Amstrad CPC, and other.

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World news – FR – Recalbox 7.0 : more than 100 emulators and 120 free games

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